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PUNK: 1977-79 “Search & Destroy” THE COMPLETE SET #1-11 Excerpt: Iggy Pop


Iggy PopSearch & Destroy: How about [the lyrics] “…the gimmick about something called love…That’s like hypnotizing chickens…” [from the song Lust for Life]

Iggy Pop: That’s completely from The Ticket that Exploded by William Burroughs. There’s a scene in the book where one day all over the world all of the politicians and all the leaders of nations and all the very powerful men lose their mainline, and they can’t find their control connections…so instead they all run around and get so nuts that you see ’em on the streets of wherever metropolis it is, hypnotizing chickens. Have you ever seen that? It’s weird, incredible. You just go “whooo” and stroke his belly and he’s out. Farm kids do it and then throw ’em off the roof. So that’s just from that…not much to do with me.

S&D: Which songs concern you?

IP: Most of ’em. SIXTEEN. I GOTTA RIGHT. I WANNA BE YOUR DOG. DOWN ON THE STREET. SHAKE APPEAL. LITTLE DOLL. And DIRT. Those are the best ones, I think. We thought LUST FOR LIFE would come out and knock the world backwards; we were wrong. It was kind of like working on FUN HOUSE. That was a great album…people hated it.

Iggy in turbanS&D: Do you think that being too comfortable can kill the creative spirit?

IP: Yep. Yeah…I think that people are stupid to assume…no, I’ll just speak for myself…if I were to get too uncomfortable it would be exactly the same as being too comfortable. Both of those states are potentially volatile and violent and unhealthy, like any state. Bein’ happy…I wouldn’t want to be that either…I think I’m always sort of pissed off at almost everybody I meet because I think they’re too lazy.

S&D: Does laziness have something to do with being too comfortable?

IP: Yeah, sure. Lazy is like me the first two nights in San Francisco. Because I went out and was doing something that was making me unhappy–the same set that I’d done on this tour since Hamburg, Germany, and to me it was beginning to sound like a Jackie Gleason record. Near the end of the American tour it was getting to the point where I was almost in a trance state. A very vulgar one, and I was getting no pleasure out of it that I couldn’t have gotten out of sittin’ down on my ass with a beer. So finally I just got so fed up and the third night I just threw it away and did all sorts of things. So that’s the difference.

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