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J.G. Ballard: Quotes Excerpts: On Politics and the Economy

Invisible technologies rule our lives, transmitting their data-loads at the speed of an electron. Vast cash balances move around the world’s banking systems, bounced off satellites we never see, but whose electromagnetic footprints bestride continents and form our real weather. [“Impressions of Speed,” 1998]

Before the [Iraq War], my feeling was one of great anxiety. Now, I think we still have yet to discover if the war was justified, given the huge damage done to the U.N., to Britain’s relations with Europe and to the West’s relations with the Arab world. If the near-mythical weapons of mass destruction are found, then the war will have been justified. I fear however that Britain and America will pay a fearsome price when the Arab world takes its revenge. [Observer, 2003]

You see it in Iran and in the East–the West is being rejected. [The Face, 1987]

Consumer capitalism is now taken for granted, and in effect is a public utility. [Literary Review, 2001]

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