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As publisher-editor of the 1977-79 zine Search & Destroy, V. Vale helped bring international attention to a Punk scene as prophetic as more publicized ones elsewhere. [San Francisco’s Punk scene was radically different from NYC’s or LA’s.] The publication was launched with $100 each from Allen Ginsberg, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and published at City Lights Bookstore, where Vale worked at the time. For Vale, Punk provided a launching pad for a host of cultural-anthropological explorations, including Industrial music, the writings of J.G. Ballard and William S. Burroughs, feminism, pranksterism, studies of The Body, plus “Incredibly Strange” filmmaking and music, which he has chronicled with the RE/SEARCH series of publications that he founded as sole proprietor in 1980 (he has the original D.B.A. certificate on his wall: rubber-stamped Dec 31, 1980).
A J.G. Ballard champion since 1973, Vale has published a Ballard interview in Search & Destroy #10 (1978), a monograph (RE/Search #8/9: J.G. Ballard, 1984), the illustrated Atrocity Exhibtion (1990), J.G. Ballard Quotes (2004) and J.G. Ballard Conversations (2005). He has an important Ballard archive of letters, photos, Vale’s Super-8mm films, taped interviews, rare magazines, signed books, and other “Ballardian” literary materials. Vale has participated in Ballard-focused presentations in Birmingham U.K., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Barcelona and London, and written an introductory essay for a volume on J.G. Ballard published by CCCB (2008).
V. Vale is an editor, writer, historian, photographer and pianist. He has lectured, appeared on panels, been interviewed for video and radio programs, and conducted live interviews for the past 36 years. He has been a guest lecturer at BAM/PFA, at the Lausanne (Switzerland) College of Art, Cal Arts (Valencia, CA), University of Kansas, Duke University, San Francisco Art Institute, the California College of Art (C.C.A.), Academy of Art University, University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, and in other cities and countries including Mexico City and Den Haag. He taught a class on the “History of the International Punk Rock Cultural Revolution” at New College, San Francisco. He also hosts a monthly one-hour interview show titled “The Counter Culture Hour” at Cable Channel 29 (Public Access TV), San Francisco; also, he occasionally plays piano for the “soundtracks.” He has played piano at El Valenciano, the Last Gasp Xmas parties, Tosca, and wherever a piano is available!

V. Vale is available for lectures, guest teaching, panels, workshops, interviews and consulting. He will also play piano at your event! Video shows created by Marian Wallace are available, and also can be commissioned.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS – “COUNTER CULTURE HOUR” – filmed and produced by
Marian Wallace

Interview guests have included artists, musicians such as Billy Hawk (Offs), George Kuchar, Jim Thirlwell, Dirk Dirksen, Winston Smith, Genesis P-Orridge, Lydia Lunch, Oberon Ravenheart, Robert Nelson, Lyle Tuttle, Ed Hardy, Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom), Li Alin, Mel Clay, Punk Rock Panel, Industrial Culture Handbook Panel,

prankspanel Pranks! anniversary party panel, 2004. From left to right : Vale, Mal Sharpe, Robert Delford Brown, 2 from Billboard Liberation Front, Mark Pauline, Bruce Conner, Paul Mavrides, Ed Holmes, Monte Cazazza. Photo by Chris Cobb.



2-week Europe tour May 2017 featuring Marian Wallace films and workshops (Copenhagen, Karlsruhe ZKM, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Braunschweig, Berlin, Hamburg)

April 19 BAM/PFA Lecture to Natasha Boas Class with Marian Wallace videos including one on Bruce Conner


November 29 V. Vale does live interview with filmmaker Alex Cox, Piano Fight Bar/Auditorium/Screening Room

November 19 THE LAB Premiere of Marian Wallace Bruce Conner film “It’s All True” plus book Bruce Conner: The Afternoon Interviews by V. Vale, plus talk

October 29 Birmingham, U.K. J.G. Ballard DAY J.G. Ballard Videos by Marian Wallace, Talk by V. Vale

2-week Europe tour May 2016 featuring Marian Wallace films and talks (London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt)


2014 Dec 6, “Persistence and Inspiration” V. Vale lectures at EBABZ (East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, Berkeley City College, Berkeley).

2014 Nov 19, “J.G. Ballard” V. Vale lectures at CCA Wattis Institute, S.F. Rare video by Marian Wallace.

2014 Nov 15, 6:30pm “Save The Lab!” V. Vale talks with Dena Beard for a Telethon fund raiser for The Lab [art space], recorded on video. The Lab raised over 50K!

2014 Nov 15, “W.S. Burroughs & Feminism” V. Vale does Panel with Rebekah Weikel at Howard Zinn Book Fair, S.F.

2014 Sept 25, “James Williamson In Person” V. Vale does live interview to promote James Williamson’s new LP. RE/Search event at Emerald Tablet, S.F. to debut JW’s film Re-Licked.

2014 Sept 16, “Incredibly Strange Films” V. Vale lectures at SF Art Institute. Rare “William S. Burroughs Cut-Up” video by Marian Wallace.

2014 Sept 4-15, “Tour & Destroy” V. Vale lectures in Belgium & Holland. Tour arranged by Chris Fitzpatrick. V. Vale does 12 presentations/Q&As in Antwerp, Ghent, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag, and gives 4 interviews. At Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Vale creates Search&Destroy 2014 [64-page zine] with 30 students taught by Julie Peeters. Fun!

2014 July 31 V. Vale interviewed on SF Art Institute Radio Program “Kunst Capades,” July 2014

2014 Feb 5 V. Vale on panel about William S. Burroughs at City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco

2014 Feb 4 V. Vale interviews Barry Miles about his William S. Burroughs biography at San Francisco Art Institute

2013 July 10, 7pm, V. Vale interviews Naked Mozart (from Japan) at The Emerald Tablet, San Francisco

2013 Apr 10, 6pm Arcadia University Art Gallery, Philadelphia, V. Vale presents “J.G. Ballard, Mythographer of the 20th Century” with “Ballardian” video created by Marian Wallace

2013 V. Vale interviews CRASS founders Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher at The Emerald Tablet, San Francisco

2012 Dec 22, 5pm EXTREME FUTURIST FESTIVAL 2012, Los Angeles, V. Vale moderates a panel on “Women of the Future” with Rachel H. and Sinan Revell. Then SRL does Live Show!

2012 Dec 9 3pm Viracocha, San Francisco, V. Vale teaches a class at Free University of San Francisco on “Goals of Life”

2012 Nov 18 2-5pm BAM/PFA Berkeley, V. Vale gives a ZINE-MAKING WORKSHOP and Lecture

2012 Nov 30 5pm EXTREME FUTURIST FESTIVAL 2012 PRE-PARTY, San Francisco, V. Vale moderates a panel with R.U. Sirius and Rachel H. on “What Will the Future Bring?”

2012 July 28 “Grant’s Tomb” (Winston Smith’s Gallery), San Francisco: V. Vale interviews Penelope Rosemont & Dennis Cunningham on “Surrealism and Art.” Later that evening, V. Vale participates in an onstage Q&A at the Roxie Theater after Gina Basso’s screening of rare Punk short films from the Bay Area.

2012 Feb 19, 5pm, L.A. ZINE FEST, V. Vale interviewed by Henry Rollins. Location: The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles.

2011 Nov 9, 7pm, City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, V. Vale moderates panel with Tav Falco, Erik Morse, Jello Biafra.

2011 Oct 16-24 Lausanne (Switzerland) College of Art: Lecture on J.G. Ballard, Auditorium lecture on the History of Punk Rock. Lausanne Underground Film Festival: Lecture on Industrial Culture Handbook, Lecture on William S. Burroughs at local bookstore. 2nd lecture on William S. Burroughs at Basel, Switzerland, bookstore/record store.

2011 V. Vale on Radio in Lausanne, Switzerland:

2011 V. Vale appears on panel with David Amram at The Beat Museum, San Francisco

2011 V. Vale interviews Hide Ultra Bide (Japan) at The Emerald Tablet, San Francisco

2011 V. Vale interviews filmmaker Mike Kuchar at The Emerald Tablet, San Francisco

2011 A/V Presentation about W.S. Burroughs at Fort Mason, Southside Theater, May 21 in conjunction w/Erling Wold QUEER Opera.

2011 Feb 4 V. Vale does an A/V presentation on William S. Burroughs at The Beat Museum, San Francisco

2010 A/V Presentation at Donlon Books, London, February. Also attended Opening of JG Ballard CRASH Art Exhibition at Gagosian Gallery, London, February.

2010 Feb 4 V. Vale does an A/V presentation on William S. Burroughs at The Beat Museum, San Francisco

2009 A/V Presentations at APP (May; Las Vegas; with Charles Gatewood)

2009 BMX Conference (October; Essen, Germany).

2009 Speaker at J.G. Ballard Memorial, penthouse of Tate Modern, London, Nov 15, 2009.

2009 S.F. Art Institute, guest lecturer at Tim Sullivan New Genres class. Also gave guest lecture on Punk Rock at Academy of Art Denah Johnston class, Sutter Street campus.

2008 live/videosynthesis presentation with Naut Humon & Perry Hoberman (2-25-08) at Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium, U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley Art Museum Theater. Topic: Attention Depiction Disorder. V. Vale Interviewed Mark Pauline (SRL) live onstage and showed dual-screen video of SRL performance at BAM (videotaped by Marian Wallace & Scott Beale; dual-screen edit assembled by Marian Wallace).

2008 Barcelona (Spain) Museum of Art: Panel Presentation, V. Vale and Bruce Sterling & Video Screening on J.G. Ballard featuring V. Vale talking

2008 V. Vale conducts live interviews with Monte Cazazza (Throbbing Gristle associate) (2-15-08) and Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys founder (2-16-08) at Hypnodrome.

2008 V. Vale conducts live interviews at Hypnodrome with Gee Vaucher, Penny Rimbaud (Crass)

2007 New College of San Francisco—full semester class on The History of the International Punk Rock Cultural Revolution

2006 Recombinant Media Labs. Live panel to publicize “Industrial Culture Handbook”
2006 San Francisco Art Institute – 3-hour class on independent publishing (Mark Van Proyen)
2006 S.F.A.I. – 2-hour class on independent publishing (Amy Franceschini, Future Farmers)
2006 S.F.A.I. – guest appearance at class taught by Matt Gonzalez
2006 California College of Art – presentation on independent publishing (Kota Ezawa)
2000 Balboa High School, S.F. Taught 2-hour Zine-Making Class.
1999 Mexico City Museum of Modern Art – presentation on RE/Search at Independent Art Publications Conference
1998 University of California, Berkeley – taught 2-hour class on Punk Rock History
1998 Stanford University – taught 2-hour class on independent publishing
1998 V. Vale did numerous video, radio and print interviews to promote the “SWING” book
1997 University of Kansas – presentation at Zines Conference
1997 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – presentation on Zines Vol I and Vol II at Zines Conference
1995-2004? The Lab – numerous events and presentations per book release
1996 California College of Art – presentation on sound installations
1989 C.O.C.A., Seattle – weekend of events/presentations on “Modern Primitives
1989 Camerawork Gallery, S.F.: slide narration and presentation on “Modern Primitives
1989 Southern Exposure Gallery, S.F. – weekend of events/presentations on “Modern Primitives
1988 Den Haag presentation on RE/Search
1984 CalArts, L.A. – presentation on RE/Search and Survival Research Laboratories (SRL)

Numerous interviews appearing in print, radio and video since 1977 for each publication release. Also numerous live events to publicize each publication release.

2213 wrote article for Kal Spelletich art show in NYC, Jack Hanley Gallery
lead interview in “Erect” magazine #1, Japan
2008 wrote introduction to Timothy Leary book by Ronin Press
2008 wrote program notes for Thrillpeddlers, Hypnodrome
2007 wrote article on JG Ballard for 2008 CCAC publication on J.G. Ballard
composed piano soundtrack for independent animation film by Martha Colburn
Introduction to “Incredibly Strange Wrestling” history book
2000 wrote article on Bob Dylan for German magazine
“Tower Pulse” magazine: wrote article on Jello Biafra trial
five articles for “WIRED” Magazine
1999 wrote “North Beach” section of S.F. Underground Guide, Manic D Press
1979 Wrote column for “Another Room” magazine; “SLASH” magazine
1979 wrote liner notes for Deaf Club LP, Avengers LP

CONCERTS (curated and produced by V. Vale).
1984 Ft Mason: SRL Show, PIL, R&N, etc to celebrate “RE/Search #8/9: JG Ballard” book release
1982 On Broadway: Einsturzende Neubauten, Fetus Productions (New Zealand), Survival Research Laboratories (SRL), Non
1981 Arranged for WS Burroughs/John Giorno/Laurie Anderson appearance May 16, 1981, at Market Street Cinema, San Francisco on “Red Night” U.S. Tour
1978 Mabuhay Gardens: Benefit for Striking Miners
1977-1978 Mabuhay Gardens: Two benefits for “Search and Destroy” magazine

PUBLIC EVENTS (curated and produced by V. Vale).
2013 Emerald Tablet co-production with Penelope Rosemont: “Surrealism’s Earthly Visions” Art Show with Penelope Rosemont, Marian Wallace, Winston Smith and Dannis Cunningham (color catalog available from RE/SEARCH)
2013 Emerald Tablet co-production: Live Interview, Concert, Q&A afterward with NAKED MOZART from Japan
2013 Emerald Tablet co-production: Brief Interview, Video Presentation by Hidé (band: Ultra Bidé) 1978 Punk Rocker from Japan
2013 Emerald Tablet co-production: Live interview with Mike Kuchar; screening of films he was involved in making
2006 San Francisco Art Institute: Main Auditorium Book Party for “Pranks 2” Book Release
2001 San Francisco Art Institute: Main Auditorium Book Party for “Modern Pagans” Book Release


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