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V. Vale’s RE/Search Newsletter #157, Feb 2017: Art show in Oakland

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1A.  EDITORIAL by V. Vale: Come to our Art Show Thur Feb 9, 2017 5-10pm [Oakland]

1B.  The End of HYPNODROME [sob]—for now at least

1C. New Bruce Conner book! Industrial Culture zine + poster available! Also Terminal Punk zine by V. Vale! JG Ballard Zine w/last interview, never before in print!

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1A. EDITORIAL by V. Vale, Your Editor: We’re sending this newsletter to try to get local newsletter subscribers to attend our Thur Feb 9, 5-10pm art show at Classic Cars West Gallery, 411 26th St, Oakland 94612. Here’s the press release:


Press contact: Kelsey Westphal (805) 798-7367

Terminal Punk

January 5th – March 1st, 2017 Opening Reception: January 5, 5-10 PM Second Reception: Thur Feb 2, 5-10pm

Oakland, CA – Classic Cars West is proud to announce it will feature the multi-media installation Terminal Punk, highlighting two generations of marginal art and publishing in the Bay Area. V. Vale, Marian Wallace and Krusty Wheatfield’s explorations of the teeming underbelly of modern culture- making collectively span more than 40 years. For the month of January and February, Classic Cars West Gallery will be transformed into a living archive of alternative media.

About the installation: The installation will feature never-before-seen photographs and original zine spreads by Vale, industrial music, film and prints by Wallace, alongside prints and bio-comics by Krusty Wheatfield. Punk ephemera and other underground artifacts from the RE/Search collection will also be on display for the counterculture connoisseur and the newly woke alike.

For the 2nd night on Thur Feb 9, musical performances will also enliven the space. Local Oakland bands will perform, proving that punk/post-punk/whatever is alive and well and still lots of good fun.

Through this generational juxtaposition, the trio hopes to reveal the contours of a counter-culture continuum, and propose a fruitful, feisty future in times when most things reek of decay and devolution. Terminal Punk is not a death sentence, but an indication of where to go next. When insurrection has been absorbed into the marketing ploys of multinational corporations, what new tactics must we use to stay sane? Vale, Wallace and Wheatfield propose their particular bags of tricks for this sticky situation.

About the Artists: Vale is most well-known for his punk zine “Search and Destroy”, but has since built a reputation as a homegrown alt- historian through his publishing of RE/Search publications. Wallace, a member of the American Surrealists, has long been a vanguard of the experimental film and industrial music scene in San Francisco, working with Bruce Conner and the New Nothing Film Collective. Krusty Wheatfield, a former RE/Search intern, is a cartoonist and co-founder of the Bay Area zine Come Find Out; her most recent project is an adaptation of interviews with Vale and Wallace into graphic narrative form.

About the Venue: Classic Cars West is a boutique vintage car show- room and contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Oakland’s thriving arts community, focusing on local and emerging artists work- ing in a range of mediums.

411 26th St. Oakland 94612

Hours: Wed-Sat 11-5, Sun 11-3 For high-resolution images, contact Kelsey Westphal 805-798-7367,

Untitled photograph featuring V. Vale and City Lights Regulars.

Excerpt of “Search for Weird # 0” by Krusty Wheatfield and V. Vale, 2016

Now, we will be available to meet you at (8) events in February 2017 (there’s nothing like talking to someone IN PERSON and we prize that experience much more than anything “virtual”). Here are the events – and remember, we personally VALUE your support and don’t take it for granted, ever.

1) FREE Fri Feb 3, 5-10pm **OAKLAND** Classic Cars West Gallery, 411 26th St/Telegraph-Broadway in Oakland. RE/Search will have a book-zine table, and you can view art-on-the-walls by V. Vale, Marian Wallace and Krusty Wheatfield. We will be happy to talk to you. Oakland Art Murmur Art Walk is not so crowded so there will be plenty of time to get food & beer at the Hella Vegan Cafe here, and more or less relax. Meet your friends here!

2) FREE Thur Feb 9, 5-10pm **OAKLAND** Classic Cars West Gallery, 411 26th St/Telegraph-Broadway in Oakland. RE/Search will have a book-zine table. Tonight 5 bands will play: Lofter, Boy Scouts, Seesaw (Australia), Cursed Graves, Dick Stusso, with DJ doggiechow in between.

3) FREE Sun Feb 12, 1-5pm **SAN JOSE** ZineCon! Local Color, 27 S. 1st St, San Jose CA 95113 in downtown San Jose.  also:

4) FREE Sat Feb 18 noon-5pm, SWAP-A-RAMA (Punk Flea Market), Lennon Studios, 468 9th St; studio entrance at 271 Dore St. Rear of Building off Harrison St, SF. RE/Search will have a book table — Thanks to Jim Pitts!

5-6-7-8) FREE Thur Feb 23-Sun Feb 26 **LOS ANGELES** Los Angeles Art Book Fair (LAABF). RE/Search will have a book table next to YES Press/NO Magazine (Ewa Wojciak). We highly recommend You Attend! Please talk to us!

1B. THE END OF HYPNODROME [sob]—for now at least!

Hello Hypnodromers,
I have some sad news for you today.  After 13 wonderful years producing show after show, celebrating weddings, birthdays and memorials, and building a rich and loving artistic community, our benefactors Larry and David have found a buyer for 575 10th Street.  They offered us this magnificent hideaway in 2004 for just two years, so I consider that a damned good run!  Everyone who has ever walked through our back alley door has become a part of its notorious legacy!
We’ll need to have everything packed up by the end of February.  That said, we’ll still have plenty of opportunities for Thrillpeddlers and audiences to say goodbye to The Hypnodrome.
We’ve just added two performances to Ham Pants Productions previously sold-out engagement of “Naked Dudes Reading Lovecraft” on Sunday, January 28 at 2:00 and 7:00 pm.
Running The Hypnodrome never yielded a surplus to save for such a rainy day as this.  In fact, our spring show’s budget always depended on income from early camp enrollment, tickets sales and our annual fund drive.  Closing up shop will be expensive.  While you can always contribute on our website, I’ve also added several benefit performances to help cover costs these next few months.  Tickets to a semi-staged concert version of Amazon Apocalypse and a special Valentine’s Day farewell performance are now on sale.
I hope we have a chance to visit and reminisce together.  This is a big change for Jim and I, Thrillpeddlers and our fans.

Love Always,
Russell Blackwood
James Toczyl

Hypnodrome At-A-Glance
575 10th St. @ Bryant, San Francisco

Amazon Apocalypse
or How The Devil Came To Save The Planet
A Semi-Staged Concert of a New Musical Fantasia.
Book and Lyrics by Scrumbly Koldewyn & Cab Covay
Music by Scrumbly Koldewyn
Feb. 9, 10,11, 2017 – 8:00 pm (Thurs., Fri. & Sat.)
Online Tickets Sales or Call 415-377-4202
$35 – General Admission
$40 – Front Row Seats, Shock Boxes and Turkish Lounge

Farewell to The Hypnodrome
Bid adieu to our beloved theatre with custom made variety acts and song
Valentine’s Day Benefit
Tues. Feb. 14, 2017 – 7:00 pm & 9:00 pm
Farewell to The Hypnodrome
Bid adieu to our beloved theatre with custom made variety acts and song
Online Tickets Sales or Call 415-377-4202
$50 – General Admission, Shock Boxes and Turkish Lounge
$75 – Front Row Seats

Rummage Sale

Set pieces, costumes, props, books, odds and ends all priced to move
Feb. 25 & 26, 2017 / Noon – 5:00 pm – (Sat. & Sun.)
Admission Free

1C: Stephane von Stephane on DAVID BOWIE, R.I.P., and Tycho

On David Bowie Forever

& On the Tycho Show, Fox Oakland, January 7th 2017

There Was A Starman Waiting In The Sky

When I was a kid I used to look out my bedroom window every night and see if the flying saucer had landed yet. I was convinced that one night there’d be one in my backyard waiting just for me. While other kids may have felt so distant from their parents reality that they were convinced they must be adopted, I was convinced that space people were my real parents. You can imagine how thrilled I was then when I first heard the Bowie song ‘Starman’:

“There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’d like to come and meet us
But he thinks he’d blow our minds
There’s a starman waiting in the sky

He told us not to blow it

Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

He told me
Let the children lose it
Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie ”

I went to see nearly every Bowie show from the first tour in the early seventies to the last in the early 2000s. I even went to see Tin Machine. I was captivated every single time, whether in the front row smashed against the stage, the back row or at a giant outdoor stadium show.

The very first time I actually did hear Bowie’s music happened to be just down the street from where he was living with his wife Angie in Bromley, England. I was a young teen visiting my family in London in 1972. At a party at my cousin’s house someone put on a 45rpm record of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’. That song I was familiar with. Then they put on ‘Space Oddity’ which I had never heard before. I was enraptured.

“This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today…”

Consider my mind blown! “Who IS THIS?” asks “the American kid” at the party. “Oh, this is David Bowie, he lives just down the street, we should go try to see him now!!” I replied that we should probably leave the guy alone. We did.

20 years later when I meet Bowie, I tell him this story. He laughs and says melodically: “Well, thank you very much, apparently you spared me—one, at least one more—assault from those annoying kids…” (laughs again, pauses, his voice in a deeper register) “they meant no harm, but they were continually hanging about in my yard, I do remember that.”

We were backstage in some VIP room at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on the opening night of the Philip Glass performance of The ‘Low’ Symphonies (1992). I had noticed Bowie in the audience earlier sitting a few rows in front of us. I think I spent most of the show watching him, not Philip Glass and Orchestra. Bowie looked happy.  Backstage he was in fine form. In the timeline of his life, he’d been with Iman for about 8 months by then (if I am figuring correctly). I seem to remember him not drinking that night, and I think there was champange, but he did offer me one of those nasty french Gauloises Cigarettes, which I did smoke. When David Bowie wants to have a cig with you, you do (even though you don’t normally smoke at all!)

My friend told me that Iman was glaring at me the entire time I was talking with DB. I don’t remember how long that was as I was in the universe of stopped time (“the still point of the turning world”, if you want to get all T.S. Eliot about it—and why wouldn’t you?)

Bowie and I were the same height and had the same haircut, both of us wearing black suits, white tux shirts and black tie – his: Armani, mine: tux from a thrift shop – he was recording “Black Tie White Noise” at the time. We talked about music: I told him I had just been in London during the winter of the “Summer of Love” when raves were all the rage and electronica/techno/trance was more or less just starting. I told him I had fallen in love with this trance-style no-lyrics music. He said that must be like the “Chemical Brothers” that his son was always listening to. He told me he’d just been asked to write the soundtrack for “Buddha of Suburbia” by Hanif Kureshi. He said he’d been thinking of Bromley lately and had decided to go back there for inspiration from the London suburbs. Wikipedia will tell you that he later considered this to be one of his favourite albums. I also think it is really good and much underated. “Strangers When We Meet” is a brilliant song.

I truly wish I had photographic evidence of my meeting with The Starman, but the ubiqutious mobile phone-with-camera had not yet been invented. (Although I am pretty sure his character in The Man Who Fell To Earth had invented something quite like that way ahead of the times). Nonetheless, I will never forget looking in his eyes and receiving a beam of pure white light into my eyes that night. Yes, this actually happened. It was like an MDMA flashback. I believe that David Bowie existed at least partially on a different plane and was able to harness pure light energy for tranference. I really don’t care if anyone else thinks this “transference” could have really happened. I know it happened, and that is all I care about.

Back down to earth: I also gave him a demo tape that my friends and I had recorded of his song “D.J.” I was inspired by that London rave music to do his 80bpm song as a 120bpm dance version complete with samples. Originally I wanted to do “Boys Keep Swingin”, which I think would have been a better choice. However, I stupidly spoke of this idea in public, in Los Angeles, at some trendy cafe. Susanna Hoffs (from the Bangles) was at the next table over. Sure enough, she came out with a dance version of “Boys Keep Swingin” before I had a chance to get it together. You may not believe it, or maybe you would, but Los Angeles is very much a dog-eat-dog town where ideas are stolen like that all the time. So I settled for another song from that same Bowie album Lodger. Anyway Don, (from a later incarnation of the punk band The Nuns) produced “D.J.” and played all the instruments, synths, etc. Then that project became corrupt in so many ways I cannot even go into… so I said: “Project Canceled” (a line from “Red Money”, also on Lodger) and the only copies are with Don, myself, the other women who also sang on it, and David Bowie (unless, as my friend suggested, Iman tossed that demo tape out the window of the limo on the way home from Brooklyn).

Regardless of all that, one of the next albums he came out with was Earthling, very much influenced by the rave style techno electronica we had talked about. With the last offering of his career, Black Star, Bowie went back to the “Black Tie White Noise” influences. Everything comes full circle. My mind is forever blown, and there’s an Eternal Starman floating in the sky now, in a most peculiar way. The stars look very different today. —Stephane von Stephane

On the topic of Electronica: TYCHO review. Fox, Oakland, January 7th, 2017

I was privileged to attend the opening stop of a world tour for ‘Tycho’ aka Scott Hansen (who would have been 10 years old during the London “Summer of Love”) at Oakland’s Fox Theatre. I had not yet been to the beautifully restored art deco showpiece. It is a gorgeous venue! Tycho was fantastic! Psychelic light show/films accompany. I highly recommend his music. It is uplifting and soaringly beautiful.

I am extremely particular in my taste in music these days. Ever since that London “Summer of Love” rave-style electronica/trance/no lyrics experience I find that that is still my favorite music. It evokes the psychedelic feeling without drugs. But most of it is shite. It is now called EDM (which should not be a thing thank you very much).

How I discovered Tycho:

As I am older and less mobile now, I ride a bicycle a lot and love being on trails in nature. I find it is easier on the old bod than walking: less gravity involved. And so, I discovered on Outside TV Channel on cable television, a program about mountain bikers. They show trails worldwide with riders zooming down them and a soundtrack of techno music playing to the vids. Oh, to be young again and not care about crashing into a tree! Now, either thing may be true: I cannot confirm: On that show was a vid with music by Tycho which I loved enough to look up on youtube, or there was another artist’s music on that show, and youtube had a Tycho song in line following it. (thank you youtube either way)

Whichever way it happened I am excited to have found this music. At the Fox that night I bought all 3 available Tycho cds. I am a big fan of buying things in brick & mortar shops, not online. Or in this case at the venue where the artist performed. As vinyl is back in style now, natch, there were albums available too. And, as Scott Hansen is also a graphic designer, one could buy t-shirts or posters with his designs on them. He also designs his own cd/album cover art.

If you are okay with online purchases: go to and buy something. You won’t regret it. ~Stephane Von Stephane

Our latest publications are

1C. BRUCE CONNER: The Afternoon Interviews by V. Vale. Introduction by Natasha Boas. Cover & super-fast book production by Marian Wallace. 128pp, original photos by Vale. If you liked Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews, you’ll like this latest RE/Search book rush-released to make it in time for the Oct 29, 2016 Bruce Conner Retrospective at SFMOMA (the show came from MOMA NY, and is on its way to Barcelona, Spain). Order direct from RE/Search & receive a BONUS 4×6″ color photo print of Bruce Conner, signed by V. Vale.

() We produced a tiny number of a partially-color comics zine by Krusty Wheatfield on V. Vale’s life/biography, titled SEARCH FOR WEIRD (a bio-comic). Excellent drawings! $15 plus $5 shipping ($10 overseas shipping)

() Terminal Punk / Philosophy of Punk, 6th edition by V. Vale (interviews, quotes, etc: why “Punk” is the last philosophy you’ll ever need; it may even help you survive the apocalypse!). This may be had for a mere $5 plus $5 shipping ($10 overseas), or come by our office and score your copy! You might also want to score a rare RE/Search T-shirt; we’re already running out of the “small” and XL sizes! Other options are our William S. Burroughs T-shirt (M,L only), and our Mr. Death T-shirt (all sizes).

() Lost Angels of Los Angeles: 12 photographs by Danielle Neu, fiction captions by V. Vale. A one-sheet folded to make a 12-panel zine! Write if you want a copy ($3 postpaid USA; $5 foreign).

() New Industrial Culture zine + poster in 2 versions!
Artists of the Industrial Scene – Printed in France! Color Zine in French and English! Interviews with Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle/ Psychic TV), Mark Pauline (Survival Research Laboratories), Johanna Went, Jim Thirlwell (foetus), Ryoichi Kurokawa, Ilpo Väisänen and Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic), Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle), Graeme Revell (SPK), Naut Humon (Rhythm & Noise), Gerald V. Casale (DEVO). $20 plus $5 ship ($10 overseas)

() Color Poster from Paris show! 2 versions! With Monte Cazazza image! Check it out! $20 plus $7 ship; $20 to ship overseas)

AND a (2-sided deluxe version! – 2 copies only; write for details)

() New JG Ballard zine in color; printed in England! (includes our last interview, never before in print. Plus color photograph of JGB signed by V. Vale). $20 plus $5 shipping (shipping $10 overseas). Also a few copies: 11×14 JG Ballard Color Poster – write if interested! This zine came about because V. Vale and Marian Wallace were invited to participate in the first “J.G. Ballard Day” at Birmingham City University; Vale did a talk/Q&A, and Marian Wallace showed her film on J.G. Ballard: Aesthetics. Faye Ballard (one of J.G. Ballard’s two daughters) stood up and gave an unexpected tribute: “I just want to say: it’s fantastic having you here. It was worth you coming. Your presence here is felt by all of us, even if we’re a very select group. It’s important that you’re here. I also want to say that my father is indebted to you for publishing The Atrocity Exhibition. He always talked about you as the publisher of The Atrocity Exhibition. And he loved your book RE/Search 8/9: JG Ballard. He loved it! You’ve made a major contribution. You supported him when he was alive. It’s very well, now that he’s dead, for us all to say “what a marvellous man, he’s inthe canon of literature”. But when you supported him he wasn’t necessarily in the mainstream, he wasn’t in that canon. You gave him a huge amount of support when it was needed. We’re all grateful. I think it’s important to acknowledge you and what you’ve done.” (Wow, Thank You So Much, Faye Ballard!…We also thank Bea Ballard for just being alive and being supportive of RE/Search, too!)

() We uncovered (2) copies of a rare zine by Kathy Acker, made by her and presented to V. Vale in 1980. It was an appropriation of the first RE/Search tabloid overlaid with her own text! The newsprint is fading, but it’s poignant. Cost: a whopping $100 (free shipping in USA). But, this has got to be as rare as hen’s teeth. Of course, sales of RE/Search “anything” help keep us going; look at any purchase as really a sponsorship of what we do…

To order a zine, email V. Vale at, or snail-telephone 415-362-1465. Overseas readers who want to order more than one book: please email V. Vale so he can try to figure out the cheapest shipping to your country! Also available: limited JGB Photographic Print Poster 11×17″ color; write for details.

  1. RE/Search Conversations: podcastseries
    Most of us are too busy to sit down and watch a “TV show,” so now you can listen to some of the conversations that happen around the table at the RE/Search office.

New podcasts with David J (Bauhaus), Diane DiPrima, Dirk Dirksen (2 parts), Mike Watt (coming on Feb 10)

For Daniel Miller Part 2** go to:

For Jarett Kobek’s podcast-visit  as well as at the Apple podcast ‘store’ (they’re free and available to all who can find them). Here’s the link to the offerings to date (Penny Rimbaud, Rudy Rucker, Lyle Tuttle, and now Parts 1 AND 2 of Daniel Miller!
Please send us feedback if you listen to these podcasts so we’ll know someone out there is listening!!

For the brand-new Christopher Coppola podcast, visit
And for the Thorsten Schutte podcast [director of Frank Zappa documentary “Eat That Question” go to:

  1. FORTHCOMING EVENTS(San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted) NOTE: There’s TOO MUCH to see in February 2017! (An embarrassment of riches)

() FREE **OAKLAND** Fri Feb 3, 5-10pm “FIRST FRIDAYS OAKLAND ART MURMUR” RE/Search will have a table at their ART SHOW at Classic Cars West, 411 26th St/Telegraph-Broadway; come talk to us!

() $$ Berkeley BAMPFA Great films, one after another, in February!

() $ Feb 3-8 The Berlin & Beyond Film Festival, presented annually by the Goethe-Institut San Francisco, at the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco (Feb. 3-5), DocDay Oakland at Pro Arts Gallery (Feb. 4), and the Goethe-Institut San Francisco (Feb. 6-8). Some of these films look very interesting, like “Fukushima, Mon Amour,” “Heidi,” and “Silicon Valley Revolution.”

Complete program and ticketing information available at or or (415) 263-8763  M-F 12:00–5:00 P.M.

() $ Thur Feb 9 7:30pm. Sat Feb 11 7pm. Sat Feb 11 9pm. Sun Feb 12 2pm. Yerba Buena Center is featuring (4) SHOWS OF early PUNK FILMS! Emily Armstrong and Pat Ivers are coming in person to present (4) programs of punk, new wave and no wave performances. They actually came here to YBCA a long time ago, but the programs we’re showing this time are mostly different.

Here is the link for the first program (“Punk and New Wave”). If you go to that link, at the bottom you’ll see the links for the other three shows. The later 9pm show on Sat Feb 11 includes a never-before-shown complete Suicide concert, along with Offs and DK’s performance footage. We at RE/Seach recommend you see ALL FOUR PROGRAMS!

() FREE FILM FRIDAYS 7:30pm. Feb 3, Paths of Glory. Feb 10 The Piano. Feb 17 Badlands. Feb 24 Aguirre, Wrath of God. SFAI auditorium, 800 Chestnut St.

() Korla Pandit documentary will be running on PBS Feb. “Korla” – made by Eric Christensen and John Turner. For details see our “letters” section below!

() FREE **OAKLAND** Thur Feb 9, 5-10pm RE/Search will have a table at the closing party for their ART SHOW at Classic Cars West, 411 26th St/Telegraph-Broadway. Come meet us! 5 Bands will Play Plus DJ!

() FREE **SAN JOSE** Sun Feb 12 1-5pm RE/Search will have a table at San Jose Zine Fest; come meet us!

() FREE Sat Feb 18, 11-6pm RE/Search will have a table at the Punk Flea Market hosted by Lennon Studios. Come chat with us!

() FREE [LOS ANGELESThur Feb 23 through Sun Feb 26, ALL DAY: MEET RE/Search (we will be bringing our rarest books and items) at the Zines Section of the LOS ANGELES ART BOOK FAIR (LAABF) Fingers crossed: V. Vale hopes to do a live interview with the great A.A. Bronson

() Support the Roxie Theater: great programming EVERY NIGHT (our opinion). Also support the Castro Theater! A beautiful Film Palace!
() S.F. EVENTS to Check Out Regularly: Long Now Foundation. Hypnodrome/Thrill Peddlars. Goethe Institute. The List (Punk Rock). Dorkbot. Bottom of the Hill. INdependent. Thee Parkside. The Chapel. Brick & Mortar. ATA Gallery (last “underground” film place?). The Lab under Dena Beard. Southern Exposure Gallery under Patricia Maloney. Mule Gallery.

() FREE Jan-May 2017 Natasha Boas has planned a great series of FREE events in Berkeley, Wednesdays at Noon; add them all to your calendar!

RE/Search will be giving a presentation on Wed April 19 (“San Francisco Punk with V. Vale”) and Mark Pauline (SRL) will be presenting on Wed April 26 “Over the top: when too much is never enough”… But, it seems every one of these events is worth attending, starting with the Wed noon Jan 25 presentation by Natasha Boas herself. See for yourself! We plan to visit Berkeley more than we have in positively years...

() NYC Nov 20-March 19, 2017: the Francis Picabia Retrospective, NYMOMA. If someone wants to send us a review, please do! Hopefully, there is also a museum catalog available…

  1. OUR PAST LIFE: What We’ve Received, Liked, Experienced:

() We met so many great people at NYArtBookFAir in Sept and we plan to do follow-up correspondence; we’re late! You know who you are… We need to contact YOU! Write US if you have the energy…

() The following people sent us their books, recordings and more. We are honored. Here’s their contact addresses—and we thank them all!

() Pam Plymell, Cherry Valley Editions, PO Box 303, Cherry Valley NY 13320. Pam sent us:

Claude Pelieu Kali Yug Express

Charles Plymell Hand on the Doorknob (Water Row Press) and Some Mothers’ Sons

Glenn Todd: The Book of Friends: Scenes from Life on Gough Street. If you’re at all curious about early Beat philosophy and how to survive in an underground “lifestyle” you will want to read these books!!!

() Our longtime mail-art friend R. Miliionkovic, Na Hroude 43, 100 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic, sent us his CD: Autopsia in Vivo (Autopsia Archive Recordings), a CD titled Radical Machines Night Landscapes (Illuminating Technologies), AutopsiA Weltuntergang (CD), a funny brown poster, and a book AutopsiA by Alexei Monroe Thanatopolis. This gorgeously printed (red & black ink inside) book is full of surprising graphics and ignorance-alleviating texts both provocative and beautiful. The book is printed by Divus, 2016, whose websites are: , , – order from or or  This will be a beautiful addition to your mental library! Write – “Alexei Monroe masterfully unravels the many facets of this largely unknown group of cultural engineers operating between London, former Yugoslavia and Prague. A fascinating journey of discovery into one of the overlooked pioneers of industrial culture, who fused diverse elements including esotericism, critical theory, modernist composition and an unreleting focus on the theme of death into a unique body of artistic work.” (Selah)

() Max/Saana from Tiny Splendor Press gave us John Roberts’ Punks and Portraits 1979 with a foreword by Jello Biafra. Printed on their own risograph press in Oakland — Find this book!

() Sam Lefebvre gave us: Justin Clifford Rhody  ( Vernacular Visions: collected flyers 2013-2016 Degenerate #18 – Beautiful printing! available from , Degenerate, PO Box 3272, Berkeley CA 94703. Sam also gave us another issue of Degenerate Mag (#19), Etrenegade issues from Nov & Dec 2016 and Jan 2017. He has written 5 pieces on the ghostship Oakland warehouse fire and its implications for artists worldwide. Very thoughtful; google Sam Lefebvre; he writes here and there…

() The Grassy Null (color magazine and cassette) and a 12″ 45 handmade packaging et al were given to us by an extremely courteous gentleman (was in Kyle Day, or Brendan Casey, or Michael Zamora, or Dan Schmatz, or Parker Richard?) from Vacant Stars Records. The cassette gives a download URL from with a Code… Worth seeking out and finding them; sorry but I could not find a URL – maybe google them?!?

() friends of Ara Jo gave us some tribute zines and ephemera they spontaneously produced; sadly we mostly couldn’t find contact info where you could get your own copies! Jeffrey Cheung gave us a poster (check him out). Vanessa X gave us a poem-book “Inside Other People’s Tents” –, or PO Box 1241, Oakland CA 94604

() If you gave us something and were not listed, please write us and we’ll try hard to list you in the Next newsletter…

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() Pre-order the CINDERGARDEN album – help a DIY recording artist fund records and music videos. Extraordinary, raw, magikal, new #angelgoth – from our pal Rachel – her pal is Jaymie doing the above recording project

() sent by Judy S.:

() from Don Ed Hardy: “I’ve never had a site focusing on my personal art. Finally got one done with the help of a great web designer—paintings and works in other media, but not prints on this one as yet. Check it out…

() from Natasha Boas: “Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Happy New Year and please spread the word to students, activists, innovators, luminaries, writers, artists, educators and friends about our Big Ideas course @CAL@BAMPFA which starts on 12-25-2016. First big lecture was on 1/18/2017 Wed noon; subsequent big talks will be Wed noon(s). Wed Feb 8 noon: Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Jack Hirschman!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in 2017! Yours, Natasha”

Thinking Through the Arts and Design at Berkeley: California Countercultures | Arts Research Center

() Steve Hitchcock (worked with early Boyd Rice/Robert Turman): early pre-industrial recordings now available:


() Hello Vale, Thanks so much for coming Saturday night for the premiere of the SRL documentary – it was quite an evening, and great to see you…here is the link to the trailer:
Thanks, Steve Bage


() Silence, Solitude, Skepticism

() Minimize your addictions (You’ll Get More Done. But first you have to figure out what they ARE!)


() ‘”Vale – I regret to advise that pioneer electronic musician Jean-Jacques Perrey has left this mortal life and passed into his final reward. You have featured him in past editions of your newsletter and also featured one of his return-to-stage CD’s in recent past years. There is substantial information available on-line by simply accessing his name in a search engine with respect to his passing. Apparently he died quietly at home at age 87 after a fight with a rather aggressive and quick-acting form of lung cancer. —D. Kirkpatrick, Boston, MA” (JJP: Jan 20, 1929-Nov 4, 2016)

() “Hey Vale, I really enjoyed the Valecomic by Krusty Wheatfield. It would be fun to talk to you in person about it. The bunny part was really powerful.—Alan C.”

() Posted on the JGB Facebook group by David Pringle: “It’s sad to hear of the death of Hilary Bailey (1936-2017), Mike Moorcock’s first wife and mother of his three children. Ballard certainly knew her well, as did his children. Condolences to all.”

R.I.P., Emma Tennant (1937-2017), novelist and editor (Bananas). I hear from John Clute that she died yesterday, in London, just a few days after her friend and collaborator, Hilary Bailey. She had been suffering from Alzheimer’s, and probably was unaware of Hilary’s unexpected death on the 18th of this month, January. That’s two more of the women in JGB’s life now gone.”

() “François Lagarde (worked with WSB, etc) has passed away on 13th December 2016. RIP—Udo Breger”

() “Vale, Here’s the latest on Korla Pandit: The documentary “Korla,” produced by John Turner and Eric Christensen is scheduled to run on PBS stations in February.  We were hoping you could mention this amazing story of a man who is now recognized as the first African-American to have his own television show, even though he did so by passing as an East Indian. Co-Producers John Turner and Eric Christensen are both retired, 30-year-plus veterans of ABC 7 Television in San Francisco, and can be reached for interviews: Eric Christensen, 415 793 7301 and  and John Turner 510 524 2550 and ”

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