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PRANKS Excerpt: Alan Abel

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ALAN ABEL: During Watergate, when Bernstein and Woodward were getting their information from “Deep Throat,” nobody had met him. So I thought it was time we introduced him. I had a man posing as “Deep Throat” show up at a Washington news conference, attracting over 100 reporters including Scott Meredith, a literary agent who came with a $10,000 advance check to buy the rights to his life story. Even Irving Lazar offered $100,000 for the manuscript rights. At that event “Deep Throat” got in an argument with his wife, who didn’t want him to testify (“for the sake of the children”), and he was whisked away in a limousine to parts unknown. The Washington Post ran a page one story on this alleged “Deep Throat.” Then, when we exposed this a few days later, the Post didn’t carry much of a story, but the rival Washington News ran a banner headline saying that the Post had been duped.

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