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PUNK ValuPak! 2 tabloids (S&D#5,#7), 3 books (P77,Z1,Z2)


Includes our book “Punk 77” (twenty dollars), 2 issues ( #5, #7) of the rare 1977-79 “Search & Destroy” tabloids, which Jello Biafra called “The best Punk publication, ever.” …(forty dollars EACH!), plus a copy of “ZINES Vol. One” (twenty dollars) and “ZINES Vol. Two” (twenty dollars). Your price just eighty-five dollars (save fifty-five dollars). Editor V. Vale will sign one book UPON REQUEST. “Search & Destroy” tabloids cannot be found in any store (that we know of).

“Punk 77” features interviews with original “Punks” talking about rebellion, creativity, and survival, plus photographs by James Stark who was there for the very beginnings of the San Francisco movement. Also contains photos from the last Sex Pistols concert at Winterland; when Blondie first played the Mabuhay Gardens; and other memorable nights.

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Our Zines Vol One and Zines Vol Two books have been used in zines workshops and college classes, as they were the very first books published on the “zine” phenomenon which refuses to go away. Following the Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) principle of early Punk Rock, zine publishers have 100% control of their own content.
Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose are the goals of zinesters worldwide, and each zine publisher has his/her unique purpose or mission statement. Never has it been easier to produce a small but beautiful publication: 1) xerox one or more double-sided 8.5×11″ (or similar) sheets of paper, trim with a paper cutter on 3 sides, fold once, then staple with a long-reach stapler. Presto: your zine! If you use a higher grade of paper for superior photographic reproduction, you will probably not be sorry!
You can also produce a mini-zine by xeroxing a double-sided 8.5×11″ (or similar) sheet of paper, then folding it four (or more) times, trimming it appropriately, lastly stapling so it doesn’t fall apart. Presto: a mini-zine!

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