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Jimmy Vargas Cancan Hell Mambo
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Cancan Hell Mambo Showbiz is Death

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1 review for SOLD OUT/DO NOT ORDER: Jimmy Vargas/Mia Mortal: CANCAN HELL MAMBO DVD

  1. ARTLIGNE Magazine

    What kind of hell work is this ?

    Is it a music video ?

    An art house installation ?

    A novel ?

    A peep loop ?

    Probably best described as a multi media presentation, CANCAN HELL MAMBO, JIMMY VARGAS’ new opus is, though dealing with a retro subject of burlesque as it’s theme, is a work of futuristic packaging.

    CANCAN HELL MAMBO includes an art installation piece which would sit just as well in the hip galleries of La Luz de Jesus , a Spoken Word Performance, a Music E.P , the stunning Voto Gallery, two Music Videos and a downloadable E-Novella on which the works narrative thread is based.

    To quote Vargas himself “The ipod generation want a multi functional product…I’m a multi-variety artist, so it’s a perfect coupling.”

    As the title suggests, yes the work at first glimpse may appear to be about the delicious and naughty Cancan, but delve deeper under the inviting raised gown of Vargas’ cancaneuse and you slowly suspect the delicious terror that their Cancan really weaves.

    No Baz Luhrmann pop art is this.

    Vargas’ partner in crime, muse MADAME SIN who is the focal star icon of his piece, is seen to continually thrush her petticoats over the camera eye like a daemonic wasp queen, an ever present satanic hostess inveigling the viewer through the hadeian stations of VARGAS dark holistic work.

    VARGAS recurring obsession of both hermetic or mystica-erotica as he calls it, is perfectly realized here in the visual aspects of the work.

    Playing the role of both lucifer priest , Vargas, goads the viewer to submit to Miss Mortal’s amazonian sexual precocity and then acts in the guise of the damned quarry gets entrapped by the tusanami wave of her ” godess showgirl’s underworld mysteria”.

    CANCAN HELL MAMBO could well be realized in years to come as a satanic video tract.

    The old adage of the devil having all the good music is well supported here, with a soundtrack e.p. that is both jaunty, desolate and melancholic and bizarrely enough still plays as fifties adult orientated pop.

    There is also a special section on the Dvd devoted to JIMMY VARGAS’ burlesque showgirl Church called the TEMPLE OF GNOSTIC GLAMOUR, which features (but who else) the delectable platinum icon MADANE SIN in all her petticoat frenzied glory.

    Created as a veneration piece, it is a stunning and moody pictorial of Vargas’ muse, shot by him in an ever devotional forties fetish monochromatica.

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JIMMY VARGAS & MIA MORTAL “CANCAN HELL MAMBO” (Teaser) from Jimmy Vargas on Vimeo.