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1. Sat Oct 11, 6:30pm: RE/Search Counter Culture Hour (with host V. Vale) featuring WINSTON SMITH. S.F. Cable Channel 29, live streaming video at – “ACCESS SF 1″ button
3. FRIDAY OCTOBER 17TH A LITTLE TASTE OF J.X. IN THE NIGHT AT ODDBALL FILMS (a presentation of the work of J.X. Williams)
4. Wed Nov 19-Sun Nov 23 7pm BLIXA BARGELD’S Execution of Precious Memories featuring NANOS OPERETTA and YANNIS ADONIOU’SA KUNST-STOFF at the Project Artaud Theater.
5. OTHER FORTHCOMING EVENTS – Counter Culture Hour party Thurs Oct 30, 730PM, NEW NOTHING CINEMA, 16 Sherman St, S.F.
5A. Stephane von Stephane on Classical Revolution.
6. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent…featuring an interview of the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds show from Sandra Derian
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1. Sat Oct 11, 6:30PM Cable Channel 29: RE/Search Counter Culture Hour (with host V. Vale) featuring montage artist WINSTON SMITH. S.F. Cable Channel 29, 2nd Saturday of month. Winston shows his artworks and narrates the story of his life. Please write us if you’re interested in collecting CCH episodes on DVD – $15 per episode or subscribe and get 6 for $75. (Note: very small production run, just for you)
The show is broadcast on-line as well as on public access television in San Francisco. 6:30-7:30 PM Channel 29 AND – “ACCESS SF 1″ button
This show will also be shown at New Nothing Cinema in San Francisco on Thur Oct 30, 730PM, 16 Sherman St (off Folsom bet 7th-6th St; Winston Smith IN PERSON. Free treats.

2. TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT ONLY! JILL TRACY unveils her traveling Musical Seance, featuring cult violinist Paul Mercer and master percussionist Randy Odell 7:30pm. Hailed by critics as a “femme fatale for the thinking man,” sultry San Francisco pianist/vocialist Jill Tracy has audiences worldwide captivated by her “elegant netherworld.” Just awarded the prestigious Best of the Bay 2008, Jill Tracy returns home to the Hypnodrome for her latest incantation — A Musical Seance, an intimate collaboration with Atlanta composer/violinist, Paul Mercer.
Since joining forces, Jill Tracy and Paul Mercer are becoming widely known for their astonishing duets on piano and violin, mostly improvised or channeled. The pair affectionately refer to their duets as “spontaneous musical combustion.”
The Musical Seance harnesses the energy of the audience, a synergistic summoning of what dwells within each of us. Audience members are asked to bring small objects of special significance to them, such as a photo, talisman, jewelry, token, etc.
The evening will also feature songs from Tracy’s brand new release The Bittersweet Constrain.
For more information go to
To buy tickets, go to or call 800-838-3006

Jill Tracy kicks off the Shocktoberfest — a must-experience for RE/Search readers. Go to to catch up and plan for attending future events.

3. Fri Oct 17 10pm “A Little Taste of J.X. in the Night” at Odball Films. “A Little Taste of JX in the Night” is a screening of rare, surviving films from the legendary 50s and 60s pulp director JX Williams with curator/archivist Noel Lawrence in person.
J.X. Williams was a legendary, bottom-of-the-barrel director, pushed to an even lower status due to his Commie leanings. On the skids, he drifted around the continent making cheap features and the occasional nudie reeler, like the infamous parody “The 400 Bl*w Jobs” In the late fifties, he fell in with the Chicago mob, helming a number of shakedown films used to extort dough from debauched politicos and celebs.
At this presentation, film curator and archivist Noel Lawrence will share a few of the surviving artifacts of Williams’ tawdry career. He will also be previewing excerpts from his forthcoming documentary, which chronicles the misadventures of the mad auteur in Hollywood.
Films include:
1) Psych Burn (1968)
2) Satan Claus (1975)
3) The Virgin Sacrifice (1969)
4) Sex Crimes of the 21st Century (1973)
5) The Showdown (1975)
6) J.X. William’s L.A. – Directed by Noel Lawrence and Chris Manz
For more information go to

4. Wed Nov 19-Sun Nov 23 7pm Blixa Bargeld’s Execution of Precious Memories featuring Nanos Operetta and Yannis Adoniou’s Kunst-Stoff at the Project Artaud Theater. Composer, author, vocalist, musician, actor, Einsturzende Neubauten founder and former Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds guitarist, Blixa Bargeld will collaborate and star with the ensemble Nanos Operetta and award-winning choreographer, filmmaker and artist director of Kunst-Stoff, Yannis Adoniou, on the San Francisco version of a world-wide project, following it’s debut in Berlin and culture specific runs in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Stockholm, London, New Delhi and Krakow.
Execution of Precious Memories collects anonymous recollections from individuals living in the city of performance by distributing questionnaires at a variet of distribution points, through mailings, posting online and other methods. Once the 50-question forms are complete, they are compiled together by the collaborators who pull out specific lines, situations, descriptions of physical feelings, associations with animals, childhood and sensual experiences along with other ephemera to produce a cohesive single work. In this case, that means a much anticipated music, dance and spoken word performance that mixes its global lineage with local DNA, all performed live by the collaborators for five days only. The online survey can be filled out and submitted online at The survey cut off date is November 1st. You can purchase tickets for this event at or


() TOMORROW, Sat Oct 11 7pm The Endless Escape at the Garage. Your FINAL chance to see the Endless Escape. The Endless Escape is an image filled maze, with a sequence of sights and sound sensations, located downstairs in the Garage’s basement.

() Wed Oct 15-Fri Oct 17 The 2008 Anti-Corporate Film Festival Features Food, Fuel and Folly at the Brava Theater Center. The CounterCorp Anti-Corporate Film Festival returns to the Bay Area for it’s third consecutive year of films and discussions that explore the power and influence that corporations have on our daily lives, communities, environment, culture and psychology. These three nights will include documentary and “narrative” (fictional) feature-length and short films, post-screening discussions with directors and issue experts, and audience Q&As. The theme for this year’s festival are food, oil, and the ubiquity of corporations in our societies and personal psyches.
The festival opens Wednesday, October 15th at 7pm with “Growing Awareness,” which offers an unvarnished look at a more sustainable alternative to the current corporate-controlled, government-subsidized global food system: small, organic, local farms. Director, Jade Ajani , and local organic farmer, Jesse Kuhn of Marin Roots Farm, will speak after the film.
The opening night film is “The World According to Monstanto,” a detective story that follows the trail of deception, devastation and death left by a corporate ser*al killer whose weapons include PCBs, herbicides/insecticides/defoliants, bovine growth hormone, dioxin, genetically-modified crops, and seed patents and other so-called “intellectual property.”
The festival continues on Thursday with a program called “The True Cost of Oil” that coincides with two pending civil lawsuit trials in San Francisco against Richmond, CA-based Chevron. It includes previews of two works-in-progress: “The Naked Option” and “Sweet Crude,” and one short film “Justicia Now!” All of these films are about Chevron’s exploitation of people and the environment in Nigeria and Ecuador. A panel discussion including Cindy Cohn – an attorney from one of the Nigeria lawsuits – oil industry expert Antonia Juhasz – author of “The Tyranny of Oil” – and Mitch Anderson of Amazon Watch will follow the films.
The theme of oil carries over into “Gashole” the same night, which tells the history of US oil consumption, oil prices, and the economic, political, and cultural effects of being the world’s largest consumer of oil. What is impeding efforts to change that fact, such as the development of alternative fuels? Co-director Scott Roberts will be in attendance.
The festival concludes on Friday with two films about how the pervasiveness of corporations affects people’s daily lives. “The Big Sellout” documents the real outcomes of the privatization of basic public services such as water, electricity, transportation and health care on four continents: essentially, higher prices for fewer services, or, if you’re poor, no service at all. Shannon Biggs of Global Exchange’s rights-based activism project will speak after the film.
This year’s screenings will close with the California premiere of “Visioneers,” a satirical look at the effects of corporate culture at the largest and most profitable corporation in the history of the world. Starring rising comic talent Zach Galifianakis of the Sean Penn film “Into The Wild,” NBC’s “Boston Common,” and cable’s Comedy Central.
For more information go to

() Sat Oct 11, Sat Oct 25th and Sat Nov 8 Cabaret Lunatique performs in Teatro ZinZanni Tent 11pm. Cabaret Lunatique, an edgy late night series of “saucy burlesque, music and mischief” will be presented in the Teatro Zanzinni Tent. Hosted by the one and only Mexican Elvis, known as El Vez, the irreverently hip and boldly decadent show will feature a constellation of wild and wacky talented performers ranging from magicians to singers, and from clowns to contortionists, complete with music and dancing, special cocktails and delectable bar menu. The line up for October 11th is: Kitten on Keys: singer/burlesque performer, Suzanne Ramsey, Sam Payne and Domitil Aillot, Chinese Pole artists, Circus Finelli, a four-person female clown troupe presenting slapstick Slavic cabaret, Fleeky Franco, hand-balancer and contortionist Scarlett and Axelrod, a mesmerizing duet on the aerial hoop.

() Sat Oct 25 7:30pm San Francisco Poet Laureate Jack Hirschman reads from his new book “Look A Hear: Jazz Poems” accompanied by saxophonist Liam Furey at Bird and Beckett Books and Records. FREE.
For more information, call Eric Whittington at (415) 586-3733 or go to

() Legendary Pink Dots Fri-Sat Nov 14 & 15 at Du Nord, S.F. Prepare to attend! New album out, too: Plutonium Blonde…

5A. Stephane von Stephane’s column. – 10/5/08 Classical Revolution (chamber music collective) performance. Revolution Cafe, 3248 22nd St, S.F.

My first experience of Chamber Music was as a teenager while visiting my family in Ireland. We went to a beautiful famous old house where everyone was particularly still and quiet and reverent. It felt like church — not a great association for me.

My next experience of listening to classical music was probably when the Irish relatives came to visit and we went to the S.F. Symphony. This time I was really getting into the symphony and practically dancing in my seat, but I got stern looks and ’shush’s from the patrons.

Well, if you are the type who is moved to move during a classical music performance, then there is now a ’scene’ just for you! The Classical Revolution, a chamber music collective started by violist Charith Premawardhana, performs every Sunday night, 8PM-midnight, at the Revolution Cafe at 3248 22nd St, off Mission.

Apparently this has been going on for two years. The crowd was mixed in age, race and attentiveness to the music. The musicians sat in a circle around the music stands, closely grouped together. They all do it for FUN and to get the music ‘out there’. This was a fabulous treat! I loved watching the musicians — their faces rapt, yet also smiling if one of the group made a small gaffe. Charith was jamming so hard on Brahms near the end of the show that he severed a string on his bow. Talk about your ‘wall of sound’ — five string instruments in unison, wow! And how is it the acoustics are so good in this cafe?

I will definitely be back. They also play Wednesday nights at Socha Cafe at 3235 Mission St. Sunday’s performance included Mozart Flute Quartets, Beethoven String Quartets, Mozart Viola Quintet in C, Brahms Viola Quintet in G.

The rotating musicians were: Jory Fankuchen, violin (playing with us for about 1 year), Baker Peeples, violin (4 months), Megan Sherlock, violin (1 year), Charith Premawardhana, viola (2 years), Gordon Thrupp, viola (first time), Lauren Elledge, viola (1 year), Shain Carrasco, cello (1.5 years), Samsun van Loon, cello (2 years), Nick Anton, cello (4 months), Gillian Clements, violin and viola (6 months) and Ariel ?, flute (first time)!
Check for more info. ~ Stephane von Stephane (a.k.a. Lovely Chopin). PS: Mon Oct 27, Makeout Room, will be “experimental” and contemporary classically-influenced music.

6. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening To/What We’ve Been Sent:

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Review of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
The Warfield (now owned by Goldenvoice Concerts so goodbye to souvenir Bill Graham posters!)
Opening act: Red Sparrowes

Review by Sandra Derian

Our spot was on the main floor, just below the balcony. The soundboard is now located downstairs, so we were excited that the sound would be better in the lower area, where we could also have a perfect view.

We decided to splurge and treat ourselves to drinks – well, we each had one drink, since one beer with tip is $8. Looking past this extravagance, we settled in for the opener, Red Sparowes. The Red Sparowes don’t have a vocalist. Instead, they create intricate, instrumental rock music that, thankfully, lacked machismo guitar solos. Projected behind them was depressing film stock of corpses with a smiling Chairman Mao. The set felt like one entire song, and we concluded that the soundboard move was a good thing.

Next, the roadies set up two drum kits on the stage; time to get serious with some heart-pounding music! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds began with a new song from the latest album, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! called, “Night of the Lotus Eaters,” whose lyrics – “Get ready to shield yourself/From our catastrophic leaders” – shows how timeless Odysseus is; the people running our economy have snacked on the fruits of our labors for too long, have grown lazy and we need a revolution! Tracks from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! peppered the set list, yet they gave us a nice share of the classics. “The Ship Song” was slightly re-arranged but refreshing. The songs had a rawness to them that was not as present on versions on the studio albums. Nick slinked and hopped through the air, knocking down mic stands, throwing picks, towels and owning the stage like he lived on it all his life. We enjoyed him enjoying it. Someone shouted out, “I love you!” and, in reply, Nick said “I love you too, wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you are.” Nick introduced “Hard On For Love” saying, “This is an old song…you know…from that record…the one with the beautiful picture of me on the cover…with hair…and a top lip.”

The most blatant example of the conspiratorial, sexy, roughness that each band member brought to the stage was in Warren Ellis, guitar picking his violin until we’re in a trance.

Favorites were saved for the encore: the delicate “Jesus of the Moon” and the harsh “Stagger Lee,” which ended the night in which we had momentarily let go of our worries of the world that continues to stumble into chaos.


1. Night of the Lotus Eaters
2. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
3. Tupelo
4. Today’s Lesson
5. Nobody’s Baby Now
6. The Weeping Song
7. Midnight Man
8. The Mercy Seat
9. Deanna
10. Moonland
11. The Ship Song
12. We Call Upon the Author
13. Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
14. More News From Nowhere


15. Love Letter
16. Jesus of the Moon
17. Get Ready For Love
18. Hard On For Love
19. Stagger Lee

Review of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds by Emily Rose

Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds slunk on stage one by one, assuming their respective positions, adjusting their instruments, some stroking their moustaches and scratching their ratted, untamed hair. They were truly a sight to behold: a band of rogues, garnished in immaculately fitted suits, but still appearing wild and shabby and mysterious. The Seeds hung about, with furtive stares and slightly mischievous grins forming on their lips, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their cabalistic front man, who lurked somewhere in the shadows of the Warfield stage. Suddenly Cave’s thin frame emerged from the darkness, you could sense that everyone in the massive concert hall had an uneasy, yet thoroughly exhilarating, sensation running through their bodies. Cave, too, was sharply dressed in a fitted suit, partially unbuttoned at the collar, with his hair slicked back, a black handle-bar moustache framing his thick lips. Without hesitation, the group launched into “Night of the Lotus Eaters” from Cave’s newest release with the Bad Seeds, “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” The song is a commentary on the ever-so-human inpulse to surrender to the chaos that surrounds you, instructing the listener to “Get ready to shield yourself” for when the rapidly approaching, inevitable Downfall transpires.

The second song of the set was also new; the title track from “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” The track serves as a frame for the entire concept of the album, which according to Cave, is a re-telling of the story of Lazarus with a seventies, urban twist. The song is a narrative of Lazarus, or Larry, and his travels through the big cities of America, indulging in all of the decadence and excess that the modern age has to offer until meeting his downfall. Shivers ran down my spine and I smiled to my fellow Los Angeleno native comrade as Cave shouted “He thought even the pale-sky stars were smart enough to keep well away from L.A.,” with a cunning grin on his face. “Lazarus” is also an incredibly powerful song in that it deals with a question that all people wonder about: what really happens once you pass on. It is a commentary on death and resurrection and whether or not something does in fact go on “upstairs” once your body ceases to function and therefore, whether or not it could actually have been possible for Jesus to bring someone back from the grave.

The band continued to plow through the set, which consisted of older songs such as “Tupelo,” “The Weeping Song,” “Deanna,” “Mercy Seat,” etc., though the set was largely focused upon the eight songs from the new album which were scattered throughout the set. Each song was performed with such effortless passion and vigor that it created an uber-energy — a synaesthetic experience that could only be compared to making love; each member of the band was participating in something and expressing themselves in a way that was so raw and natural and organic and absolutely breathtaking.

Upon reflection, while waxing poetic with V. Vale and John Law, we dissected why it was that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, universally, had this profound effect on people. We started to wonder if, perhaps, the way he affected his audiences had to do with the mythology that seems to have been constructed around Cave himself. It seems, in dissecting this idea, that, in a similar manner as people such as Aleister Crowley, Cave is in fact one of few people who, while living, appear to others as existing outside of what it conventionally means to be human and has become something else all together. Whether this was intentional on the part of Cave is uncertain, but one cannot deny that he has transcended people’s concepts of normality and become something of a myth, an icon … perhaps even some sort of morbid, yet undeniably attractive hero?

Cave and the Seeds concluded their epic, nineteen-song sonic foray with the unbelievably powerful and menacing song “Stagger Lee,” Cave’s perfectly ghastly homage to Stagger Lee, the archetypal tough-guy, murderous thug. The eerie bass line echoed through my bones and Cave’s voice shook as he embodied Stagger Lee at his fiercest and most feral. It almost felt as though Cave was channeling Lee, or something so deep and dark within himself that he could really feel the words he was saying, whether he liked it or not; whether you liked it or not. Stagger Lee ends his wild night, ending Billy Dilly’s life and “fill[ing] him full of lead” — you could just feel the weight…

Our minds swirling with beautifully sinister thoughts, we reluctantly poured back onto the wild streets of San Francisco, the whole of the moon dancing across the darkness, catching the gleam in our eyes and the permanent grins painted across our faces. — Emily Rose

Sept 30, 2008: Brief review of seeing MY BLOODY VALENTINE at S.F. Concourse with Naut Humon: “The loudest band I’ve ever heard in my life. Despite wearing earplugs, I was (and may still be) hearing white noise in my ears for days. The sonic hurricane emanating from the stage took virtually the entire audience on a trance-state-like transport into some other dimension where — were we hallucinating? — beautiful melodies and harmonies constantly arose and disappeared. Yes, I would go experience them again. Still trying to “process” the ramifications of the entire evening. And Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine Flicker Effect plays a role here somehow, too.” – V. Vale

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS – thanks to our friend Phil G, Ferrara, James McN-, & Others who sent us the below:

() Re/Search’s Marian Wallace’s promotional page for “After Crass” on the RainDanceTV website:
() Rick McGrath’s “Tour Guide” version of the Ballard Exhibition at the CCCB in Barcelona:
() Photos of Winston Smith’s 24 foot-long collage called “Fed Up,” based on a one-to-one reproduction of Leonardo’s “The Last Supper.”
() Video from Jean-Jacques Perrey’s performance at the Montreal Pop Festival: and some preview tracks from his new CD with Dana Countryman, Destination Space:
() Here’s a link to a site with a series of radio broadcasts from WJFF 90.5 FM in Jeffersonville, NY from July 27, 2008. The four-hour radio broadcast was a celebration of Michael Bloomfield’s 65th birthday anniversary. It includes hard-to-find performances by Bloomfield, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Bob Dylan and others. (Thanks to Ike Taylor ( for the info!)
() Jon Fromer’s song for change:
() Some links forwarded by Bruno: and
() Robert Turman’s WOBC radio show, “Spirals of Everlasting Change,” featuring industrial, experimental, and noise from the past to the present. and
() no problem here, no siree:
() from Graham Rae: “your brain scan says you’re guilty:
() featured in our PRANKS 2 book: The Yes Men:
() from Switzerland: or here
() – Pat Ivers & Emily Armstrong’s new website
() Mucca Pazza – File under: Punk Circus Marching Band Or Nerd-Core. See slide trombones, marching drums, accordions and other romantic icons wielded by musicians with the purpose of making music, instigating spontaneous dancing, loss of bladder control, and horn
honking. You may find it sexy if you like uniforms or anything dorky.


() “Language is a virus from outer space.” – William S. Burroughs

() “As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular.” – Oscar Wilde

“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.” – Oscar Wilde

“All authority is degrading. It degrades those who exercise it, and it degrades those over whom it is exercised.” – Oscar Wilde

“Whenever a community or a government of any kind attempts to dictate to the artist what (s)he is to do, art either entirely vanishes, or becomes stereotyped, or degenerates into a low and ignoble form of craft!” – Oscar Wilde

“People are eager to share in your profits, but not your debts.” – Unknown

“There is no thought in the absence of the dialectic: thesis, antithesis, synthesis.”


() * A good history of the early Goth/Punk/Industrial scene, as well as creepy one shots can be found in RE/SEARCH Publications.” — Goth website

() “Hi Vale!

I’m about to go on the US tour with the Legendary Pink Dots starting mid-Oct and ending up in SF Fri-Sat Nov 14 & 15… playing at Du Nord in San Francisco both nights).

They’re about to release a new album called Plutonium Blonde and it’s quite stunning and primal (I will have the label send you a copy). For the past couple of months, I’ve spent almost all of my spare time working on the new website for the Legendary Pink Dots: … I built the site using all free, open-source software. And get this, I posted all the things I was looking for help with on the website ( and had fans respond with offers for every single thing!!! I have to say, LPD fans are amongst the nicest people on this planet. It’s weird.

The discography is powered by Freebase so that anyone can contribute and the change is reflected on the site immediately (like wikipedia – the Pink Dots have over 250+ albums out – isn’t that insane?). It’s all very exciting… and a ton of work! But man… there is nothing I’d rather be doing – and that’s really what it’s all about I think The insane frenzy of bliss!

All the best, Lisette S.”

() “Hiya Mr. Vale:

Latest newsletter is, as always, food for the inquisitive, artistic soul. One minor correction, however, is in order.

The Warren Ellis who contributes to Nick Cave’s projects (in addition to putting in quality time as part of Dirty Three) is, in fact, a different Warren Ellis from the writer and graphic novelist.

On the up side, you’re not the first person to make that inaccurate deduction; even I had to be set straight on that myself.

Great recap of the Punk Leg Ends Fillmore event from Mme. von Stephane too and I’ll further second your emotion regarding the appeal of Bibliohead Books.

Waving not drowning from here – ML Heath”

() “Wrong Warren ELlis. The one in the Bad Seeds is an Australian musician. The one who wrote Crooked Little Vein is an English Writer.

– Warren Ellis, English writer”

Oops!!! Sorry to both Warrens for the mix-up! And thanks to Mikel/Danielle for giving RE/Search the Warren Ellis book, which we passed on to the musical maestro!

() ‘Vale, Your writing has a very personal and easy flow.

A welcome addition to “the letter” … I wanted to tell you about a movie I saw in Hong Kong that I think you should give attention to. The English title is “Help Me Eros”…Chinese is “Bang Bang – Wo De Ai Shen” – “bang” means “help.” It reminds me of the midnight movies played at the Palace??? by the park. The actor in the film is also the director. Has this been played in SF? – Billy H.”

() “Hi Vale, Although I share Kunstler’s outrage over the aesthetic decline of American architecture and urban planning, this post just seems like the outcry of a conservative culture warrior:

Sorry, Jimmy, but you’re totally wrong in this case.

First, do you blame prostitutes for their chosen profession and not the greater (and supposedly less barbarous) culture that surrounds them? Is there some as-yet-unknokwn malfeasance lurking in the heart of every sailor? And aren’t the REAL cannibals the ones running the economic swindles from their Wall Street thrones, eating the lives of the underclass for their own gross profits?

Of course, that’s not even touching upon the subject of tattoos and their current trendiness – if tattoos are now available on Main Street, it’s NOT because the old marginalized hordes are usurping societal roles. It’s because the same capitalist cannibals have gotten their greedy jaws into yet another subculture and turned it into a flat, meaningless fashion that can be sold to the vanilla mainstream. The bland world has ruined tattoo culture, not the other way around. The Visigoths aren’t overrunning the streets of Rome — the Romans have simply decided that Visigoth imagery is haute couture and thus have turned culture into commodity once again. – JOHN G.

() “Vale, Hey, thanks for the shout on JX. By the way, I just shot Don Bolles for my new film “J.X. Williams’ L.A.” He talks about how The Germs hired J.X. to shoot a music video for “Lexicon Devil” and the mad auteur ended up directing the band at gunpoint…I’m doing a JX presentation and screening at the Speakeasy in El Cerrito on Thur October 16. Will be sure to send you info about that soon – Best, Noel Lawrence

() “Hi Vale,

Nice to hear from you. Guess Barcelona’s CCCB is giving J.G. Ballard a lot of attention recently with their exhibit and all. Good luck w/ the conference…

I’m finishing an associates degree in computer science and working at a place called Toxics Targeting. I just helped them revamp their web site ( There’s a section of the site where you can search for addresses within New York state and then see all the places where there are potential or current toxic pollution problems: . (Full disclosure: I just provided some of the layout on the map page, we hired an experienced programmer to implement all the map functionality on that page.)…

Current read: The Road by Cormac McCarthy — even though it is an Oprah book (why?), within the first few pages of this post-apocalypse I’m finding great poetic passages and the same type of heaviness, tension, wonder, and dread found in the film version of No Country for Old Men

Current artist: I am pretty sure I’ve seen this guy’s stuff (or people imitating him) around San Francisco, and you probably already know about him: Banksy –

Last good movies I’ve seen: Burn After Reading, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, all the Curtis Adams documentaries (Power of Nightmares, et al), The Devil’s Backbone (dir. Guillermo del Torro, almost as good as Pan’s Labyrinth), Juliet of the Spirits, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (the movie and all the individual episodes), Control, La Vie en Rose

See ya, Mike Ryan”

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