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Search & Destroy #7-11 Excerpts and Reviews

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. . . Numerous books look back nostalgically at late-’70s punk. But a new two-volume collection of the pioneering zine Search & Destroy offers a genuine document of the era. . . . By discussing “ideas and culture” instead of “personal biography” with the Ramones, Buzzcocks, and others, Vale (and such contributors as Jon Savage) created fresh, thoughtful material. And discovered surprising tidbits: Who’d have pegged Nico as an Yma Sumac fan?”

–Spin, May 1997

. . . Instead of looking back at wild times, compartmentalizing them as “history,” editor/publisher V.Vale presents unaltered interviews, with famous and unfamous punk figures, that remain surprisingly vital after almost 20 years.”

–San Francisco Bay Guardian, February 1997

. . . . . . the hype surrounding Search & Destroy: The Complete Reprints is truly deserved. The original eleven issue run has reached near legendary status among those of us who still care about overlooked cultural icons like Frankie Fix or Jennifer Miro, and who are actually interested to learn that the Nuns’ guitarist considered Jackson Pollack one of his prime influences.”

–Maximum Rock’n’Roll, February 1997

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