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2. Counter Culture Hour featuring Margaret Wertheim and the Institute for Figuring’s Coral Reef exhibit — Sept. 12, 2009 – now on-line!
3. FORTHCOMING EVENTS – RE/Search will be present at some of these!
4. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent..
5. REVIEW of NIN “last” concert and Negative Trend / Oxbow show at Eagle Tavern
6. Stephane von Stephane interview with photographer Ruby Ray
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8. Recommended Links- from Phil G. and others – thanks!
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1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR: Sometimes we want to positively grab someone and “shake them to their roots” (we know who we have in mind). But should it be inadvertently damaging to them, we know we’ll get caught, because we’re the obvious suspect. So, we sublimate! That’s what artists have done for thousands of years — take the drive to destroy and use that energy to create something instead. Everybody on the planet needs a medium of creative expression — haven’t we learned that yet from the lessons of Manson (if only he’d gotten that record contract) and Hitler (if only he’d gotten a gallery show of his paintings). If you can’t compose a song or paint a painting, then write a Richard Stark or a Lee Child novel — we’ve read (or tried to read) every single one! And, just beating on a drum is excellent “therapy” — this doesn’t take much practice, depending on one’s standards for judging excellence.

Montaigne wrote an excellent essay On Death over 400 years ago that almost seems like it were written last month. It begins with a great quotation: “To philosophize is to doubt…” and we wonder why Montaigne, a skeptic, was not taught in our Philosophy 101 class. Actually, virtually all the skeptics were omitted in that class … which is why we’re making up for lost time now and doing a quick “catch-up.” Therefore, we highly recommend “The Complete Works of Montaigne” — you will find surprising “insights” you did not expect, as well as hours of black humor to savor. Read this book and you may never look at a “cripple” the same way again!

One of the most memorable characters in certain Luis Bunuel movies is a dwarf. We just viewed “Simon of the Desert” and cannot recommend more highly setting the goal of watching every single Luis Bunuel movie ever made — sequentially, if possible. With Bunuel, you know what you’re getting: a film experience that’s
() anti-authoritarian (anti-patriarch, anti-macho, anti-cop, anti-military, anti-fascist, anti-racist)
() full of eroticism, much subtler and more tantalizing than in the hardest-corn “adult movies.” Passion, surprise, and great subjective camerawork!
() anti-religious, anti-clerical (yet complexly so; as Bunuel once said, “Thank God I’m an atheist!”)
() full of Black Humor (whenever possible)
() celebrating CHANCE and the random/unexpected encounter or opportunity or revelation
() including something “Surreal” (whenever possible)
Most films by others are tainted by compromises and kneeling to the boss (or to the boss’s ideas). Not Bunuel.
It’s also a “great idea” to read every book/ magazine containing quotes or interviews from Luis Bunuel – John Baxter’s biography is a good start. And, of course, to track down documentaries or video interviews with Bunuel, or anybody who ever worked with him – Simone Signoret, in her autobiography “Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be,” says, “Every actor who has ever worked with [Bunuel] has said the same thing: if you spend a day with Don Luis it’s not like work, it’s fun. It’s like having fun with Becker or laughing with Picasso…”

It’s strange how some of our favorite influences are “B People” (yes, that was a “great” film and a L.A. 70s Punk band): Ballard, Burroughs, Bunuel, Breton…In a media universe of information overload, try a “mono” diet — for a month or two or three just see Bunuel movies and read books and articles about Bunuel… We just did that with J.G. Ballard and will shortly re-enter the Ballardian Universe after our Bunuelian detour. Often, reading a Ballard book we’ve read before (more than once), we find something that seems totally new, and quite startling… What’s going on? Are we under the tyranny of the “repression machine” in our brain, or did we just “space out” during a certain chapter? Ballard particularly seems more prophetic than ever, now…And so does Bunuel… Both offer excellent guidance for wannabe imaginative writers and filmmakers.

2. Counter Culture Hour – New fall line-up of shows!
The Counter Culture Hour is NOW simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6:30pm Pacific Time, Sat September 11, 2009 on-line ( then go to link for “Access 1 Live Stream” in left column — give it a minute to load or try this link:

USA west coast: 6:30 PM Saturday, September 12th
USA east coast: 9:30 PM Saturday, September 12th
London: 2:30 AM Sunday, September 13th
Tokyo: 10:30 AM Sunday, September 13th
You get the picture…

Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write and ask us how you can do this.

The new episode features Margaret Wertheim — she and her twin sister Christine founded THE INSTITUTE FOR FIGURING, which has curated a complexly beautiful “coral reef” installation based on the Art of Crochet, at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica earlier this year. Also on the program are previews for shows with Gee Vaucher, a founder of CRASS, and Hector Penalosa, a founder of the ZEROS (70s Punk band featured in SEARCH & DESTROY magazine).


() Sat Sept 12, 2pm Charles Gatewood Show “Celebrity!” and Bob Dylan Book. Charles writes us, “My show “Celebrity!” opens at San Francisco’s Robert Tat Gallery on September 3rd and runs until Halloween. The show, which features rarely seen photographs from the 1960s and 1970s, includes portraits of Bob Dylan, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Page, Abbie Hoffman, and other counterculture heroes.
“I will be at the gallery September 12th, from 2-5pm, when I will give a gallery talk. I hope you can join us. I also have a new Bob Dylan book, A Complete Unknown, which shows photographs from my April, 1966 shoot with Dylan. The cover image (Dylan with Ray-Bans and cigarette) is well known, but the other pictures have never been published. For more information (and a look at the Dylan pictures), check out” Robert Tat Gallery, 49 Geary St, Suite 211, San Francisco CA 94108 –

() Tue Sept 15, 7pm, Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St/Valencia, S.F. Ed Hardy and Lyle Tuttle IN PERSON at the premiere of “HORI SMOKU”, a documentary Sailor Jerry movie (Norman K. Collins). Ed Hardy writes us: “Sailor Jerry was my primary mentor in the tattoo world and very much a character. This film is very entertaining and I’m looking forward to seeing the final cut. The main “talking heads” in it are Mike Malone, Zeke Owen, Bob Roberts, Lyle Tuttle, and me. Don’t know if it’s an “invite only” event. Please RSVP with the link below from Erich Weiss, the filmmaker. He advises everyone to come early, as it will be quite a scene.” RE/Search will be there!

() Thur Sept 17, Eric Kroll gives a talk:

() Fri Sept 18 AVENGERS play the Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th St, 415-621-4455 tix $12 all ages – The AVENGERS are doing a huge West Coast tour – amazing – support them!

() Sun Sept 20, 8pm, Victoria Theater, 2961 16th St/Mission St: SAVAGE REPUBLIC LIVE! SAN FRANCISCO CINEMATHEQUE PRESENTS: José Antonio Sistiaga: ere erera baleibu icik subua aruaren with a new score composed and performed by Savage Republic, presented in association with Cabinetic, RE/Search, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival and the San Francisco Bay Guardian – Advance tickets available at:

“Basque abstract artist José Antonio Sistiaga painted directly onto film with homemade inks to create this silent 1970 feature. But Sistiaga’s strangely titled work… is different from the films of Stan Brakhage, who didn’t come to film from painting and had his own rhythm. […] [I]ts combination of color and 35-millimeter ‘scope (with about half an hour in black and white) yields the kind of spectacle one associates with musicals and [science fiction] epics.” (Jonathan Rosenbaum)

“A hand-painted masterpiece of the 1970s; a legendary band of the 1980s. Sistiaga’s rarely-screened ere erera baleibu icik subua aruaren is a work of uncompromising beauty that absolutely deserves a wider appreciation. Savage Republic, one of the unrecognized godfathers of post-rock, formed roughly three decades ago in the midst of the Los Angeles punk rock scene and abruptly disbanded in 1989. In recent years, they’ve reformed and their unique sound (imagine a Middle Eastern surf band backed by the rhythm section from Joy Division) is as compelling and inexorable as ever. For Cinematheque’s season opener, Savage Republic — original members Ethan Port and Thom Fuhrmann joined by Alan Waddington and Kerry Dowling — performs a newly commissioned score to Sistiaga’s prodigious work, presented in a stunning 35mm print from Paris. (Jonathan Marlow). For more information contact: or visit: ” – RE/SEARCH will be present with a small table of books – come visit us!

() Sat Sept 26, 11am-6pm, Music Concourse (Golden Gate Park, between deYoung Museum and S.F. Aquarium): EXPO FOR THE ARTIST. RE/SEARCH will have a table along with Charles Gatewood – visit us! Free! 415-738-4975,

() Sat Sept 26, BRAVA Theater, 2781 24th St, S.F. Kaleidoscope. Stephanie writes us: “I will be volunteering at this extraordinary burlesque event.

() Sat Oct 1-4 ARSE ELEKTRONIKA in SAN FRANCISCO! Our friends from the Vienna art/philosophy/technology group MONOCHROM will be here in person to stimulate the imaginations of San Franciscans with their provocative explorations and extrapolations centered around the topic: “What will sex be like in the future?” Celebrating the release of the new book, “DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?” which monochrom produced and RE/SEARCH is releasing — come buy and get your copy autographed by its Austrian authors! From the monochrom website: “October 1-4, 2009 Arse Elektronika 2009: “Of Intercourse and Intracourse” – With talks, machines and performances by Allen Stein, R. U. Sirius, Noah Weinstein, Randy Sarafan, Uncle Abdul, Jonathon Keats, Ani Niow, Jason Scott, Annalee Newitz, Rainer Prohaska, Douglas Spink, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Brooke Campbell, Eleanor Saitta, Reesa Brown, Monika Kribusz, Kim De Vries, Pepper Mint, Micha Cárdenas, Elle Mehrmand and many more… Locations: Roxie Theater, Center for Sex and Culture, PariSoMa, Noisebridge. Detailed schedule: soon.”

() Sun October 4, 4pm.”Woolsey for Congress ‘Renegade Art & Democracy’ – “To celebrate art and to raise money for the true progressive agenda.” Cornerstone Gardens, 23570 Hwy 121, Sonoma, CA – To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below: RE/Search is listing this event because Mark Pauline, Survival Research Laboratories founder, will be present in this “meet and greet” fundraiser.

() Wed Oct 7, 7pm THE LAB, 16th St, S.F.: Book Release party for Monochrom and RE/Search’s next book “Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep”? Critical Perspectives on Sexuality and Pornography in Science and Social Fiction.” Speakers would be Johannes Grenzfurthner and Tatiana Bazzichelli, a visiting scholar (author of NETWORKING: The Art as Network — about “the evolution of the Italian hacktivism and net culture from the 1980s till today”) who’s currently doing further work on network culture, hacktivism and net art. Also, V. Vale and Scott Snibby will speak. [More later]

() Thur Oct 8, 9pm, Slim’s (9th/Folsom St, S.F. LYDIA LUNCH with TEENAGE JESUS! No Wave Reunion – one time only! RE/SEARCH will be there!

() Around Thur Oct 22, YES MEN movie premieres (title: “The Yes Men Fix the World”)! Watch for it! RE/SEARCH will have a table -the YES MEN were featured in our PRANKS 2 book, and YES MEN (hopefully) will appear IN PERSON! “It’s amazing what you can do with a $10 suit, an easy target, and some basic PowerPoint skills,” says co-conspirator Mike Bonanno.

4. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() Ah, to be “young” again — full of hatred, nihilism and superiority. Take this example: “I know what you did, you creepy little f– fool! I see the signs, I’ve read the tea leaves… I know… and you will live to regret this more then [sic] anything you have ever regretted during your sad, pathetic, feeble, pitiable, meager, worthless little life. C–. Your idio-tic, petty, small-minded “witchy” ways just ain’t going to stand up to the full force of the horror and the destruction that will be coming in your direction; the devastation and the holocaust that I will unleash on you. It will come like a tornado, and it will up-root and destroy everything that you are, that you have, and that you hold dear. C–. There is power in Magick — you know it, I know it, but, now you are going to feel it, and it will eliminate you and yours from the face of this earth.” While there are definitely people on this planet who deserve this vitriol (we can think of at least three immediately!), well … if the above resonates with you, then you can order your own copy of ANTIBOTHIS’ publication “Chthonic Prose & Theory” by Vadge Moore. Order from OR from Thisco, pobox 2274, 1107-001 Lisboa, Portugal.

() THE BEATS: A Graphic History by Harvey Pekar, Ed Piskor & Paul Buhle. This beautiful graphic novel was published by Hill and Wang —, — time and life are short, and you can whiz through this book in an evening, easy. Besides getting an eyeful of Burroughs, Ginsberg and Kerouac, you can learn about late Beats like the FUGS, too… This book is surprisingly illuminating, even to those of us who’d thought we’d read it all!

() THE RELEVANCE OF REXROTH by KEN KNABB. A visiting German friend of Gee Vaucher named “Martina” turned us on recently to Kenneth Rexroth — more specifically, the above book, which has a lot concentrated within its covers — try reading the book by consulting the index! We highly recommend this slim volume; only $5. Ken Knabb is THE Bay Area “Situationist” — support local publishing!

() PUNK: NO ONE IS INNOCENT (Art-Style-Revolt) published by Kunsthalle Wien. Thanks to POD (deejay/artist now living in Berlin) who sent us a copy via Ulrika of SRL. Large format 9×12 book with color illustrations. Jon Savage, Glenn O’Brien, Wolfgang Muller and Malcolm McLaren are contributors. As McLaren put it, “Today’s internet culture is an extension of a Punk DIY lifestyle: the blog, facebook, YouTube … all contribute to this. It is where the cultural terrorist is born today. In fact, it is where most popular culture is made distributed, needing no longer to be servile to and chained by the corporate world. Because of this, corporate culture is having even a harder time today than ever selling the new generation anything. But Punk remains as enigmatic as ever and will continue to live beyond all of our lifetimes as something so wild, so romantic… at the core of all our dreams.”

() Tue Sept 1 noon we saw a free showing of Subversive Documentaries curated by Paul Clipson, in the Wattis Theatre at SFMOMA: Luis Bunuel’s LES HURDES (Land Without Bread), 1933, 30 min., 16mm, B&W – Georges Franju’s HOTEL DES INVALIDES, 1952, 35mm, B&W – Alain Resnais’ LA CHANT DU STYRENE, 1958, 35mm, color, cinemascope. Wow! As we left, we witnessed the bloody aftermath of a female bicyclist hit-and-run by a car right in front of SFMOMA. Hmmm… (We hope she was “all right.” ??)

() the latest Michael Connelly book, “SCARECROW.” Makes you highly dubious about putting anything personal on the Internet — especially those social networking sites… even the name of your dog.

() the new LYDIA LUNCH book, always an occasion for fanfare and trumpets! LYDIA is coming to San Francisco to do a one-off concert soon. Lydia wrote us: “Just had Akashic stick a copy of WILL WORK FOR DRUGS – my anthology, in the mail to you. Enjoy! I’ll be coming SF Thurs Oct 8 for a TEENAGE JESUS show at Slims (final nails in the coffin that Thurston Moore opened last year with his NO WAVE book). Jim Sclavunos on drum and Al Kizys on bass(SWANS)…” We highly recommend this show from one of the true originals of Punk, still uncompromising and refusing to be “watered down”…

5. MORITZ reviews: NINE INCH NAILS’ “LAST” SHOW, Negative Trend / Oxbow at Eagle Tavern, S.F.

() “Nine Inch Nails in L.A. at the Palladium: Apparently the 10th of September marked the final concert of the rock band Nine Inch Nails, bringing their 20 years of existence to a hiatus. Luckily I got a ticket for the show at the Hollywood Palladium on the 2nd of the same month – one of the last shows. 1994 NIN took their place in Rock’n’Roll history when they released the seminal angst-driven album “The Downward Spiral”. And it was exactly this album in its entirety they chose to perform at the Palladium – for the second time in their career. The Spiral was supplemented by a fistful of different tracks from throughout their career. Also they played “Metal” and the J.G. Ballard- inspired “Cars”, for which original performer Gary Numan joined the band onstage. Despite a sore throat, singer Trent Reznor brought NIN Live to an end full of grace. — Moritz”

() “Semi Feral/Negative Trend/Oxbow (The Eagle Tavern, 8-20): I went to this show with no special expectations, just wanted to have a good time. It turned out that this expectation was sufficiently fulfilled by the opening band Semi Feral. In the classical bar atmosphere they played a well mixed set of songs from a bunch of genres including Grunge, Indie, Math and a bit Punk Rock. Nice drummer. Unfortunately the crowd was a bit slow. That changed when Negative Trend took the stage. They had a lot of fun and presented a traditional set of Punk Rock classics. Finally Oxbow started their set. They took of with two (?) jazzy acoustic/spoken word pieces in the audience – that is: not ON stage. Vocalist Eugene Robinson, all along intensely performing brought this show to a climax (almost in more than one sense), when the guys took their electric guitars and drums and blew away a stunned crowd with heavily distorted instruments and some noisy sound elements. Nonetheless fragments of intense rhythmic structure and some high end guitar play made this music actually quite accessible. Try to see Oxbow whenever you can! – Moritz”

6. Stephane von Stephane on Ruby Ray photo show Tu 9/15/09, 6pm, SF Public Library. Interview with photographer Ruby Ray; August 22, 2009

“MORE TEXT!” “More Photos!” “More Art!” – The opposing opinions of the basic three Search & Destroy staffer camps. “MORE TEXT!” usually won out. That would have been Vales’ opinion and it was his brainchild, so why not have it his way? In the “More Photos!” camp was (among others) photographer extraordinaire Ruby Ray. I recently got together with Ruby to discuss her upcoming photo exhibit at S.F. Library and to take a wee stroll down memory lane. I’d always felt we were of like mind and found her to be a fascinating creature (still do!) That being said, we found during our brief interview that we actually hung with different crowds from within the ’scene’. Considering how relatively small the ‘First Wave Punk’ scene was I found it surprising that I didn’t recognize (or remember) several of the people she mentioned. No matter, though her memory lane has different side-alleys than mine, we still had the locus of the Mabuhay Gardens and our work together on the magazine. All us ‘punk rocker’ types were escapees of one sort or another, but we’d recognize each other. “Look at her now, you see her runnin’ down the alley, all dressed in white, must be an escape…” ~ The Avengers ~ Ruby has many photos of Avengers (Penelope), the Dils, VS, the Zeros, Mutants, UXA, Crime, Dead Kennedys, Sleepers, Negative Trend, Flipper, Factrix, and other assorted fans and hardcore people. We had so many great, under-rated bands in our scene. Part of what Ruby and I discussed was how San Francisco was overlooked by the record labels, when we had arguably the best if not equal talent to N.Y., L.A. and London punk. Search & Destroy chronicled some of the bands, and wish we’d been able to afford twice as many pages and been able to cover ALL the bands. And have More PHOTOS. For me: MORE ART!!
S.v.S: When did we meet, was it 1977?
Ruby Ray: Must have been.
S.v.S.: Were you with Search & Destroy from the beginning? Ruby Ray: Not on the first issue, I met Vale after the first issue came out. I used to see him around North Beach and always wondered who he was. Then one day he came into Tower Records where I worked, carrying a stack of magazines under his arm, so I ran after him to see what he was gonna do with it. And he had brought it to be sold. And Tower Records (used to be on Columbus Avenue) did sell it, they were actually a supporter of S&D. They were practically the only ones who ever paid us. Ivey and Annex and I worked there for many years. So, I went up to Vale and asked what he had and he showed me the magazine and I said “Wow, don’t you need some photos for this?”
S.v.S.: Had you been to the Mabuhay before?
Ruby Ray: No, I hadn’t even heard of it.
S.v.S: Did Vale say he needed a photographer?
Ruby Ray: Yeah, he asked me if I wanted to photograph the Dils and I went and saw them and I was sold. That’s how it started.
S.v.S.: What were you taking photographs of before bands?
Ruby Ray: I used to wander around and just look at things, looking for surrealist moments I would say…
S.v.S.: Did you study photography before?
Ruby Ray: Not really… I took a course at city college for a semester, but it was too boring. I’m more for real life experience, and that’s what S&D was, basically. I think I had a good eye when I got together with Vale, I got thrown into it, it was sink or swim, and it was so much fun. I’m a persevering person, I think I got pretty good pretty fast, considering.
S.v.S.: Did you go use the darkroom at city college?
Ruby Ray: Yeah, and I had a darkroom in my bathroom. Once I learned how to print I really wanted to do that, because I think that’s what made it the art.
S.v.S.: What kind of camera did you have?
Ruby Ray: I had a Pentax at the beginning, but then I won a Nikon in a contest with my photo of VS. That was a great camera and that’s the camera I continue to use even now. Nikon FM. So, all you kids; enter the photo contest! You never know.
S.v.S.: What were some inspirations for your work?
Ruby Ray: I was interested in the early surrealists in Paris and the group around Gertrude Stein and found resonance in the portraits taken of those artists at the time. I liked the idea of dark shadows and the Surrealists had that sort of quality of something mysterious or metaphysical happening in the dark shadows. I really liked De Chirico and his shadows, also Man Ray in how he made photographs that looked liked paintings and his solarizations. I take different things from different inspirations, I poured over Brassai and Cartier-Bresson and the desire to capture the beautiful decisive moment with good angles was very important to me. I looked at the Cubist painters to find out what angles looked good. That’s how I taught myself to see, by analyzing what made those paintings great, and transposed that to photography. I like the Symbolists for their dark romantic vision. I liked the revolutionary fervor and modern look of the Russian Constructivists like Rodchenko. For some reason, I really liked the American photographer Ralph Gibson ( I think it was because of how he made a minimal image into a transfixing moment, and his grainy textures.
S.v.S.: Are you from here?
Ruby Ray: No, Buffalo. But in about 1973 Ivey and I got sorta hip and went to NYC and it blew our minds. We’d always thought there must be people thinking and doing interesting things, but we weren’t seeing it in Buffalo! Ivey moved to S.F. about 6 months ahead of me and that started a stream of Buffalonians coming and staying with us throughout the years. Then after 7 or 8 issues of S&D, we went to England for a while and met the people at Rough Trade. They were getting ready to move to S.F. and when they did they opened a shop on Grant Ave. And then I worked in that store, which was run by consensus of all the employees, which could be good or bad…They helped start RE/Search. We wrote about their bands.
S.v.S.: Which bands were on that label?
Ruby Ray: Cabaret Voltaire, Young Marble Giants…
S.v.S.: Oh yeah! I loved them!
Ruby Ray: So, that takes us through the five years covered by this photo show, 77 to 81. After that I moved to New York City till 94. I showed my work there and collaborated with the bands Factrix and Saqqara Dogs as imagist and also created multimedia projection shows live with the bands.
To see Ruby’s photos from the N.Y.C./Saqqara Dogs periods redacted:
To see Ruby’s photos from Search & Destroy days, see her show at San Francisco Main Library Jewett Gallery, September 12 through December 6th. Ruby is also working on a book called: Punk Passage; On The Passage Of A Few Persons Though A Rather Brief Period Of Time (which is a Situationist title) Photographic Memoir Of A California First Wave, San Francisco, Los Angeles And Beyond. But,what I am really excited to see is a show of Ruby’s new work as soon as some gallery catches on to the brilliance. Ruby is now using her new photos and then altering and coloring them on the computer. They are composite multiple mirror images, the affect being very geometric, colorful and psychedelic. (Right up my particular side-alley!) ~Stephane von Stephane

7. Pretend this is a blank “space” for “meditation” …


() from Phil G: New Wave Bat Mitzvah: – hurry hurry hurry! Schlitze sighting ahead! (seen at
() from Graham Rae: “Shake that bear naked”:

() from Ken Knabb: Kenneth Rexroth writings on children and childhood at the Bureau of Public
Secrets website: – “The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren”

– Rexroth’s Childhood (from his Autobiography)

– “A Bestiary for My Daughters”

– “Homer in Basic”

() Vaughn Bode’s Cartoon Concert: it only took 35 years to make it there! Bode’s cartoon concert part 2 is there too but wont attach to this email for some reason, Enjoy! – Mark

() from Michael R: (Burroughs book covers)

() – the new way to promote books is by a YouTube trailer; in this case the new MORBID CURIOSITY anthology edited by Loren Rhoads

() from Karen Marcelo (Karen, don’t stay away in the Philippines too long!): “Here’s one with Ralf even

() Ever wondered how to patent your great idea? Hugh Loebner wrote: “I have seven patents, all of which I got without a lawyer (pro se, in legal speak). I also published an article “Patent It Yourself” in Spectrum, the Journal of the IEEE. There have been a few changes to the search links since the article was published. Some things to remember. If you want world wide rights, do not publish – publishing the idea kills any right to patent. In the US, you have (or at least used to have) one year after publication to patent (“Statutory Bar”). You say “exhaustive searching.” Did you check out google patent searches? I consider this the best patent search engine, even better than the patent office’s.
This is something i hadn’t considered. I will start checking this way. The best thing to do, if you don’t find anything similar, is to read some patents in the same field, and copy the format. There are only a few sections (abstract, background of the invention, brief description of the drawings, detailed description, drawings, and claims.) Each claim is one sentence. Every term in the claim has have been used in the specification (descriptions, etc) You can buy books on how to patent it yourself — Nolo Press, I think, has some. Good Luck, Hugh.”


() “Books constitute a unique medium. They are distinct from exhibitions and events. They travel easily and have a lasting quality, becoming archives of the joint activity of writers, artists, curators, designers, editors and readers.”

() Below are some quotes selected by Michael R., from our J.G. BALLARD CONVERSATIONS book:

“Everyone of us should carry out one meaningless act a day…especially in the public domain.” — p. 36

“Each of us is a kind of ethical Robinson Crusoe building a replica of civilized society from the sort of debris washed up on the beach–on our own beach.” — p. 34

From RE/SEARCH #8/9:
“For Burroughs’ conclusion is that the war between society and individual freedom, a freedom that consists simply of being individual, can never end, and that ultimately the only choice is between living in one’s own nightmares or in other people’s, for those who gain control of the system, like Benway and the Nazi creators of the death camps, merely impose their own fantasies on everyone else.” — Ballard on Burroughs, p. 107

“In the story You! Coma! Marilyn Monroe…I directly equate the physical aspect of Marilyn Monroe’s body with the landscape of dunes around her. The hero attempts to try to make sense of this particular equation, and he realizes that the suicide of Marilyn Monroe is in fact a disaster, though of course, Marilyn Monroe committed suicide as an individual woman, but a disaster of a whole complex of relationships involving this screen actress, who is presented to us in a endless series of advertisements, on a thousand magazine covers, and so on, whose body becomes part of the external landscape of our environment. the immense terraced figure of Marilyn Monroe stretched across a cinema hoarding is as real a portion of our external landscape as any system of mountains or lakes.” p. 155

Here’s a few quotes I’ve read lately that you might like:

“Sensitivity first; intelligence first; and everything else, including money, comes after.” — Bunuel

“Saturation diminishes pleasure” — Bunuel

“There is no such thing as still life in cinema, objects have attitudes” — Jean Epstein

“The entire notion of biography is grounded in the arbitrary ascription of a causal relation between specific traits and subsequent events.” — Taleb

“A life saved is a statistic; a person hurt is an anecdote; statistics are invisible; anecdotes are salient.” — Taleb

“If your interests are sufficiently alive you are sufficiently observant.” — John Huston

“I think that man now realizes that he is an accident. That he is a completely futile being. That he has to play-out the game without reason.” — Francis Bacon

“When people don’t care, they forget about what they deserve.” — dialogue from the film “Flamingo Road”

() “The Internet is not eternal. Books can last thousands of years.” – V.V.


() from Matt Gonzalez: “Hello friends, I’m hopeful that you’ll write something for “as it ought to be”…. – matt”

() WINSTON SMITH is looking for an artist-type to share his office space in North Beach. $550/mo plus utilities. Email us at if you are interested.

() “V. Vale, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I was afraid, but unsurprised, that paying positions would be in short supply, but such is the economy these days. No worries! I’m game to come in gratis and see how I can help out. To earn some cash on the side, I currently run a small moving business with my van and a friend…” Well, if YOU need to move, or move some “stuff” – search for “Missionmovers” on

() It’s your long lost intern Keith again. This- – reminded me of something out of the original Pranks! book, but without the subversion. In any case thought I’d share.

() sent by David P: “A new documentary on William S. Burroughs is in production and the trailer looks fantastic. Titled “A Man Within,” the film is directed by Yony Leyser and features the likes of WSB’s friends and collaborators Laurie Anderson, Iggy Pop, V. Vale, Anne Waldman, James Grauerholz, Genesis P-Orridge, and David Cronenberg. Peter Weller narrates and Sonic Youth composed the soundtrack! William S. Burroughs: A Man Within ”

() from San Francisco photographer Michael Jang who gave us photos for SEARCH & DESTROY: “So here’s a link to that slideshow I did at Pirate Cat Radio:
“I showed Dils, Avengers, Devo,Pistols, Ramones and well as WS Burroughs/McClure and a bunch of other poets. And scroll down a few stories for that 2 part video on FAMLY in LA. The second part about a quarter the way in has a section on Hamburger Eyes. He mentions “an old guy” they have- Ha! That would be me- but at least they sold a bunch of my prints-

() “Found you by googling RE/SEARCH 8/9 as i had read such good things about it, having only this summer discovered how great a writer J.G. Ballard was. Better late than never, I suppose! Thought your website was excellent – I’m sure I’ll find more good things – Cheers – Gerry”

() “Vale, There’s this really wonderful short mystery film being produced called “Cahiers du Cinema” directed by Diana Jonestun. I’m in it. Please take a look at the new trailer on YouTube and forward to your friends, and/or publicize in your newsletter. This will help the producers raise finishing funds. Thanks, Lisa Carlson”

() sent by Chris T: “Genesis P-Orridge Art Show! INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, 14A Orchard Street, just north of Canal. Hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11-6:30pm, and by appointment. For more information, call 212 226 5447 or email:”

() “Dear Vale, Those of an anti-consumerist bent will enjoy (dare I say “profit from?”) the book Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior by Goeffrey Miller. Don’t buy it, get it from the library! And read it!! – Michael B, loyal and longtime RE:Search enthusiast. P.S.: It would be fantastic to have your readers put up a website where they “show off” an annotated list of the books they’ve read in the past year. I’m dying to know what other people read, too. My list is ready when they are!!!”

() “Hi Vale, you probably know that Un Chien Andalou by Bunuel heavily references ARTHUR CRAVAN – but not everyone does. The boxing, the paper boat, the woman’s searching eyes (Mina Loy) etc. You may want to mention that HIM in next month’s newsletter…. i m currently in vang vien laos. Odd that the commies have the last proper opium dens on this radioactive cop ridden planet… was in sf few mos ago , said hi to you as you were passing the Trieste – you replied in kind but clearly had no idea who i was…. how soon fake interviewees are 4gotten hee hee hee…. – Dean” (Hey, John, I was in a hurry! You shoulda called me up or come over! – V.)

() “Hi Vale. If you haven’t seen this, you will want to; seems like J.G. Ballard emptying his life in acceptance of death to me: … ntPage=all ” – Graham Rae

() sent by Frank Discussion (featured in our PRANKS, and PRANKS 2, books): “The society whose modernization has reached the stage of the integrated spectacle is characterized by the combined effect of five principal features: incessant technological innovation; fusion of state and economy; generalized secrecy; the unanswerable lie; a perpetual present.” – Guy Debord, Comments on the Society of the Spectacle
” In the twenty years since Guy Debord made these observations, two areas have evolved the most: the unanswerable lie and the eternal present. In the United States the democratic party is still playing by ‘the old rules,’ not realizing these rules are outmoded and no longer exist. They stubbornly cling to the old fashioned idea that their lies must at least appear reasonable and have some basis in objective fact. This tactical error has cost them dearly at nearly every turn.
“The Republican party, on the other hand, are the much more modern of the two parties, having long ago broken all ties to the need for their lies to be reasonable or to have any basis in objective fact whatsoever having learned a long time ago these constraints are no longer necessary. This gives the republican party a huge tactical edge: by the time the democrats have debunked one blatant lie, the republicans have moved on to a new lie, leaving the democrats to play a constant game of defense which can only lead to disaster.
“The patriot is now defined as those who most passionately and selflessly defend the most blatant lies, no matter how ridiculous they are, selflessly supporting those lies that obviously lead to breathtaking gains in their own degradation and destruction. The new patriot is ever willing to swear allegiance to each day’s new lie, even when it clearly runs counter to yesterday’s lie. Have a safe and happy 1984! – Frank Discussion”

() sent by Maria from the great KAYO BOOKS, Post/Leavenworth, S.F.: “Amazon has taken much of the romance out of books; the entire business has been ridiculously devalued. My cash offer is best left unsaid since Amazon says it all. However, our customers would be happy to get Mannix, Ballard, Willeford and Punk stuff…” Please support USED BOOKSTORES – again, they (and shoe repairmen) should get FREE RENT. Did you know that the venerable McDONALDs Bookstore at 45 Turk Street, downtown S.F., quietly closed its doors a few months ago – without any publicity or press? That store has been there FOREVER; it’s a San Francisco institution. End of an Era. We urge our readers to value used bookstores as rare landmarks of culture and serendipity.
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