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4. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing
5. Stephane von Stephane column will return next month.
6. Recommended Links – send some!
8. 2nd Request: Help commemorate the late Eva Pierrakos!
9. Letters from Readers
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() DO ANDROIDS SLEEP WITH ELECTRIC SHEEP by monochrom of Vienna, Austria, and
() BURNING MAN LIVE! A Collection of 13 Years of P*ss Clear, the “zine” published by Adrian Roberts AT THE PLAYA.
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Thanks to Raub Shapiro (Homestead bar, Folsom/19th St, S.F.) and David King (he created the CRASS logo) for visiting our office and buying xmas presents — they made our month!

1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE, RE/SEARCH FOUNDER (and founder of SEARCH & DESTROY magazine before that):

Due to the pressure of time, 2010’s New Year’s Message will be mercifully succinct (we’re thinking, naturally, about “New Year’s Resolutions”). Or, ha ha, think of the below as your new TEN COMMANDMENTS for 2010:

1. Set your house in order. (Use a Feng Shui guidebook or two.)
2. Settle unpaid obligations to clear your mind of past guilt, which preys on your subconscious and “drags you down.” With some people, the mantra is: “Don’t go away mad, just go away.”
3. Make a list of goals, post it in plain sight, and keep adding to the list.
4. Attend as many parties as possible, especially if they’re free.
5. Make a list of your best friends / allies, and focus on having fun with them, regularly. (Zen proverb: “Old friends, new clothes.”)
6. Invite your friends to parties, especially “good” ones.
7. Make a list of the most radical, far-seeing, prophetic, visionary individuals and groups in the entire world, and stay in touch with them (our personal choice includes Nassim Taleb, James Howard Kunstler, Michael Ruppert, The Yes Men – etc.).
8. Read the greatest books ever written, see the greatest films ever made. (Ignore contemporary corporate media marketing hype. In fact, ignore corporate media, period.)
9. Invite friends over for lunch/dinner – or at least tea/snacks.
10. MUTUAL AID IS THE KEY TO SURVIVING THE (possibly calamitous) FUTURE. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!
– Yours in comradeship, V. Vale

2. Counter Culture Hour – NEW TIME – NOW ON AT 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME. LYDIA LUNCH talks at the RE/Search office, with clips from TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS live in San Francisco Oct 8, 2009, at Slim’s. This is one of the most inspiring episodes yet! Edited/produced by Marian Wallace; interviews by V. Vale.
The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6:00pm Pacific Time, Sat Jan 9, 2010 ALSO on-line (simulcast) – at this link:

USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, Jan 9
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, Jan 9
London: 2:00 AM Sunday, Jan 10
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Jan 10
You get the picture…
Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write and ask us how you can do this… (write:


() WEEKENDS at the HYPNODROME, SAN FRANCISCO: “AND by popular demand: Pearls Over Shanghai with original Cockettes members will continue through April 2010 – Saturdays and Sundays. It’s a must-see, a piece of San Francisco history brought into the present in lurid color. Great music written and performed by Richard “Scrumbly” Koldewyn. Hypnodrome, 575 10th St/Brannan, S.F. 415-377-4202. NOTE: The Hypnodrome survived a near-disastrous flooding (huge pipe burst on Division Street around the corner) and is now renewed and ready for action, after a three-week cleanup marathon by Hypnodrome steel-willed stalwarts. Support local theater!

() FREE! Fri Jan 15, 6pm, SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St/9th St, S.F. – SOMArts Cultural Center’s Bay Gallery invites visitors to take a trip into the world of sumo wrestling as seen through the eyes of twenty artists from the Bay Area and beyond with Into the Ring, Sumo-style. This eclectic exhibition of paintings, photography, drawing and more, curated by sumo-loving artist MariNaomi, contains pieces that represent varied views of the sumo wrestler, ranging from serious to sensuous to quirky and fun… It is a show not to be missed!”

() FREE! Thur Jan 14 7pm, Modern Times Bookstore, Valencia/19th St, S.F.
Margaret Killjoy – Mythmakers and Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction – A series of 14 original interviews with writers, including Ursula K. Le Guin, Michael Moorcock, and Alan Moore, examining the ways anarchist politics have shaped their writing. Intro by Kim Stanley Robinson.

() FREE! Sat Jan 16, 6pm, Jancar Jones Gallery: “Editions.”

() $7. Fri Jan 22, 8pm, SUB-Mission, 2183 Mission/18th St. “The Octavian Show, The Jank, & Middle Class Murder.”You’ve received this email because your personality profile passed a rigorous battery of professional psychological evaluations, marketing analyses, criminal background check in the 23 most important nations, and even a remote-clairvoyant aural inspection.”
() Jan 22-31. NOIR CITY 8 (Film Festival). The Castro Theatre, 429 Castro St, SF. 415-621-6120 – Tickets for NOIR CITY 8 are now available online through Brown Paper Tickets, including the Noir City Passport, your key to **ALL** NOIR CITY 8 events at the Castro. “M is for Mystery” is official festival bookseller for the 8th NCF.

() FREE – but in NYC! The 9th Annual No Pants Subway Ride will take place on Sunday, January 10 in New York and cities around the world. Details for New York: Details for other cities:

() $$ Jan 23, 8pm, Edwardian Ball, Regency Ballroom, Van Ness/Sutter St,S.F. Jill Tracy will perform.

() $$ Sat Jan 30, 5pm, The Wave: “A 1967 Classroom experiment in fascism that shook a school. ” The Marsh.

() FREE! Tue Feb 2, 6pm, SF Main Library, Koret Auditorium.San Francisco Poet Laureate Diane di Prima gives a reading and address.

() $$. Thur, Feb 11, 8pm, CAFE DU NORD. Club Foot 30th Anniversary Concert w/members of Longshoremen, Club Foot Orchestra, etc. Attend and see/catch up with people you haven’t seen in decades!

() Thur. Feb 11, Feb 11th 2010. 7:30pm – DUST AND ILLUSIONS – **THE** film about Burning Man! Delancey Street Foundation Theater, 600 Embarcadero St, San Francisco, CA 94107. Get Tickets Now. Low Income Tickets at $8, Regular $12, Door $15. (Only 140 seats available) After 9 months of sold out screenings through the states, and a success at San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, here is the 1st of a series of screenings in San Francisco & Bay Area. DIRECTOR will be in attendance for Q&A. And drinks. RE/SEARCH HOPES TO BE THERE!! Support local filmmaker OLIVIER BONIN, who has made a dazzling documentary with magisterial fairness.
“KEVIN BALKTICK: “Dust and Illusions is the only worthwhile documentary about Burning Man. Most are navel-gazing, utopian affairs. This movie is a candid look at the event’s history and development from a simple beach party (with a huge burning wooden man) into a 50,000 person weeklong adventure in the desert. It highlights many of the artists behind the monumental sculptural installations, and gives a voice to its discontents as well as cult members.” K.B. speaks “the truth.”

4. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() Our longtime collaborator CHARLES GATEWOOD sent us an email: “Could you please mention my new book, A Complete Unknown? It shows rare photos of Dylan taken in 1966, and more info is available at Happy trails, Charles.” This is a beautiful, rare, limited edition — note that we seem to now be in the Age of Limited Editions. Well, anything’s better than a day job!

() Our summer intern, Stellar Cassidy, gifted us with a handmade “zine” titled Diamond Tumbleweeds” and a handmade CD titled “the secret secretaries.” Each CD “dust jacket” was personally hand-typed on a vintage pre-electric manual typewriter! And each CD was personally “burned” on a home computer. The zine was beautifully and passionately produced. “Nuff said. Write us at RE/Search if you want to know more…

() Our pal JACK RABID sent us his latest magazine, THE BIG TAKEOVER #65. We immediately read the interview with THE CONTROLLERS, whom we ourselves featured in our SEARCH & DESTROY #10 magazine (still available from http://www. ). Then we read the Thurston Moore interview, and then the LOU BARLOW interview, and so on… THE BIG TAKEOVER magazine series probably gave us the most “credible” and in-depth history of Post-1970s “Punk” (??) Rock music, up to the minute. At least you can read the interviews and decide for YOURSELF if a band might possibly interest you, on deeper levels… Available from (back issues too!)

() Our friend RATSO from New York F–in’ City had sent to us “A Fish Hook An Open Eye” – the CD from Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers. Nick Cave called her “the band of the day.” She has brought the vast heritage of her Indian cultural ancestry to the Velvet Underground-and-beyond minimalist-Indie-Rock “zeitgeist” and produced a virtuoso marriage of music and thrills that ripple up and down your spine. Available from Kepler Events, 174 Delancey St #LFE, NY NY 10002. Or write

() THE SUN #406, Oct 2009 issue had an excellent interview with JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER. (not EVERYTHING is available for free online…) Additionally, we recommend Kunstler’s 2010 FORECAST blog at

() Eric Predoehl gave us a “dyn-o-mite” homemade DVD of THE SONICS who, impossibly, played Halloween, Oct 31, 2008 – Thanks, Eric!

() WAR & THE NOBLE SAVAGE by GYRUS was sent to us — if you are prescient, you can guess the philosophy of the contents of this small-press production by DreamFlesh Press of London. It is available from . Here’s a sample quote from the book: “…For large stretches of our prehistory, “partnership” rather than “dominator” social norms held sway. Society was more female-centred… These partnership societies were held to be generally peaceful, eventually battered into submission by horse-borne, hierarchical warriors (the Indo-Europeans)… from the central Asian Steppes. With their battle-axes they brought a monomaniacal Sky God; the rest, as they say, is history.” We salute this condensed compendium of radical thinking, this crucible of inspiration…

() Colin Turner of LAST GASP sent us James Stark’s newest book: “The Band CRIME, Punk 77 Revisited: A Photographic Look at the Band Crime and Punk.” Well, since we at RE/Search published James Stark’s PUNK 77 (still available from http://www. we obviously cast a favorable eye upon this almost-tell-all memoir, available from

() Little Shiva (Belgium) sent us her beautiful, handmade postcards – order from

() Oscar Dancigers and Dave Mage dropped by their new DVD of LUIS BUNUEL’s DEATH I THE GARDEN, with a booklet, video interviews with Michel Piccoli & Victor Fuentes (film critic), new subtitles — all in all, a happy addition to the limited library of BUNUEL FILMS currently available. As we consider LUIS BUNUEL as our favorite filmmaker of all time — well, this is obviously an essential experience! Order from Microcinema, 1636 Bush St #2, SF CA 94109. 415-447-9750.

() Dec 4 in Los Angeles we met members of NASA SPACE UNIVERSE at our after-party following the Beyond Baroque “Naked Lunch” event, and last Monday they visited us in San Francisco along with their pal Mikey who has a band of his own. NSU gave us a driving, innaresting pre-release CD (“sounds like an SST record!”) with great stop-and-start rhythmic surprises, machine-gun drumming, adventurous bass playing, and over-the-top vocals by Burroughs-inspired vocalist Kevin. Become their MySpace “friend”! We missed their Sunday night San Francisco illegal concert under the freeway at 15th St/San Bruno, but heard that the highly perceptive San Francisco’s Finest just told them to “clean up after yourselves before you leave.” Guaranteed, this is one of the most intelligent/fun “bands” on the planet — our thanks to “Maria” (assistant to Eva from U.S.C., wife of the publisher of NO magazine, Bruce Kalberg) who introduced us to NSU..

() Joseph Pope sent us his labor-of-love, lavishly produced vinyl 2LP-with-booklet “ROCKY MOUNTAIN LOW: The Colorado Musical Underground of the Late 1970s.” With bonus CD. Order from or write This contains an ultra-rare recording of JELLO BIAFRA WITH THE HEALERS. Listen to the ORIGINAL recording of “California Uber Alles.” This is a limited edition, and highly recommended for those who love real history. Check out the 1977 photo of Jello Biafra with Joey Ramone!

() The DIY production of MEDITATE AND DESTROY DVD was sent to us by director Sarah Levine — get it from .
While we have “issues” with any institutionalization of “Buddhist” concepts, nevertheless in general it is not a bad idea for people, including so-called Punk Rockers — to “meditate”… although personally, we prefer the Thich Nhat Han “teachings” advising that, e.g., washing dishes gives a great opportunity for meditation, and, whenever you see a body of water like a lake, river or ocean, meditate… Just as doing yoga at home seems infinitely preferable to attending any class – especially where you have to pay money… Likewise, we feel “funny” about the possible “canonization” of a “Punk Rock Buddhist” “teacher” but hopefully, REAL Punk Rockers will know that the first rule of Punk Rock is: THINK FOR **YOURSELF**. Or as Bob Dylan put it, “Don’t follow leaders / watch yo-ur parking meters.”

5. Stephane von Stephane will return next month…

6. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() from Ed Hardy: “I wanted you to be aware of… NY artist Ruth Marten – [she] does amazing work and considers herself part of the “steam punk” movement… Ruth is a painter and illustrator and in the 70s was actually tattooing underground in NY; the only person besides deVita on the scene then. She is a great person and has an interesting history…”

() From Karen M: “Someone was telling me this story over the weekend.This French guy built luxury submarines with the Sultan of Dubai but since theres no such thing as a luxury submarine,
he was arrested for fraud. He escaped by disguising as a woman and building his own scuba, then once he was out on international waters he took a dinghy to India! The guy used to be a covert French spy. Check out the submarine though – steampunkish, actually: ”

() from Mako Sano:

() from Rick McGrath:

() New Art of Bleeding video:

() from Sharon Leong:

() from Matt Gonzalez:

() from Jon Reiss (former SRL videographer):

() From Graham Rae: “Best wigga trash I have EVER seen:

() from Babalou: “Neverwas Haul ??? !!! The trailer:

() from Skot Armst:

() from Marc Fischer: “R.I.P. Roland S. Howard who died this morning, Dec 30, 2009.”

() an e-card from Jean-Jacques Perrey: 1. Type into your web browser 2. Locate the ecard pickup link in the upper right-hand corner of the page 3. Enter the following code –> 5058994179457

() Photos of modern Dubai from a 19th century plate camera –

() from Little Shiva: “Fingerpainting on Mars a lançé son premier satellite, M-110, le 1 janvier 2010. ”

() from Michael Pilmer: “Heads up on the Ultra-Devo-lux Limited Edition (box set) of 2 CDs, 2 DVDs, a poster, a 7″ single, an EP and much more – when they’re gone, they’re gone. Order from ”


() “You can fake intelligence, but you can’t fake wit.” – Oscar Wilde

() “By dint of not following our nature, we have no nature to follow.”

() “When you feel good, you feel nothing.” – Buckminster Fuller

() “He who knows how to be poor, knows everything.” – unknown

() “People thought I named myself after William Burroughs but I’d never heard of him and I still haven’t read a word he’s written.” – Augusten Burroughs” If this is “true” (and I doubt it) he owes it to himself to read at least one word, like my favorite WSB-inspired quote: “Belief is the enemy of knowledge… All knowledge is a work in progress. Our lives are a work in progress.”

8. 2nd Notice: Project by Eddie Ritter and Andrew Ness to commemorate the late Eva Pierrakos (70s Punk Scene). They write: “We are collecting mementos of the life of Eva Pierrakos, including her photographic work, graphic work, videos, writing and correspondence as well as corresponding work in which Eva served as the subject and use of which is not restricted by intellectual property rights considerations. Please contact Eddie Ritter at or Andrew Ness at should you wish to submit materials for compilation into a memorial presentation album, for discussion of format of submission.”

9. Letters from Our Readers:

() “Wonderful “Message from the Editor”! [in December 2009 newsletter] “We seekers are out there/here, quietly (mostly) working away individually or in small groups, away from the commercial mindlessness that pervades in the culture at large. Thanks to RE/Search for keeping the Torch (Touch?!) of the Marvelous. Best wishes, Brian”

() “Great message this week! – Nancy Peters”

() “Vale, Good to see you. Great event [WSBurroughs Memorial at Beyond Baroque, Dec 4-5, 2009]. I’m going to further investigate Burroughs as you’ve piqued my interest. I realized how much I didn’t know about him! It’s nice to know there’s always more to discover. Loved the film and slides. You should do a book + art exhibit of your photographs. Anyhow, sorry I missed the after-party…
“This week the Tom Waits Orphans LP box comes out – 7LPs in a slipcase. This is something I designed and worked on for over a year (with stops and starts)… All the best – Johnny B”

() “…Kitty corner, comes from catty-corner — which is based on the French “quatre” for four — and then something about the four corners and dice that led to an old English word “cater” — to make diagonal.

“More Burroughs ! Give me some notice and I will help promote it. Maybe we could do something at the Commonwealth Club, where I’m now Chairman of the Business and Leadership Forum. Think about what a cool panel might be around this. I’m also going to be doing a series at the Club in April on self-publishing, and may connect with you on that as well. All the best, Kevin O’Malley”

() from Steven Rodriguez: “Hello Val, …my GF and I dropped by your office a few years ago and were very excited to grab some T-shirts and other things… anyhow, very happy to see a new RE/SEARCH book on the local bookstore shelf! Always interested in keeping up with your guy’s activities. Cheers!”

() “I love your books! Hi, My name is Michael Jacobson. I run an online gallery for asemic writing (like Brion Gysin’s calligraphy) called The New Post-Literate. I just posted a link to Re/Search. I hope you don’t mind. It was through RE/Search that I discovered the industrial music scene [INDUSTRIAL CULTURE HANDBOOK] and learned more about WS Burroughs. So Thanks! I hope you have a moment to visit the gallery. To me, the gallery represents the continuation of experimental literary practices which Burroughs and Gysin greatly expanded on, from Dada, Surrealism, Lettrisme, etc. Thanks for your time, M~”

() “Mr. Vale, Please call me ‘Bill.’ I am not much for formalities…
“The economy for the independent book-seller is indeed terrible. This is deeply depressing to me as an academic. So many critically important books historically have been published by independent presses willing to take a chance.
“I vividly recall seeing MODERN PRIMITIVES when it was published. I was shocked and fascinated, thinking this was the most interesting thing I had ever seen. I bought a copy, took it home and showed it to my wife who promptly told me if I did not take the book out of the house she would divorce me because the content was disturbing. This made me even more interested that an intelligent person had such a visceral reaction to something that was obviously culturally important.
“Fast forward a decade, I am no longer married, had a child whose baby sitter was heavily tattooed. This cemented and rekindled a long buried interest in body art. More generally it also inspired me to get a large tattoo myself.
“The point of this story is that I have met a few people that figured in MODERN PRIMITIVES and consider it a critically important book. I have not used it in the past as a required text but am doing so now as the content is no longer as shocking as it once was (even college professors must be careful about what book we require). The text and figures in it were way ahead of its time and you published a great book you should be proud of. Lots of publishers get rich printing cra-p and never do a bit of good. MODERN PRIMITIVES did a great deal of good and influenced countless people. I for one admire what you did.
“If you ever find yourself in the New York City, I would love to meet you. You have at least one fan in the state! – Bill P.”

() from Stevphen Shukaitis, Autonomedia Editorial Collective
“Autonomy is not a fixed, essential state. Like gender, autonomy is created through its performance, by doing/becoming; it is a political practice. To become autonomous is to refuse authoritarian and compulsory cultures of separation and hierarchy through embodied practices of welcoming difference… Becoming autonomous is a political position for it thwarts the exclusions of proprietary knowledge and jealous hoarding of resources, and replaces the social and economic hierarchies on which these depend with a politics of skill exchange, welcome, and collaboration. Freely sharing these with others creates a common wealth of knowledge and power that subverts the domination and hegemony of the master’s rule.” – subRosa Collective

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