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Zines! Vol. II Excerpts and Reviews

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V. Vale has published a masterpiece. A slice of otherwise discarded and forgotten culture is preserved in this fantastic book. I wonder what’s become of these zine makers since this book was published? I need more, maybe Zines 3 will surface! V. Vale is a true archivist of underground culture and should be rewarded for his efforts.”

The whole riot of the punk zine era has to be a respected one. In order to understand it I suggest reading this book. You’re giving examples of some of the pinnacles of the punk zines, giving inspiration not only to myself, but those who wish to express themselves beyond their bedroom.”

It was very interesting. I loved it. I will definitely read it again.”

These fanzines represent an almost unprecedented breakthrough . . .”

–Alternative Press

An excellent look at the history of the zine movement.”

–American Bookseller Magazine

. . . rousing and engrossing . . . “

–Creative Loafing

. . . a fascinating survey . . . “

–Publishers Weekly

. . . interesting and revealing anecdotes that inspire–but more importantly begin the process of assimilating one’s own creative experiences.”

–Mole Magazine

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