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MONTE CAZAZZA ZINE w/color photo signed by V. Vale


This is a 64-page publication with a Monte Cazazza interview, 5.5″x8.5″ saddle-stitched. Throughout the past decades, MONTE CAZAZZA has periodically been over to visit and always has much to say. We put some of his words in our RE/Search #2 tabloid (still available for $20 plus shipping, from 1981!), The Industrial Culture Handbook, Pranks, Modern Primitives and our Pranks 2 books. Monte is even mentioned several times in V. Vale’s SEARCH & DESTROY magazines (1977-79)! But more recently when he visited, he often didn’t want to “go on record.” But finally he consented, and let RE/Search put out a little publication just on him. Here it is! SPECIAL: Includes color photo of M.C. signed by V. Vale.

Product Description

Monte Cazazza is one of the big mysteries in the RE/Search canon, and we think it is a miracle he has survived to this day, integrity more or less intact. He still has many loyal fans, old and new. Mr Cazazza is the Wild Man of the Industrial Culture Movement; the Wild Card. He is “legendary” for a reason—or many reasons—having to do with his storied refusals to bow down to authority. After doing extensive research and experiencing a substantial percentage of Mr. Cazazza’s creative opus, our adopted son from Japan, Yoshi, proclaimed, “Monte Cazazza is my favorite artist!” We hope you will agree.

Please Note that SHIPPING for this item is $5 domestic, $10 Foreign. 64pp, 5.5×8.5.”
—V. Vale, RE/Search founder