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Jimmy Vargas/Liliana Scarlatta: REQUIEM For My Shadow Bride DVD Only 5 Copies!


Based on the Jimmy Vargas book “My Shadow Bride in a Noir Veil” of a racketeer stalked by a sorceress mistress from the nineteen forties veil, Liliana Scarlatta. This multimedia DVD is the final triptych of the Jimmy Vargas DVD collection. Footage featured was feared lost for near on twenty years, only recently reclaimed from a back room of a voodoo botanicas store the “Sacred Heart” in North Beach, San Francisco. The DVD features a Movie Vignette, two music videos (the Requiescat versions of ‘Girl you Left Behind’ & ‘Diorissimo’), astral footage from 1947, “Requiem for my Shadow Bride,” 16mm Screen Test from the Eagle Lion Pictures vaults of Liliana Scarlatta and Jimmy Vargas titled “Last Cigarette.”

Bonus includes photos, spoken word, and the e-Books “My Shadow Bride ” & “Temple of Lily.”

FORMAT: PAL (European)

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“I didn’t go to Hell/I went to a place much worse than that.” -Jimmy Vargas

The Australian Satanic High Priest’s new noir DVD offers a salivating spectrum of Satanica: movie vignette, music videos, votos (a slide show), music, spoken word, book, etc. Added bonus: the enchanting Liliana Scarlatta dazzles the ear with her divine vocal histrionics. This DVD also contains a couple of eBooks: a Devilish Bargain for the Initiated Bibliophile! Jimmy Vargas plans a West Coast tour in early 2013, so stay tuned.

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