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GEORGE KUCHAR (Underground Filmmaker Genius)

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GEORGE KUCHAR – a RE/SEARCH 4×6″ POCKETBOOK. In this book of witty, illuminating interviews, San Francisco Art Institute teacher (mentor to many filmmakers, including Christopher Coppola) George Kuchar shares his secrets of how to make a film for close to zero-budget. PLUS interview with Kuchar star Marion Eaton, lists, and conversations.

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INSPIRING, funny interviews with and about filmmaker George Kuchar. Lots of pictures, too! The most complete film/videoography to date for George Kuchar alone is worth the cover price — “The best book you have ever published!”—M.B.

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1 review for GEORGE KUCHAR (Underground Filmmaker Genius)

  1. Jacob Cruikshank

    “George Kuchar is an inventor of low-budget filmmaking, using thrift-store props, costumes and cheap make-up to transform non-professional actors into sex symbols and louche legends. In this book he reveals the secrets of LIGHTING: the key to making an ordinary human into a god or goddess. He does NOT reveal one of his major secret weapons: that he found countless lesser-known and just plain unknown vinyl records and plundered them to create spectacular, mood-enhancing soundtracks supplying drama, melancholy and passion where none hitherto existed. Buy this book and you may become a filmmaker yourself!”—Jacob Cruikshank, Film Thread

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V. Vale: I’m trying to see if there are any aphorisms you live by, as a filmmaker, I mean–some kind of condensed wisdom to pass on . . .

George Kuchar: If you’re making movies about “urges” and people generally just going berserk, try to find a balance. But it’s hard to juggle: What should you do? Should you make movies and not live? Or…you can’t! But when you’re younger, it’s pulling you one way or the other. Especially if you’re young, it’s murderous! It’s amazing anyone gets anything done, at a certain age. You’re like a cat who wants to get out of a bag: “What am I doing here? I want to get out, be wild and crazy!” You can’t really do that if you’re working on a picture. You know what I mean? How can you edit if you’re gonna get stoned, and if you’re going to get into all kinds of things.

However, the libido may also help. Because in pictures, if you have a strong sex drive, you’ll probably finish your movies since you can transfer it, use it as a source of inspiration and even give yourself the energy necessary to make your projects.

This one guy I knew . . . he had broken his leg and had to have a metal rod placed inside. But he said, “To hell with it! I’ll go dancing anyway!” Then he fell down a flight of stairs, bent the metal rod in his leg, and had to be holed up in a hospital. What got him out of the hospital was the fact that he got a call from a girl who offered him a chance to get laid. And he said, “I’m getting out of this hospital!” You see, he was going to get better no matter what. I said, “What a healing force!”

Not only can these “urges” drive you to destruction, but they can actually heal you and get you out of situations. So don’t deny them. See if you can use your libido–utilize it, ride it–maybe not towards a destructive path, but use it. Incorporate it into your work, SOMEHOW, and then try to find a balance.

George Kuchar on The Counter Culture Hour from RE/SEARCH PUBLICATIONS on Vimeo.