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Jimmy Vargas & The Black Dahlias: MY SHADOW BRIDE GHOSTING CD

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CD (Satanic): The JIMMY VARGAS & The BLACK DAHLIAS second eighteen-track compilation from their U.S. releases “MY SHADOW BRIDE” (2000) and “Ghosting” (2002), featuring the newly re-mixed and re-mastered versions of the bump-and-grind classic “STRIPPERS RHAPSODY,”…

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The serpentine “NUDE ON A SWING,” the lacerating bop noir of “PSYCHO SWANG,” and the torch hymn classics of “DIORISSIMO” and “GHOSTING ON LOS ANGELES AVENUE.”

1. Ecdysia 10. A Rose Tattoo
2. A Stripper's Rhapsody (Strip in Noir Part 2) 11. Diorissimo (Cha-Tango Taxi Dance)
3. Mambo Nera 12. Requiem for a Dead Crooner
4. Beautevil (Noirotiqua Part 1/Preview/ Excerpt/Edit) 13. My Shadow Bride
5. Nude On A Swing 14. Phantasma (Stalking The Fifth And Main)
6. Enochian Key Number Nine 15. Kat Walking Baby (Miss Lily Crosses Over)
7. Invocation Number Three (For A Los Angeles Racketeer) 16. A Blue Negligee (Miss Lily's Mystical Strip Tease)
8. Confession Box Number Seven 17. Sunday Mourning Scarlatta Salon
9. Psycho Swang (Cut) 18. Ghosting (On Los Angeles Avenue)

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1 review for Jimmy Vargas & The Black Dahlias: MY SHADOW BRIDE GHOSTING CD

  1. PS

    From the first listen, VARGAS’ music and lyrics has an august feel.
    His albums are infused with the ghosts of a specific universe full of strange operators, strong apparitions and even stranger themes…
    The material is so infused with cinematic aura it screams for an A-grade Hollywood style adaptation.
    I can imagine it on film, on stage, animated, even a radio play.
    I particularly imagine a Tim Burton-esque production (not unlike the 2005 ‘Corpse Bride’ franchise), or an adult PIXAR-style epic.
    Either way, Jimmy Vargas’ own original songs would make an ideal soundtrack.

    A quick scan of the song titles alerts the listener they’re in for a real curious journey. I imagine this material suitable for a mature audience, something akin to the biting American comic-book imprint VERTIGO with lines such as HELLBLAZER, THE SANDMAN, THE BOOKS OF MAGIC and THE DREAMING.
    J.V balances elements of burlesque, horror, fantasy, romance, noir, mystery, sex and more.

    A scan of the CD liner notes reveals words, thoughts and themes not yet part of the mainstream conversation.
    It seems Vargas moves in different spheres.
    His work is heat-charged, smoke-charged, sex-charged, death-charged, noir-charged and his vocabulary includes:
    ‘Scarlatta’ – his muse and co-vocalist (Note: Scarlatta means ‘revealing’ in Italian)
    ‘Chiaroscuro’ (contrast between light and dark)
    “Dark arts of Santeria” (Santeria is an Afro-Caribbean Magic religion).
    “Ecdysia” (‘stripteasing’ from the Greek word ‘Ecdysis’ meaning to undress/molt).

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