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FRANK DISCUSSION ValuPak 2 bks, 1 tabloid (Save $45)


This SPECIAL includes the limited edition PRANKS HARDBACK (only 500 copies made; $60), printed on superior glossy art paper—supersedes all previous editions for sale on Internet—for sharper photo reproduction. Its successor, PRANKS 2 ($25; also printed on superior glossy art paper) continues the PRANKS archetype, adding a section on Internet pranks, the Suicide Club, the Cacophony Society, Billboard Liberation Front, Paul Krassner, Julia Solis, and more.

Search & Destroy #10 ($40) is a reprint from 1987; it has our first interviews w/ William S. Burroughs and J.G. Ballard. (Also: Russ Meyer, Karla Mad Dog from the Controllers, and more.)


Includes the 10th issue of Search & Destroy Magazine, Pranks! (RARE HARDBACK), and PRANKS 2.

Frank Discussion is the ferociously-intelligent founder of Arizona Punk band The Feederz, which V. Vale featured in his Search&Destroy#10 tabloid. Vale also put Frank in his original PRANKS book (RE/Search #11) and in the recent follow-up, PRANKS 2 (Mind you, the original PRANKS book featured in-depth interviews with Abbie Hoffman, John Waters, Mark Pauline, Joe Coleman, Bruce Conner and many more). Note: New Feederz LP available (2017) – google to find it!

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