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Labor Party review:

“I had an interesting telephone conversation with V. Vale last night — he’s the legendary San Francisco-based publishing entrepreneur behind the RE/Search Publications book imprint, which has been documenting underground and unknown subcultures of all stripes for something like 25 years now. Before founding RE/Search, Vale launched a ground-breaking Punk zine called Search & Destroy, which is still considered one of the most important cultural punk publications ever. So in other words, this guy’s no slouch when it comes to publishing, writing, cultural anthropology… and who knows what else. I was interviewing Vale for the first issue of Young Pioneers, my soon-to-be-relaunched Punk-Rock business magazine, which will be rolling off the printer’s wheel before you know it.

“Those of you without much knowledge of the independent publishing universe may not be familiar with Vale’s name, but there’s a good chance you’d recognize the cover of Modern Primitives, one of Vale’s best-selling books — it was almost singlehandedly responsible for exposing the tattooing and piercing subcultures to a mainstream audience. In fact, if you’re a twenty-something female with a navel ring, you can thank the book pictured above for more or less launching the trend you so blindly followed. Same thing for all you twenty-something guys with shitty Celtic and tribal tattoos you now regret. Personally, I’d suggest picking up a copy of the book and attempting to learn at least a little something about the various ancient traditions of body modification. Click here to pick up a copy from the RE/Search store; Vale himself will even autograph your purchase at no extra charge if you include a request in your order.

“Anyway, Vale and I got to talking about the unique distribution problems faced by magazine and book publishers today. Of course, distribution has essentially always been an Achilles’ heel for independent publishers…”

V. Vale has served as the counter-culture’s principal archivist and preservationist. The richly varied subjects of his books read like an anthology of dissent with the status quo. The potency of each topic is (or at least was) due in part to its rupture with the overall views of the general public. The work is comprehensive, thorough and has always provided a great deal of insight to the subject, oftentimes in the subject’s own words.” –

Louder Faster Shorter DVD review:

DOWNLOAD pdf of interview with V. Vale from ROCKPILE.

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