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Guide to Bodily Fluids Excerpt: Vomit: People, Places, and Puking (Survey)

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Heart, etc.What was the most embarrassing place you ever threw up?

8% answer that they have never thrown up anyplace embarrassing, or, as a 35-year-old musician expresses it, have always “made it to Mr. Porcelain.” A 24-year-old writes, “I have never been embarrassed to throw up.” Most others have not been so lucky.

11% vomited with discomfiture in or out of cars or vans, including a date’s car, the grandparents’ car, and a taxicab. One unfortunate threw up in his own car, all over himself, while driving.

8% had the humiliating experience of barfing at school, including in the lunchroom, on a plant, and outside the main (high school) building. Two threw up in math class.

Another 8% had puked at parties. One young man of 20 remembers that it happened at a party where I was trying to hook up with this beautiful girl.” A young man who describes himself as a Libra recalls, “Once, at a party, after several beers and bong loads, I suddenly got the spins and found I needed to boot. Much to my chagrin, the bathroom was locked, so I threw up on the door. Fortunately, a friend vacuumed it up for me.”

7% were most embarrassed by vomiting on others, including roommates, friends, mothers, waiters, boyfriends, and “two women on a train in Portugal.” 5% mention having thrown up on sidewalks, streets, curbs, or pavement. Another 5% puked on or out of buses and trains or on train platforms. One of these would up clearing an entire subway car as a result.

4% mention having thrown up on themselves or their own clothes, including a lawyer who threw up on his own shorts when sitting on the toilet. 3% recall throwing up in parking lots and garages. Another 3% recall yakking in restaurants, including “Two feet short of the sink at Cantor’s [Los Angeles Delicatessan],” and another 3% lost it on airplanes, including a small six-seat airplane containing several people known to the victim.

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