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My Shadow Bride A Hanson – Vargas Production The Vargas Movie/Music Videos… The Book… Foto Salon… The Soundtrack ” She was there at the crossroads of my last breath of my past life, and the first of this one… I call her my shadow bride.” (From the Jimmy Vargas book “My Shadow Bride… Glamoriqua”) For more on Jimmy, visit

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1 review for Jimmy Vargas: MY SHADOW BRIDE DVD

  1. Java Bachelor Pad Magazine

    The music and the video images wrap themselves around together like wisps of cigarette smoke to construct a re-imagined American noir mythology centered around the mysterious murder of the beauty that has been come to be known as the Black Dahlia. It’s an ambitious project, but Vargas pulls it off with style.

    When you listen to this music, you are instantly transported to a misty, frantic, smoky dreamworld filled with hucksters and striptease temptresses. It walks the razor’s edge between a burlesque stage paradise and a back alley gangland shoot-out. The vocals are both powerful and yet ethereal. It’s an invisible serenade calling to you through a fog-covered veil.

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