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Jimmy Vargas: LUST ANGELES CD Only 5 Copies!


This album heralds the re-teaming of the Satanic Croonoir Jimmy Vargas and Liliana Scarlatta after a mystical seven-year separation. Stellar tracks include “Staccato (Black Petticoat Mamba),” the gnostic blues of “Satan Needs A Mary Magdalene,” the bop prosody of “Lust Angeles,” and the haunting “Tango Desolatione.” The saga of Jimmy and Liliana—a legend as contemporary as Dante and Beatrice—will be inscribed by future poets and historians, but for now, the musical and visual output of this dynamic duo remains enigmatic, Elysian, and hauntingly hellaboric. Only a negligible number of these delectable DVDs from Australia are available for your listening lucubration.

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Track List:

1. Nahema Rose

2. Noirotika

3. Satan needs A Mary Magdalene

4. La Maldicia

5. Staccato

6. GrindHouse

7. Lust Angeles

8. Zip Gun And A Rosary Beads (Staccato PT2)

9. Desolacione (Tango)


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