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The Bruce Conner Punk Art Collection (BC; SD5,7,10)


Special priced Bruce Conner bundle, available for a limited time and exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. Includes Bruce Conner: The Afternoon Interviews, a photo print signed by V. Vale, and 3 issues of Search & Destroy, featuring photography by Bruce Conner.

Product Description

Special priced bundle, available for a limited time and exclusively for our newsletter readers. Includes…

  • Bruce Conner: The Afternoon Interviews. From the late ’70s to 2005, V. Vale interviewed Bruce Conner by telephone and in person mostly in the afternoons. Spontaneous yet insightful in his conversation, Conner is revealed as an innovative improvisatory artist whose goal in life seemed to be freedom and the transcendence of hidebound careerist conformity in all its bureaucratic manifestations. Therefore he created art that annihilated boundaries, categories and predictability. These interviews have never been transcribed and made public, until now.
  • Search & Destroy. Three important issues of V. Vale’s seminal punk publication, featuring the photography of Bruce Conner. Issues 5, 7 and 10 are included. (These are individually sold for $30 each, and used copies have been spotted in a New York store for $1,000 each…).
  • A photo print of Bruce Conner, signed by interviewer (and photographer) V. Vale

Search & Destroy contents:

Issue No.5, 1978: Nico, Crisis, Suicide, Screamers, Talking Heads, DEVO. Includes amazing photos by Bruce Conner of Suicide, UXA, Sleepers, and Negative Trend.

Issue No. 7, 1978: John Waters, DNA, DEVO, Subway Sect, Roky Erickson, Cabaret Voltaire, Patti Smith. Includes a photo by Bruce Conner of UXA.

Issue No. 10, 1978: William S. Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, Russ Meyer, Plugz. Includes great photos by Bruce Conner of Johnny Thunders and Controllers. (1988 reprint)

Praise for Bruce Conner: The Afternoon Interviews:

“I am enjoying immensely The Afternoon Interviews – thank goodness, V. Vale did them! I often loved your reactions to his words, Vale. The “real” Bruce is there! So nice to be reminded.” – Janet Norris

“Thank you for my copy!!! I’m reading it now…. it is so NECESSARY.” — Dena Beard, The Lab

“What a treat; really great read right off!!!” — @ultracontemporary

Praise for Search & Destroy:

Search & Destroy was the best Punk publication.” – Jello Biafra

“I’m stunned by what an extraordinary and important publishing enterprise the RE/Search books and Search & Destroy have been — a life-line for the imagination almost suffocated to death by the huge eiderdown of bourgeois culture. Your books feed the desperate imagination.” – J.G. Ballard

“The original Search & Destroy one could spend hours reading. It was full of new and exciting material.” – J.G. Ballard (From S.F. Eye, 1991.)

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