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3rd Edition: McKenzie Wark zine Color Cover; B&W


McKenzie Wark was visiting Berkeley and we invited him over for tea. Here is the conversation transcribed. Sorry, the zine no longer comes with two hand-screened prints – one blue, one hot pink! McKenzie on one side and Abby the cat (who is discussed & admired) on the other side. (But, the price is lower!)

The new 3rd edition no longer has a handmade silkscreen print by Marian Wallace, but the price is lower! Did anyone read the book of letters between Kathy Acker & McKenzie Wark?!? (People say it’s great!) FYI, McKenzie Wark recently “outed” as post-binary-gender now!


Hand-made zine containing a conversation with McKenzie Wark, author of “The Hacker Manifesto.” McKenzie Wark got into Punk Rock at age 12 in Australia, then into the “Rave” scene wherein he met people and networks who would later become known as “hackers.” We wanted to ask him how Punk “led” to Hacking, and relate Punk to Hacking and our Future, which involves Technology and the Internet—i.e., “Where is all this going, and how do we keep our bearings and our Punk Outlook and Philosophy?” Very stimulating responses from Mr. Wark…

LETTER FROM KEVIN RHEA: “Just wanted to tell you how great the McKenzie Wark zine is.  I’m Learning about interesting things I had no idea I was interested in: The books The Beach Beneath the Street, The Treatment and The Cure, the band The Laughing Clowns, Australia’s political/counter-cultural history, etc. and I’m only halfway through the book. Just had to take a second to let you know it was worth every penny and that in my own opinion, you should make more than 12 of them.  I’ll share it with friends in the meantime.”

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