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Cabaret Voltaire at LACMA 1980RE/Search: How do you assure yourselves of new/stimulating information?

MAL: I think…when you are isolated to a certain extent, the information that you receive may not be as often…may not come in so thick and fast, but it tends to be more important—you can put more emphasis on it and maybe make more objective criticism rather than being in the middle—

CHRIS: If the source of these data is not readily available, then it’s up to you to go out and actually find it…and I think that essentially makes you more selective in what you use and what you do not use. Because you’re actually making the selection, you’re not having it presented to you…in London the flow of information is so great that it just swamps a lot of people…so I think we’re in somewhat of a fortunate position in being able to select what we use.

R/S: Well, you’ve seen a lot of interesting films that have come out—the Cronenbergs, Romeros, THE CRAZIES…

MAL: Films are quite an important input that we feed off…we have to go out of our way to see them.

CHRIS: Actually a lot of my inspiration comes through literature. One of the really great things that Burroughs has said is—The only true creative writing comes from technical journals and treatises—and that, no matter how glib it may sound, is very true in a lot of senses. Access to technical information is one of the most important things, to me. And in England, the BBC are responsible for much of the technical investigation that goes on, on a pure science level.

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