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BURNING MAN LIVE ValuPak 2 books $45

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Burning Man aficionados will get the additional satisfaction of knowing these books are in VERY FEW bookstores — they’re hard to find…

Burning Man Live ValuPak – 2 Books for $45! Burning Man Live and Modern Pagans.

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These two densely informative and hell-raising “manuals of subversion” —  brimful of cultural questioning — will deeply augment your experience of the neo-pagan anarchist art experience known as “Burning Man.”

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1 review for BURNING MAN LIVE ValuPak 2 books $45

  1. V. Vale

    Burning Man combines neo-Pagan rituals, lots of flashing of tattoos and body piercings, plus communal or collective strivings toward maximum societal freedom. Day-glo colors, lots of thick faux fur, brightly tinted hairstyles, avant-garde bicycles and other strange home-made vehicles—not to mention the loud tribal drumming, playing of exotic instruments and singing all night long—all add up to an addictive ecstatic fantasy vacation away from the repressive global corporatism ruling our planet. So, RE/SEARCH’s Burning Man Live, Modern Primitives, and Modern Pagans books form the perfect trifecta companion to bring any Burning Man “newbie” up to speed fast.

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