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Abby the Cat zine


Lots of color photos, cat haiku, writings about Abby.

This is the first RE/Search “per-zine” (zinester slang for “personal zine”). RE/Search has not been known for confiding “personal” information; it’s more about communicating ideas and offering radical “role models” who may not have been well-known.

But when someone in your household who definitely helped you do your zine production dies; it’s a big shock. Yes, a cat can definitely keep loneliness at bay, and thus help “keep you on track” working (and occasionally doing yoga stretches).

As if being under Covid weren’t bad enough; our cat died! We felt we HAD to do our first “purr-zine” to help keep “balance” in our universe. So here it is!

(There should be obituaries in the newspaper for favorite cats!)

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Lotsa Color Photos! 5.5×8.5″. 16 pages.

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