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Why did Bruce Conner threaten me with a chair?

Today I was reading the New Yorker and saw a tiny article on our dead “friend” Bruce Conner, who as far as I can recall had never merited an article before in this snobby East Coast magazine, which we always suspected was highly contemptuous of all things West Coast.Back in the days when I worked at City […]

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Recommended links September 2015

– flamethrowers for sale – sent by Amy J –    () from Gail & Bambi: 100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes () from Richard Stallman: Speaking of the RE/SEARCH “Dating AI” book, you might enjoy () from Sandra D: “Wouldn’t it be funny if NASA accomplished this because they got the idea from […]

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Th-Sun 1/29-Feb1,2015: V. Vale at L.A. Art Book Fair, Zines Section

FREE Meet V. Vale at L.A. Art Book Fair, Zines Section next to Yes Press, Thu-Sun 1/29-2/1/2015. 2 New Zines: 1) Search&Destroy 2014, made at Rietveld Academy (4 copies). 2) Brand-new Zine Made FOR LAABF: LSD Museum, only 20 copies! ALSO: 3) Penny Rimbaud pocketbook, just 300 copies made!

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Recommended links for January 2015

() Vale’s Tour & Destroy Schedule: [for nostalgia’s sake!] () Interview with V. Vale in 6 parts by Ewoud van Rijn of Printroom in Rotterdam: Find them on FaceBook! Topic: the RE/Search Modern Pagans book… () from Mako S:  SAND PIPERS, COME SATURDAY MORNING TOMORROW’S GIRLS, DONALD FAGEN PASTTIME PARADISE, STEVIE WONDER THE HEART WANTS WHAT […]

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Recommended links, December 2014

()  illustrations contre l’établissement () () from V in London: –  Now Hiring! SRL NEWS – – () from Karen M: SRL Supports The Lab’s 24-hour telethon:   (uhm, look for more online!) Http:// :// (K.S.) () from Johnny Brewton X-Ray Books: () Chris Hedges at Moravian College: The Myth of Human Progress and […]

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Recommended links, November 2014

() Here’s a video edit by Steve Bage of the start of the last SRL show in LA at the Extreme Future Fest Dec 2012 – soundtrack is from Naut Humon () “First the sound effects, next the fire! Mark mounted and fired up the flamethrower engine yesterday – stay tuned for 25-ft flames and the world’s first […]

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Recommended links October 2014

() Meri St Mary will be in Berlin Nov 5-12. Meri St. Mary:   Beehive Records – Meri St. Mary + Th’Mole “PROTAGONISTA” 7″ out November 2014:  “PROTAGONISTA” preview link:  Meri St. Mary & Th’ Mole – Will U Miss Me – from THE BIG CALIFORNIA NOISE COMPILATION: () from Sandra D: () from MarkP et al: “That movie was […]

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Recommended links September 2014

() DEVO’s Gerald V. Casale makes wine with a special angle: G.V. Casale is interviewed about his winery at () Thur July 31 V. Vale interviewed for podcast by Tim Sullivan et pals: google – my 15-minute intv, an hour into the program, will be available for podcast soon (I’m told). Check out the podcast’s () from V in London:  Ah Pook Is […]

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Recommended links August 2014

() DEVO’s Gerald V. Casale makes wine with a special angle: G.V. Casale is interviewed about his winery at And, for the record, DEVO played Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on July 30, 2014 with Arcade Fire. Sadly, we missed this, but at least we had seen Hardcore DEVO at the beautiful Fox Theatre June 28, 2014. () Thur July 31 V. Vale interviewed for podcast […]

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