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Lausanne Theme

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Lausanne Theme on piano. Composed and played by V. Vale.


9 minutes. Inspired by and composed by improvisation in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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  1. V. Vale

    Oct 08, 2013 07:15 PM EDT | Logan K. Young (

    A mere 99 cents lands you the latest piano improvisation from the founder of RE/Search Publications. (Photo : Creative Commons)

    V. “Valhalla” Vale is indeed a lot of things: publisher, writer, Twitter-er, habitué of the San Francisco scene.

    And while it’s been his writings on music with Search and Destroy (RIP) and, since 1980, RE/Search that have been so important, too often lost is the importance of V. Hamanaka’s writing of music.

    Apropos, then, this brand new solo piano piece entitled Lausanne Theme.

    A nine-minute variation inspired by the same French-speaking city in Switzerland that’s home to the International Olympic Committee, the theme features V., himself, at the keyboard.

    Challenging, but beguiling–much like his stint in the psych metal outfit Blue Cheer–it, too, can be yours for the price of a re-filled cup of coffee.

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