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SOLD OUT/Do Not Order: Vintage SRL Video VHS

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Title: “The PLEASURES of UNINHIBITED EXCESS.” Vintage SRL Video (VHS), impossible to find elsewhere. Brand New with Original Color Artwork. Three exciting machine performances by Survival Research Laboratories. These were given to RE/Search for helping SRL move from San Francisco to Petaluma. SOLD OUT/DO NOT ORDER!

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Vintage SRL Video (VHS). Brand New with Original Artwork. Sorry, no plastic box: just VHS tape plus artwork paper sleeve. But, rare as hen’s teeth!

1 review for SOLD OUT/Do Not Order: Vintage SRL Video VHS

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    Pleasures of Uninhibited Excess documents three shows by Survival Research Laboratories: Illusions of Shameless Abundance Degenerating into an Uninterrupted Sequence of Hostile Encounters (San Francisco, 28 May 1989), Computer Generated Installation at ArtsSpace (San Francisco, 11 July-19 August 1989), and A Carnival of Misplaced Devotion Calculated to Arouse Resentment for the Principles of Order (Seattle, 23 June 1990). This tape combines footage of SRL’s destructive, noisy, and flame-throwing machines in action with audience reactions to SRL’s simulations of hazardous experiences. The engineers and programmers of SRL delight in the machinery’s anarchic danger, commenting on an electrical tower’s 20-30-foot “kill radius” and the physiological dangers of high-volume frequencies. Interviews with SRL director Mark Pauline illuminate the group’s processes and intentions. Pauline comments, “Anything that powerful seems like it should be illegal.” But, as one observer states, “Art can affect you, and art should affect you.”

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Survival Research Laboratories is an art/ tech “organization” since the late 1970s, centered in the San Francisco Bay Area.