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Jimmy Vargas BLACK HALO CD

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Jimmy Vargas creates his own world to live in, populated by beautiful mysterious women, classic men’s clothing, Hollywood Forties Noir Lighting, and non-gimmicky melodies with powerful emotionality and evocativeness. A crooner and composer in the lineage of Frank Sinatra but with his own uniquely stylized view, Jimmy Vargas can take you to another world — some would call it A Better World.



A Depressingly-Cheerful CD from the master of Noir soundtrack moodscapes. To view all the works of this Australian Legend of Style and Savoir-Faire, go to his website,

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1 review for Jimmy Vargas BLACK HALO CD

  1. V. Vale

    With 16 tracks, this two album release (on one disc) offers a value-packed experience for Vargas aficiandos, unfolding close to an hour of fresh listening, with 11 new songs (music and lyrics) and 5 new instrumentals (‘sound collages’).

    Classic cuts include the gown raising ‘CAN CAN HELL MAMBO’, where one get’s transported to a slinky death cabaret, surrounded by succubi cancaneuses, leading the mortal listeners into an delightful audiastic seduction under the veil of their stygian crinolines.

    TORCHIN THE EL ROCCO, conjures such a desolate perfection with it’s opening melancholy sax blows and sparse, ambient piano chords. VARGAS’ “labyrinth” reference in the title (sung as orroco) may, or may not, have significance to, or connection with the ‘minotaur’ myth, or ‘cult of the bull’, or perhaps even with the Surrealists/Black Dahlia conspiracy. In this scorchin’ torch, VARGAS asks for a fiery resurrection…A Christ complex blazes alongside a ‘Minoan’ horn section.

    BLACK HALO BLUES (Stripped version) is underplayed with some beautiful bluesy guitar-picking, balancing somewhere between light and darkness. Vargas references his mentor ‘Dr Anton LaVey’ as well as ‘Jesus’. …acknowledging himself in the toon as both “the Pimp” and “The Holy One”…flipping heads & tails…a burden in which he requires 2 faces with which to face opposite directions. He’s torn and stuck! Who is his master? In 1979, Lennon advised all to “Serve Yourself!”…but Vargas is still “7 steps to Satan” but only “6 steps to Jesus”.
    By this smallest increment, he stands closer to the light, salvation and possible redemption…Shades of hypnotic Moroccan drone ring out Vargas’ struggle for Self.
    I dig the neologism about ‘holiday hel-LA’!

    TWILIGHT FIFTH & MAIN opens with cool backward recording, then a short drum-roll into a bright bluesy jazz combo…the chords scorch, spreading over snappy drums and an assertive righteous vocal by that low priest of Los Angeles’ skid row Jimmy Vargas.

    ZOETICA BLUES, a paean to ‘the showgirls of floorshows past’ is a slow, sad, ‘wild’ crooning melancholy swingle…a sax solo riding beneath a narcotic veil of bittersweet guitar chords.

    BLACK HALO BLUES (reprise). This, my favourite track on the album, is a powerful, forward-surging driven piece. With sensational, peerless drums and schwangin’ sax, it’s a super-charged standout piece…the lyrics seek an ideal to negate division. Vargas presents a kind of androgyny with this duelling dichotomic…involving opposites in complimentary union, as well as seeking wholeness from dualistic pairs where each opposite feels the other…a squawking obscene horn protrudes throughout reflecting the ‘Jeckyl n’ Hyde’ jam.

    The BLACK HALO album sits another rung higher on VARGAS’ ladder, and so can be regarded as his ‘bridging’ albums’ between the past four albums of the ‘SHADOW BRIDE’ years pointing to some place treacherous, haunted and redemption not reachable.

    Damned nevertheless. This is a welcome addition to the Jimmy Vargas canon, BLACK HALO becomes stronger with each listen. With this new ‘sound set’, VARGAS presents some familiar scenes, themes, schemes and dreams, and also reveals new developments which become obvious with repeated plays. Truly to be an occult classic.

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