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Incredibly Strange Films Excerpt: Doris Wishman

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R/S: How do you feel about what you’re doing? Because traditionally, a lot of men would say that women should not direct sexploitation films.

DORIS WISHMAN: You say “sexploitation,” but that’s not quite true because these days those films are not considered sexploitation. Double Agent and Deadly Weapons haven’t any sex. The Amazing Transplant has very little sex. So they’re not sexploitation. Anyway, as far as sex is concerned, men and women are on the same level, so that has no bearing! What I’m doing and what other women are doing—anybody can do if they have that talent, it has nothing to do with sex. But I don’t feel that women can do everything that men can do in the business world. Especially where prowess is concerned. But anyhow, I have other problems; I’m not interested in women’s lib. I’m really not.

R/S: Are you married?

DW: Not right now.

R/S: You’re pretty much on your own?

DW: Oh yes, very much so. I like it.

R/S: What were your budgets like? When you did The Amazing Transplant how much did that cost?

DW: That was only about $250,000, I think. Which is considered very low, but that’s because I do everything myself, and I don’t take an actual salary, I just take what I need.

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