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Trieste Improvisation (Emin-C)


Pretend you’re hanging out at the oldest Beatnik coffeeshop on the West Coast: the storied Caffe Trieste, where you can still see Lawrence Ferlinghetti (occasionally) and where practically anyone known as a “Beat” once sipped an espresso. V. Vale, whose father and uncle were “Beatniks,” provides a piano “bed” (E minor, D, C) for Will Rogers to sonically paint his amazing effects-laden guitar explorations, sometimes sounding more like a flute than a string instrument. Will definitely “takes you on a trip” into some kind of psychedelic sonic wonderland, til finally impresario Fanny Renoir brings the voyage down to earth after 7.5 minutes…


V. Vale on piano and Will Rogers on electric guitar with the murmuring crowd keeping you company.


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