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BINKY: KISS THE MALL GOODBYE issued their own CD in 2000. Founder KLARA LUX gave RE/Search a few copies, and as she was a friend of MONTE CAZAZZA, we were delighted. Songs include: Carny, Crackpot, Embalmer, Doomsday Loser, Jesus Goes to Hell. Not for the faint of heart! But definitely, BLACK HUMOR.

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1 review for BINKY: KISS THE MALL GOODBYE rare S.F. Riot Grrl CD

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    “…Within the darkest choices of punk rock and … industrial style and other aggressive musical pickings, BINKY displays a unique kind of combative hardcore rock. In San Francisco, CA, BINKY is a female crew: Klara Lux (guitar, vocals), Windy Wild (drums, vocals), Erin Luther (trumpet), and Mia d’Bruzzi (bass). Their considerable musical experience and powerful live shows rapidly opened the way for them to become one of the major acts in San Francisco’s hardcore scene. In 1998, d’Bruzzi left, later, being substituted by Tijanna Eaton. Following countless inflamed concerts, the female quartet delivered its first disc, Kiss the mall goodbye, in late 2000.” ~ M. Borges

    “BINKY… are an all-girl 4 piece. But no sugar/spice/nice junk here—these girls are fierce! The music is a sort of punk/speed metal-art/thrash. Everyone sings (drummer does most lead), there’s the first ever heavy metal trumpet played by Erin Luther, excellent punk/thrash guitar of Klara Lux. Drummer Windy Wild could eat Slayer’s Dave Lombardo for breakfast (while singing) and an awesome tight-clean bass guitar comes from “screaming” Tijanna Eaton. The whole band dresses in post nuclear white vinyl uniforms…sexy.”

    BINKY-Kiss the mall goodbye:
    “I get sick and tired of the danceable pop music I hear on the radio. When that happens I need something like “Kiss The Mall Goodbye.” The first song, “Carny,” starts at full force. There’s a long, heavy intro. The drumming is thunderous throughout. I don’t know, if ‘Wild’ is Wendy’s real name, but it sure fits her drum style. Then there’s a trumpet—Erin Luther plays it. It works well for BINKY and makes the music spookier. The vocal lines are distorted to the point that the words aren’t easy to understand. A lyric sheet would have helped. Even without words, it’s scary stuff. Thrash fanciers will like “Doomsday Loser”. You can hear Tijanna Eaton on bass, alternating with the drums. Klara Lux plays a surprising number of guitar chords in a short period of time. This song is intense, to say the least. I’m not sure whose death grunt that is though. There’s a slow passage at the end, then “Doomsday Loser” grinds itself to a halt. There are three other songs on this CD. If you like music that charges at you like a train, you’ll like this. Not recommended for the weak.”

    “Freddy Krueger meets Fellini; the trumpet adds a real unconventionality and an intriguing sound.”

    “There was a period in the ’80s during which music magazines enthused over the emergence of “girl groups” like the Go-Go’s, Pat Benatar, and Joan Jett. But Jett took exception to her hard rock being compared to the output of pop songstresses, at one point even asking something like, “What do I have to do to get compared to the Kinks—grow a penis?” Considering that many still believe female musicians produce only teeny-bopper pop (Britney and her ilk) or neo-soul (Mary J. Blige), a penis might have helped. But the female foursome Binky is a horse of a different color, producing infectious punk-metal soundscapes laced with pounding drums, throbbing bass, and curiously cheerful trumpet blasts that rock as hard as anything Metallica ever made.”

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