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B&W Zine: Jello Biafra & Eric Debris w/V. Vale photograph


B&W 60-page zine with 1 signed color photo by V. Vale. On Feb 14 Jello Biafra and Eric Debris (Metal Urbain, original French Punk band 1976-on) came to the RE/Search headquarters at 8pm and stayed til 2 a.m.! We transcribed and edited the funny, insightful conversation and include (1) color photograph signed by V. Vale. The text ranges from surviving animals of the world (animal rights!), clothing choices for being onstage (!), Incredibly Strange Musical new discoveries, what it’s like to travel around the world playing concerts, and (of course) the state of America in February 2017 til 4 years from now (hint hint). Biafra is consistently entertaining and illuminating. 5.5″x8.5″, 60 pages B&W with 4×6″ color photographic print signed by V. Vale

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