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2. GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: AAH Annual Conference 2010 (Association of Art Historians)15 – 17 April: Atrocity Exhibitions: **Re/Reading RE/Search**
3. Counter Culture Hour with Penelope Rosemont: 6 PM Pacific Time, Saturday April 10 – also simulcast on-line
5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing
6. Moritz reports from Germany (Stephane von Stephane will reappear in future)
7. Recommended Links – send some!
9. Letters from Readers
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Only a suggestion: Order one of our (4) JG Ballard books — the first anniversary of his leaving the planet is April 19, 2010. Mark our words: J.G. Ballard’s influence will continue to grow! The first 5 to order (any RE/Search book) will receive a free copy of a John Shirley book, courtesy of the author himself!
() DO ANDROIDS SLEEP WITH ELECTRIC SHEEP by monochrom of Vienna, Austria
() BURNING MAN LIVE! A Collection of 13 Years of P*ss Clear, the “zine” published by Adrian Roberts AT THE PLAYA.
Please support RE/SEARCH and order them DIRECT from us, not an Internet discounter. Visit our website at http://www. Or feel free to call us at 415-362-1465 … V. Vale will autograph upon request … Also available is a set of 9 issues of Search & Destroy 1977-79 (perfectly preserved) for $39 plus shipping.
() NOTICE: Our long-term associate who maintains the RE/Search computer network is open for a few more clients. We cannot recommend him more highly. He is reliable, honest, state-of-the-art-informed, and furthermore published the noted zine, BUNNYHOP. He forwarded us the below:
– 15 years experience designing, implementing, troubleshooting, and repairing Mac-based and mixed platform networks for creative companies
– Specializes in serving Graphic Design, Advertising, Video / Film, Animation, Architecture, and other creative-driven firms and offices, even your own home office.
– Can create or maintain server-based workflows with the capacity, bandwidth, redundancy, and security your company requires.
-Spec and configure desktop and portable systems to meet the demands of creative users
– Create secure WAN / VPN solutions for accessing internal services from outside the office
– Generally works with small firms (up to 20 people), will consider home-based clients
Contact info:, 415.203.2271 ” Again, we cannot recommend him highly enough… – V. Vale

() RE/SEARCH is looking for co-publisher(s) to bring back into life our MODERN PRIMITIVES and INCREDIBLY STRANGE BOOKS in deluxe, for-the-ages hardbacks on archival art paper. Hardbacks will outlive everyone currently alive on the planet! Contact us if you wish to be a prestigious co-publisher (tax-deductible, too) at or 415-362-1465. You will be listed as co-publisher and be granted other rare benefits and blessings, plus tax deductions and copies of the books.


1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE, RE/SEARCH FOUNDER (and also the founder of SEARCH & DESTROY magazine before that):

At noon our friend Seth (see above) told us today that Malcolm McLaren died. My immediate response was, “If he hadn’t existed, there never would have been the Sex Pistols. Maybe there wouldn’t have been Punk Rock — certainly, as we know it. And, he was the one who brought Situationism into Punk. (Maybe I MIGHT have done that anyway in Search & Destroy, but one never knows . . .) One of the earliest Punk publications on newsprint contained the phrase, “An easy way to raise your intelligence: Ask, Is it against the status quo?” (That phrase may NEVER become outdated!) Also, maybe no Jamie Reed situationist graphics, either?

I hope McLaren left behind some memoirs or diary or notes toward an autobiography or SOMETHING… Hope Vivienne Westwood is writing her memoirs, too. Seth said that a couple years he saw the British Op Artist Bridget Riley speak at CCA for free — we wish we had been there. For some reason, we really like Op Art, and used it to enhance the borders of our PRANKS and PRANKS 2 books . . . Op Art works play tricks on the eyes — that’s why! And, Op Art fabrics were worn by the Mutants and other 70s Punks. . .

On a more sobering note, this is a reminder that J.G. Ballard left our mortal coil on April 19, 2009 — it’s nearly the One Year Anniversary of his Death. Ballard’s COMPLETE SHORT STORIES (with one more story than in the U.K. edition) is out in America now — this book is a MUST (in our opinion). It may seem like hyperbole, but we regard J.G. Ballard as the Shakespeare of the 20th Century — during a lifetime of writing, who else encompassed so much about the full spectrum of our society and its future? He will become increasingly important, and his influence on artists will continue to be amplified . . .

Now (besides Burroughs and Ballard), what writers who are **still alive** do we at RE/Search pay attention to? Nassim Taleb, for one. Any living Surrealist, also including all the books by DAWN ADES and CHARLES H. KERR Publishers. By chance, last week the writer John Shirley gave us three of his books and we are presently totally enthralled by his alterna-apocalypse novel THE OTHER END. Have you ever encountered a rabid Christian missionary-type or Xtian cult devotee? Do you know how to debate them? We realize now that FICTION may be a superior medium of expression for communicating philosophical-critical ideas in down-to-earth language. Here’s a sample exchange:

“Do you even KNOW the Bible, lady?” Galivant asked…

“Of course I know the Bible –”

“Do you? What was on the stone tablets Moses brought from God?”

She solemnly and proudly recited the Ten Commandments as most people think of them. “You shall have no other God before me. You shall not worship a graven image. You shall not take the Lord’s name in vain. Remember the Sabbath . . .”

When she’d done, Galivant said, “No, uh uh, that’s a list from Exodus 20, verses 2 to 17. But Moses just says that stuff out loud; he didn’t provide it carven on stones. The stuff carven on stones is from Exodus 34, verses 14 to 26. You know what the last one is? ‘You shall not boil a goat kid in milk.’ ” [!] . . .

“So have you ever worked on Sunday, lady?” Galivant demanded . . .

“Well . . .” She reddened.

“If you have, we have to stone you to death. Says so in Numbers 15:32-36. Moses had a man stoned to death for working on a Sabbath. You have any children? A son?”

“Yes,” the woman said distractedly, rubbing her temples. “I have a son.”

“He ever rebellious?”

“They all are sometimes . . .”

“You have to stone your son to death, if you’re a Biblical literalist. Says so in Deuteronomy 21:18, if your kid is rebellious you stone him to death. Don’t believe me, look it up. You’re a Biblical literalist, right? And if you’re not a virgin on your wedding night, you have to be stoned to death. Look it up, it’s in Deuteronomy chapter 22.” . . . “In another part of the Old Testament, God tells us it’s okay to sell your daughter into slavery. You know what? Apparently incest is okay too: Lot was approved by God, he was beloved of the old boy, right? And Lot had sex with his daughters in a cave after they left Sodom! Look it up!” — John Shirley, THE OTHER END, pp. 81-82

Long ago, John Shirley was the vocalist for a Punk Rock band called SadoNation. . . We recommend you find and read his books while he is **still alive**! Remember, Punk was about being anti-authoritarian (that includes being anti-religious), living/breathing the black humor life, thinking for yourself, and D-I-Y…

2. GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: AAH Annual Conference 2010 (Association of Art Historians)15 – 17 April, University of Glasgow.
Atrocity Exhibitions: **Re/Reading RE/Search**
Session Convenors:
– Patricia Allmer, MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan, University.
– John Sears, MMU Cheshire.

“The avant-garde journal RE/Search, edited by V. Vale and published in San Francisco since 1980, has consistently explored the limits of cultural practices in relation to theories and traditions of artistic expression. Developing out of dada and surrealism and based on the surrealist call to explore the ‘irrational shadow of official culture’, RE/Search addresses contested and subversive aesthetic practices and cultural interventions. Its range of thematic and theoretical concerns (from Angry Women to Industrial Culture) defines the parameters of contemporary conceptions of the acceptable, the permissible and the desirable; its constant willingness to challenge conventions has made it a major feature of the theoretical landscape of contemporary art practice. RE/Search has furthermore been instrumental in promoting and analyzing work by major contemporary artists and writers, including William S. Burroughs, Genesis P- Orridge, Gee Vaucher, Annie Sprinkle, Russ Meyer, Valie Export, and J. G. Ballard.

“This session will mark the 30th anniversary of RE/Search and invited papers will address and re-read pertinent concerns and aspects of / related to the journal.”

Speakers include:
– Professor Allen Fisher (Manchester Metropolitan University) William S. Burroughs and Engaged Damage
– Joanne Murray (Birkbeck College, University of London) RE/Search and JG Ballard
– Lauren Wetmore (Ontario College of Art & Design) Mimetized Disasters: Exhibiting The Atrocity Exhibition
– Matt Lodder (University of Reading) “The Myth of the Modern Primitive”

3. Counter Culture Hour – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME.
Penelope Rosemont, a founder of the American Surrealist Group, talks at the RE/Search office. She was recently in town to give a presentation at the Anarchist Book Fair. Penelope has written 3 books, and has been featured in numerous publications from Black Swan Press and the Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co. The Counter Culture Hour is edited/produced by Marian Wallace; interview by V. Vale.
The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6:00pm Pacific Time, Sat April 10, 2010 ALSO on-line (simulcast) – at this link:

USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, April 10
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, April 10
London: 2:00 AM Sunday, April 11
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, April 11
If you cannot get this online (we have heard some complaints about this), please write us to get a DVD copy.
Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write and ask us how you can do this. (write:

The new management of the Public Access Station is working towards having all shows available all the time in an archive, but this is mostly likely a ways off, so your best bet to see the shows is when they air: 2nd Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM PST. Or, contact us for a DVD (it would definitely play better).


() $5 Sat April 10, 1-5pm. SM Flea Market, 1277 Mission/9th St, 1-5pm. RE/SEARCH (bringing some rare books & things) & CHARLES GATEWOOD will be there — enuf said! Come hang out and visit us! This is definitely a “San Francisco” event…

() $10 Sat April 10, 7pm. Ed Holmes, father of the annual ST. STUPID’S DAY PARADE in San Francisco (April 1), is helping host a politicomic bash-benefit for Lowell Darling for Governor at Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding St, Alameda. Contact for more information.

() $10-$20 Sun April 11, 7pm. VICTORIA THEATER, 16th St/Mission St. Katy Bell helped organize this evening featuring EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND, members of the Yard Dogs, Hammond organ, and the World Premiere of “Burning Wigs of Sedition, A Story of Wealth Redistribution on the HIgh Seas” (short film featuring John Law, Steve Heck, etc at Nimby) –

() $5 Sun April 11, 8pm Terese Taylor Band, Hotel Utah, SF – We like her CDs, and her!

() FREE (OAKLAND). Sun April 11, 6pm. ISSUES, 20 Glen Ave, presents a Vegan Cooking Demontration + Art + Film from Microcosm Publishing, on their Punk Rock Tour.

() $ Mon April 12, 5:30pm Commonwealth Club, 595 Market St/2nd St, 2nd floor, SF. V. VALE will appear on a DIY Publishing Panel (“The Nuts and Bolts”) curated by Kevin O’Malley. and moderated by Paula Hendricks. RE/Search books will be on sale! (415) 597-6700

() FREE. Mon April 12, 7pm, Bird & Becket, 653 Chenery St, a few blocks from the Glen Park BART station. Mel Clay, Sarah Page & Steven Gray (whose photos are featured in our JG Ballard Quotes and JG Ballard Conversations books) give a poetry reading. Mel was on our Counter Culture Hour Cable TV Show in its early days.

() $ Tue April 13, 7pm, Warfield, Market/7th St, S.F. Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, with Faith No More, Barbary Coast Cloggers. SOLD OUT, reportedly.

() $18 All Ages Sat April 17, 8pm. The Zeros, The Mutants, No Alternative @ Club X, 630 3rd Street, Oakland CA – Dave Mitchell : from SF take 80 to Broadway/Alameda, right on 5th St, right on Market St, left on 3rd St to 630 3rd St.

() FREE. Sun April 18, 1pm. 29th Annual Northern California Book Awards. The awards honor the work of Northern California authors in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Translation and Children’s Literature. The featured speaker is Cody Award winner Nancy J. Peters, co-owner and former publisher of City Lights Books. Koret Auditorium at the San Francisco Main Library – 100 Larkin Street in San Francisco. Followed by a reception and book signing in the Latino/Hispanic Community Room at 2:30 pm.

() FREE. Wed April 21, 9:30AM-5pm Calif. Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, FREE!

() $ Wed Apr 21, 7:30pm, “Olivier Bonin’s “DUST AND ILLUSIONS: A History of BURNING MAN” – a beautiful, sexy, visionary, uber-documentary. Delancey Street Foundation Theater, 600 Embarcadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 – Get Tickets Now. $8, Regular $12, Door $15. (Only 140 seats available) UPDATE April 1st: 15 seats left. $8/12 tickets sold out.Previous screening sold out 1 month in advance, so we recommend to get tickets now. After a year of sold-out screenings through the states, and a success at San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, here is the 3rd of a series of screenings in San Francisco & Bay Area. DIRECTOR will be in attendance for Q&A. And drinks. Order tickets etc at RE/SEARCH will be here selling the **BURNING MAN LIVE** book – visit us! PLEASE NOTE there will be a Wed MAY 26 SHOWING! So if you missed April 21, get tickets in advance for Wed MAY 26 NOW!

() $ APRIL 16-23 Roxie Theater, 16th/Valencia, S.F. “It Came From Kuchar” (RE/Search appears in this documentary of The Kuchar Brothers directed by Jennifer Kroot).

() $ NOW. The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street (between Bryant and Division), San Francisco 415-377-4202 – PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI – the Cockettes musical, extended by popular demand through July! A classic experience in the best small theatre in San Francisco, where every seat is front-row, along with special booths F.L.O. **PARENTS TAKE NOTE: Hypnodrome is NOW taking reservations for their fabulous “Creepshow Camp” (4 Summer Sessions) for 8-15-year-olds (where they learn to apply gore and wound make-up and be actors in quite “edgy” but super-fun plays). Highly recommended by RE/Search! Find complete info at

() APRIL 1-MAY 1. MIKE WATT Photo Exhibition at Track 16, Santa Monica.

() April 21, and May 26: “DUST AND ILLUSIONS: A History of Burning Man” We urge viewers to support local filmmaker Olivier Bonin and see his screening (filmmaker in person) go to to reserve tickets. RE/SEARCH will be there!

5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() To All who Sent us Books / CDs / DVDs / Magazines, we will try very hard to list what you sent in our NEXT NEWSLETTER. (Like, the 3 books sent to us by Regent Press of Berkeley.)

() March 13-14. Saw Monte Cazazza / Meri St. Mary, Magpie, and Isis who gave the concept of heteronyms originated by Fernando Pessoa, Portugal’s foremost multi-faceted poet.

() Fri Mar 19. Kal Spelletich hosts a going-away party for SCOTT BEALE — photographer, filmmaker, social-networking “pioneer,” social engineer and genial genius behind Scott is a kind of Internet pillar of the Bay Area creative community and we are sorry to see him relocating to New York City (with wife Lori). Kal’s shop provided a great context for this somewhat sad yet happy event, encompassing the best of San Francisco machine-art originality…

() Wed Mar 24 saw Emiko Omori’s masterful documentary about Ed Hardy at a small but elegant screening room. Watch for this “official” Bay Area premiere! One of the best “biopics” we have yet seen, with very memorable music…

() For the second time, on March 25 we saw Olivier Bonin’s poetic documentary “DUST AND ILLUSIONS” and this time noticed there are some Very Beautiful Images — stunning, in fact. They were always there but had escaped us, caught up as we were in the narrative, trying-to-make-sense-of-it-all perceptual mode. We also caught a few split-second shots of forbidden body-baring, and determined that on our next viewing we will catch them ALL, now knowing that they’re visible onscreen for less than a full second! Etc.
(There will be another chance to support local filmmaker Olivier Bonin Wed April 21 and May 26 – go to to reserve tickets. The shows are often sold out ahead of time)

() THUR APRIL1 marked the fantastical event known as the St. STUPID’S DAY PARADE, organized by local magistrate-of-mirth ED HOLMES. Sadly, due to other commitments, we totally missed this once-a-year , one-of-a-kind San Francisco sacre-participatory spectacle. Parading bacchantes and drum-and-bugle hacktivists met at 12 noon at Embarcadero Plaza (formerly the “Vaillancourt Fountain”) and wound their way past selected financial-institution “landmarks” towards North Beach. In expiation for missing this majestic mountebankery, we will dine on unleavened wheat-free bread in penance, and promise to give in trade PRANKS 2 books to those special populist historians who give us video footage of said event…

() Fri April 2, 7:30pm – RE/SEARCH was there! LITpunk 2 – The Makeout Room The punk answer to Litquake! Hosted by John Shirley. Penelope Houston, lead singer of the legendary AVENGERS headlined, reading poetry, prose, and singing; John Shirley, Bram Stoker Award winner and author of Bleak History (Simon & Schuster), and formerly lead singer of SadoNation performed/ read; Punk Rock Goddess “Jennifer Blowdryer”, Eddie Jetson of Ice 9, Johnny Genocide, Michael Layne-Heath and special guests read. This was an intense follow-up to last year’s successful show. RE/SEARCH had a table with a small selection of rare “Punk” offerings. Our thanks to writer John Shirley for inviting us. He read a very haunting story about people who retrieve the bodies of suicides under the Golden Gate Bridge . . . Penelope did her first ever poetry reading, too, besides singing a few Punk Folk songs (autoharp, vocals) accompanied by guitarist Pat Johnson . . .

() Sat April 3, 6-9pm. Jack Hanley Gallery, 395 Valencia/15th St: KAL SPELLETICH & others were in THE LAST SHOW of the Jack Hanley Gallery! R.I.P. to a cutting-edge S.F. Independent Artists Gallery (besides Varnish, Shooting & 111 Minna). Tauba Auerbach, Carter, Ajit Chauhan, Chris Johanson, Ed Loftus, Alicia Mccarthy, Shaun O’Dell, Leslie Shows, & Kal Spelletich. We attended this event and it was stellar! Still can’t believe Jack is moving out of his San Francisco digs. He will be concentrating on his NYC gallery apparently.

() This happened – we recommend it should it re-appear. Sat April 3, 10 p.m., $8. Dan Carbone: New Comedic Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Dark Room Theater, 2263 Mission (at 18th St.), 401-7987,

() Thur April 8 7pm we missed the MOHOLY GROUND magazine release party at blue six acoustic room, 3043 24th St/Treat St, S.F. Thanks, Bryan!

6. From Moritz, Greifswald, Germany

“Sow is Anna Wildsmith with Boys. The Boys are Mike Watts (Pig), Raymond Watts (Pig, Psychic TV, the Foetus live band) and Rob Henry (Euphonic). DOG is Sow’s third album and was just released. Like its predecessors it comprises an eclectic assortment of instrumentations with outstanding spoken word-ish vocals. The genres and styles explored on this one are among others, Ambient, Jazz, Illbient, Trip Hop, Big Beat, Modern Classical and there are even some traditional elements. But the main reason for getting this CD are the strong vocals and deep, emotive lyrics by Anna Wildsmith. “The Kidnapping Of Anna Wildsmith” which might be considered the pivotal track on this album just illustrates that. In a surreal way it deals with the passing of Buster, Anna’s long-time canine companion to whom the album is dedicated. In contrast to this the other songs elaborate predominantly on interpersonal relationships, often with subtle sexual references. Take your time to listen to the free track VICTIM which can be downloaded here: (where you can also get the album). The track is jazzier than any track on the album but still gives a good impression of what mood to expect. Considering her forceful artistic output I feel Anna Wildsmith is far too unknown and deserves much more attention. – Moritz”

NOW THROUGH APRIL 20: BERLIN: Atrocity Exhibition Group Show: FEINKOST, Bernauer strasse 71-72 Berlin 13355 Wednesday to Saturday from 11-19, Sunday 14-18 M +49 (0) 172 184 9732 T/F +49 (0) 3027015720 Our associate Moritz from Berlin wrote: “According to the Ballard exhibition is still on (until April 20th). I just found out that one of the artists (Desmond Paul Henry) is also a philosopher, and my first scientific published article is about a proposition made by him back in 1984. Weird.” — Moritz

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() from Kimric S: “”

() The decline of civilization: sudden or gradual?

() Little Shiva became a fan of Fingerpainting on Mars on Facebook and suggested you become a fan too:

() From “How General Motors Deliberately Destroyed Public Transit”

() From Luna:

() From CoOP:

() from Chris T:

() Google the photography of Matilde Travassos

() From Improv Everywhere:

() from Chicken John:

() from Graham Rae:
– “Begorrah! Bejaysus! Taking the whole leprechaun lust for a pot o’ gold a wee bit far, methinks….

– ”More from the dead leprechaun bank robber genius, with classic crime scene/mugshot pix:

() from Bruno Galindo: “I recorded an album called “ambulance disaster” featuring poetry inspired by and dedicated to J.G. Ballard. Attached a picture audio / video in

() from Reverend Al, Art of Bleeding (featured in ou PRANKS 2 book!): “** NEW “GORY DETAILS” EPISODE NOW ONLINE ”

() from Bruno R:

() from Ferrara Brain Pan:

() from VyVy: ”Have you seen Pieter Hugo’s photographs before? I think they are moving.


() “Knowledge rules man, not the reverse.” – [unknown]

() “No certainty comes from hearsay.” – Frederick the Second

() “No certainty comes from photography, thanks to PhotoShop.” – editor

() “There is no certainty, anywhere.” – editor

() “I never reared a pig but I was prepared to eat his bacon.” – Frederick II

() “Hatred is to me the breath of life.” – Frederick the Second

() Editor’s note: Last newsletter we printed a quotation we considered “funny” about “boredom.” For the record, let it be known that we have never personally been “bored” — there is far too much to know, learn, research, and experience — not to mention, to make fun of…

() “What is this “road to recovery” nonsense? Don’t these people know the world is in a prolonged de-leveraging stage? Don’t they know that we are unwinding from half a century of credit expansion, of living far beyond our means? Don’t they know that western economies are hemorrhaging and that Band-Aid [banking, etc] fixes are temporary, at best? Don’t they know that living off demand stolen from the future on a currency beaten into submission is not the kind of recovery on which to build a smile and a brighter tomorrow? Don’t they know that people are cutting back? That beer is the new champagne…? In a word, “No.” — The Daily Reckoning, 4-7-2010

() “So consider the explosive situation: more information (particularly thanks to the Internet) causes more confidence and **illusions** of knowledge while degrading predictability.

“Look at this current economic crisis that started in 2008: there are about a million persons on the planet who identify themselves in the field of economics. Yet just a handful realized the possibility and depth of what could have taken place and protected themselves from the consequences. At no time in the history of mankind have we lived under so much ignorance (easily measured in terms of forecast errors) coupled with so much intellectual hubris. At no point have we had central bankers missing elementary risk metrics, like debt levels, that even the Babylonians understood well.” — Nassim Taleb

() “To be in the limelight is an ongoing job that requires constant renewal.” — ed.

() ”The human body begins to decompose four minutes after death. What was once the vessel of life now undergoes the final metamorphosis. It begins to digest itself. Cells start to decompose from the inside. Tissues turn to liquid, then to gas.” – Andrea Camilleri, “The Wings of the Sphinx”

() “The iPad is the Kindle killer. Why doesn’t somebody just say it?” — ed.

9. Letters from Our Readers:

() Our pal KAL SPELLETICH writes us: “I am in the LAST SHOW at The Jack Hanley Gallery San Francisco. I will be showing: a robot tree and some tree photos:

and maybe a BB-Q machine, or make Smores and or a Whiskey Pourerer (with virtually no chance of British Customs confiscating it!).

“Meanwhile Jack is focusing all of his magical energies on his NYC space, which is a very amazing gallery! And, and, hell! I NEED A new gallery now. Any suggestions, peoples?? best, kal (Note: there should be a massive mourning ceremony — wake up, people! Greatness is fleeing…)

() [in response to a letter trying to figure out the earliest San Francisco “Punk” shows] “HI Vale, The CRIME Halloween concert at the Old Waldorf October 31, 1976 was part of a S.I.R. [Society for Individual Rights] private party/benefit — therefore no public information about the show. There are photos on my facebook page:!/album.php?aid=2021875&id=1588336961
“I didn’t include them in my recent CRIME photography book because they were not good photos — I only wanted to have what I thought were good photographs in the book. CRIME only played about ten minutes before being forced off stage by some Whirling Dervishes — it was a classic night! Crime was the only band on the bill. I don’t think the Space Invaders [Johnny and Frankie’s band BEFORE Crime] ever played a show. Ciao, James Stark”

() from our former intern ANDY LYMAN of Chicago, “Vale, I’m helping put this novel titled WHITE HORSES out! Please tell your friends to pre-order it! Go to website: ”

() from our former intern Kiowa Hammons: “My band, STARLIGHT FOR ALL OCCASIONS, is playing APRIL 18, 8pm @ Public Assembly, 70 North 6th St, BROOKLYN.

() “Dear Vale, I’m wondering if you can forward this email to your artist friends and colleagues to help get the word out for Roll Call — the upcoming summer exhibition at SF Camerawork, guest-curated by Tanner Borskey. The official call for participants is available on Camerawork’s website here: – Many thanks, Chuck Mobley”

() from the YES MEN (featured in our PRANKS 2 book!): “We’re excited to announce the new, elaborately packaged and somewhat toxic format in which you can now get our film, The Yes Men Fix the World, and 80 minutes of never- or seldom-before-seen extras. If you buy it from us at the standard retail price ($25), you’ll also get a free copy of our “dream edition” New York Times, as well as the knowledge you’re helping us continue our de-dirtying work. The DVD (from the excellent folks at Docurama) contains the uncut feature film as well as 80+ minutes of never-before-seen actions, some early Yes Men videos, a seldom-seen bit of TV, and much more. For more on the extras click here. ”

() Jill Tracy sent us a beautiful photo-illustrated newsletter about her Spain/Portugal tour which included the following review: “After her 90 minute concert ended, the applause and cheers were just becoming stronger… Then, something magical happened: Jill Tracy decided to compose something right in front of the audience utilizing their energy. She asked the audience to hold an object in their hand they had with them that exhibited emotional significance, and concentrate. There was a few seconds of silence after which Jill Tracy, accompanied by uber-violinist Paul Mercer, played a magnificent improvisation to close the show. ‘That was DEFINITELY for you, ONLY for you.’ she exclaimed.” from the article “She sings to bring back magic and hope” – BONS VICIUS

() “Last week I sent over our single “Tuff Kids”, and would love some feedback. You have our permission to share it with your readers as a download on your site. http://Souncloud: – ROCK ON, THE CHOKE”

() from Lawrence Ferlinghetti: “…the architect Dennis Sullivan and I have conceived of a Poets Plaza to be created on Vallejo street in North Beach, San Francisco, between Grant and Columbus Avenues (between the Caffe Trieste and the Shrine of Saint Francis). [NOTE: This is about 200 feet from the RE/Search Office.] The Poets Plaza will have olive trees, a Poets Podium, chess tables and park benches, plus many, many quotes from great poems inscribed in the pavement of the Plaza… We are looking for active participants to help us create the Plaza… We are a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization, and all contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. —Lawrence Ferlinghetti ”

() From JOEY SKAGGS (featured in our PRANKS, and PRANKS 2, books): “The 25th Annual April Fools’ Day Parade will begin at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street at 12 noon, Thursday, April 1, 2010. Rain or shine, the parade will march down 5th Avenue to Washington Square Park for the post-parade festivities and selection of the King or Queen of Fools from the costumed marching look-alikes.”

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