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SOLD OUT: Films of Dean Snider – Rare 4-DVD Set


SOLD OUT! DO NOT ORDER! Between 1979 and 1992, Dean Snider made over 100 films. Many were produced in the early 1980s during the first years of the No Nothing Cinema, a free underground screening venue that Snider was instrumental in creating. His movies contain the feisty anarchistic sense of energy that No Nothing represented—sarcastic, funny, beautiful, sometimes fast—always engaging, even down the very layers of celluloid in which he hand scratched those initials: “D.S.” All the while he created some of the most self-revealing personal films you may ever have the chance of experiencing. (from program notes by Douglas Katelus)

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SOLD OUT! DO NOT ORDER!  LIMITED EDITION, Private Label. San Francisco Underground Filmmaker DEAN SNIDER’s Black Humor short films that can be viewed repeatedly. The New Nothing hosts a yearly Dean Snider Film Night. This is a truly RARE item and you are lucky to have found it! Makes a Great Gift for the (Hu)Man Who Has Everything. (Four DVD Volumes of shorts)

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