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KUSTOM JAPAN Hot Rod Vintage-Car Art by Mike McCabe


Like a cultural anthropologist, photographer and writer Michael McCabe’s explores the outrageous style—documenting the dynamic relationship between tradition and change. McCabe’s photographs document Japan’s Kustom Kulture, from car shows such as the “Mooneyes Tokyo Street Nationals,” to custom car shops, to pin-stripers’ studios, to completely stylized car or bike aficionados in their period garb, and his text provides both history and context. Foreword by Don Ed Hardy.

In English and Japanese. Published in 2008 by Hardy Marks Publications. 11 x 8 1/2, Hard Cover, 191 pages. Full color photographs.


BEAUTIFUL HARDBACK. Kustom Japan details the vibrant community of hot rod customizers in Japan. Fantastic creations inspired by California car and bike culture are interpreted and transformed with classical Japanese artistry and precision… Japanophiles, Take Note!

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