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PUNK: 1977-79 “Search & Destroy” THE COMPLETE SET #1-11 Excerpt: The Sex Pistols


The Sex Pistols
JOHNNY: There’s a very definite reason we haven’t played the larger cities (New York, LA) in that all those places are such obvious sell-outs. Who plays down south (Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma) to those poor bastards? Everybody hates them. We went down there and found out they were all right, in fact they’re probably more honest than they are up here. There’s nothing wrong with cowboys.

SID: We figured, “Nobody goes down there, so we will.” Rules are made to be broken, right? When there are no more rules or categorizations, when there are no more “niggers” or “whites,” when there’s just people, when there’s no more “punks,” when there’s no more dirt — that is when things are gonna be OK. We’ll probably be dead in two years, me and him, but we’re gonna try anyway, because somebody has to do it. I think the world will die before it happens, but if nobody else is gonna do it, WE are.

SID: A&M cancelled our contract because they put us in a limousine and we didn’t like it, and me and him (Johnny) beat up — you know, Paul, our drummer? — we got in a fight. We’d each drunk a two-litre bottle of (unintelligible) and half a bottle of brandy, and whiskey and stuff, and we were a bit out of it, and we got in a fight in the car. We smashed each other’s heads in, and Steve nearly broke my legs, he twisted my legs around —

JOHNNY: That wasn’t the real reason they got rid of us —

SID: And then he punched —

JOHNNY: That’s not the reason at all. We don’t know the real reason, but I bet they’re sorry now.

SID: We were rehearsing and Malcolm came up and said, “Your contract’s been canceled,” and we laughed our heads off, because we don’t care.

JOHNNY: …The album was recorded before we signed on Warners. We do all our own recordings, and then we sell the tapes to the record company; that way they can’t fleece us wicked. If anyone does the fleecing, it’s us.

SID: — Yesssss…We’ve got a new song about South Africa, about how the blacks are repressed so bad there, they are gonna rise up, and they are gonna KILL those people —

JOHNNY: Oh shut up, I’ll be playin’ the violin in a minute —

SID: We’ve got a song about God; it’s a real attack, and it’s played to the death march….

SID: I’ve hade more fun on this tour than I’ve had on any other tour. I’ve shaped up and I feel good; I feel OK. I’ve had some fun.

JOHNNY: We have to leave now because our visas expire. We’re being evicted from your wonderful free country, think about that…..your President Carter. We have to get out after two weeks; this is a real liberated country, isn’t it? Stars and stripes….

SID: Real free, every cowboy is just lookin’ for an excuse to blow you away, you know what I mean? I mean, like that’s nowhere. Those people are nowhere, they’re so big and tough, but —

JOHNNY: What are you going on about? …We thought we had problems in England, but lookin’ at you people, my god, you’re all messed up! So lethargic, your government is usin’ you, and you’re just a lot of puppets.

SID: You’re being manipulated

SID: I love the RAMONES…..

JOHNNY: I don’t like rock music; I don’t even know why I’m in it….It’s the best way to destroy things. I hate all those impostors in rock & roll, those cheap arseholes who call themselves “poets” and take themselves serious; all they’re doing is destroying music, but in a ridiculous way because they’re taking it on a serious level. At least we’re destroying it practically. I wanna just ruin everything….I hate interviews. This is so tedious, for a young man like me. The music speaks for itself, and if you can’t work out the message from that, then you really don’t deserve to be told.

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