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Debbie HarrySearch & Destroy: How does touring inspire you?

Debbie Harry: Sometimes I feel like being in a rock n roll band is like either having yourself committed, or being a martyr to some strange religion–not quite a vestal virgin, but the sacrifice they throw into the gaping volcano that’s about to erupt.

S&D: How is your music developing?

DH: When a band first gets together, you just try and do something that everybody understands–then after awhile you learn how to communicate with each other and it becomes much more personal…we’re developing that way.

Clem Burke: People always used to ask us two questions: What is punk rock? (nobody asks us that anymore) and what our preconceptions were, how we conceived of Debbie being what she is, why we wear skinny ties, etc. But we weren’t preconceived at all, just different, and that carries through to the music. We don’t analyze it, we just DO IT.

S&D: Do you ever feel stifled by your image?

DH: No…sometimes…no, I really don’t actually because I can keep a sense of humor and perspective about it. Blondie was an obvious thing to do that would be commercially acceptable, hip to people who are aware of trends. The creation, the creature that I supposedly am, how I deliver and all that–I’m trying to change that too. I guess it’s scary to get lumped into one thing, because then you have to stay one way. I don’t think any artist ever really stays one way; artists always change and they always have different periods and different styles.

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