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Order DIRECT – you personally help RE/Search keep going! This deluxe set features the following HARDBACKS: #6/7 Industrial Culture Handbook, #11 Pranks, and #12 Modern Primitives Hardback. Printed on Superior Glossy Art Paper for Superior Photographic Reproduction – better than our earlier paperback editions! (Sorry, #4/5HB SOLD OUT!)


We’ve reprinted (3) of our BEST “Classic” RE/Search books in HARDBACK, on SUPERIOR glossy art paper. These LIBRARY EDITIONS supersede and are superior to all other editions on Internet! Some have NEW added material.
Classic RE/Search. RE/Search Founder V. Vale will autograph/customize for you or your friends UPON REQUEST, one book.

Sorry, #4/5 hardback is sold SOLD OUT, so not included in this special.

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