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Diane di Prima Valu-Pak: BAF,MPAG,RS#2, Zine


VALU-PAK of 4 RE/Search titles which include Diane di Prima:

  1. A Visit with Diane di Prima zine $10
  2. RE/Search #2 has a pictorial spread on Diane di Prima. 1980 Original. Rare. $40
  3. MODERN PAGANS includes a Diane di Prima interview tracing her creative & spiritual development. $20.
  4. BURROUGHS & FRIENDS includes a Diane di Prima interview, more focused on William S. Burroughs. $25.
  5. VALU-PAK discounted price: $95 for $70


RE/SEARCH #2 Tabloid format, 36 pages. Original copy on newsprint from 1981. DNA (band). Surveillance Techniques. James Blood Ulmer. Monte Cazazza. Diane Di Prima Intv. The Bachelors, Even (Christian Marclay). Eve’s African Diary. Z’ev. Seda. Mark Pauline on Self-Defense. Iban tattoos. German electronic music chart. West African music. Hostage questionnaire. Situationism. Mexican mummies. $40.

BURROUGHS & FRIENDS 5×8″ perfectbound book, 252pp. Interviews with: W.S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Diane di Prima, John Giorno and Gerald V. Casale of DEVO.

“A Visit with Diane di Prima” zine $10

MODERN PAGANS: 8×10″, 200pp. Diane di Prima gives a comprehensive account of the development of her “spirituality”, and more as a poet, writer, teacher, workshop-giver, lecturer and mother of five over eight decades. $20



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