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V. Vale’s RE/Search Newsletter #156, January 2017: Terminal Punk art show in Oakland

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1A.  EDITORIAL by V. Vale: Come to our Jan 5 Art Show in Oakland!

1B.  Some Photo Captions by V. Vale

1C. New Bruce Conner book! Industrial Culture zine + poster available! Also Terminal Punk zine by V. Vale! JG Ballard Zine w/last interview, never before in print!

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1A. EDITORIAL by V. Vale, Your Editor: We’re sending this newsletter to try to get local newsletter subscribers to attend our Thur Jan 5, 5-10pm art show at Classic Cars West Gallery, 411 26th St, Oakland 94612. Here’s the press release:


Press contact: Kelsey Westphal (805) 798-7367

Terminal Punk

January 5th – March 1st, 2017 Opening Reception: January 5, 5-10 PM Second Reception: TBD

Oakland, CA – Classic Cars West is proud to announce it will feature the multi-media installation Terminal Punk, highlighting two generations of marginal art and publishing in the Bay Area. V. Vale, Marian Wallace and Krusty Wheatfield’s explorations of the teeming underbelly of modern culture- making collectively span more than 40 years. For the month of January and February, Classic Cars West Gallery will be transformed into a living archive of alternative media.

About the installation: The installation will feature never-before-seen photographs and original zine spreads by Vale, industrial music, film and prints by Wallace, alongside prints and bio-comics by Krusty Wheatfield. Punk ephemera and other underground artifacts from the RE/Search collection will also be on display for the counterculture connoisseur and the newly woke alike.

For the opening night on January 5th, musical performances will also enliven the space. Local Oakland bands UNITY, Marbled Eye, and Crush will perform, along with Minneapolis drag performer Gay Henry and Portland’s Floating Room, proving that punk/post-punk/whatever is alive and well and still lots of good fun.

Through this generational juxtaposition, the trio hopes to reveal the contours of a counter-culture continuum, and propose a fruitful, feisty future in times when most things reek of decay and devolution. Terminal Punk is not a death sentence, but an indication of where to go next. When insurrection has been absorbed into the marketing ploys of multinational corporations, what new tactics must we use to stay sane? Vale, Wallace and Wheatfield propose their particular bags of tricks for this sticky situation.

About the Artists: Vale is most well-known for his punk zine “Search and Destroy”, but has since built a reputation as a homegrown alt- historian through his publishing of RE/Search publications. Wallace, a member of the American Surrealists, has long been a vanguard of the experimental film and industrial music scene in San Francisco, working with Bruce Conner and the New Nothing Film Collective. Krusty Wheatfield, a former RE/Search intern, is a cartoonist and co-founder of the Bay Area zine Come Find Out; her most recent project is an adaptation of interviews with Vale and Wallace into graphic narrative form.

About the Venue: Classic Cars West is a boutique vintage car show- room and contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Oakland’s thriving arts community, focusing on local and emerging artists work- ing in a range of mediums.

411 26th St. Oakland 94612

Hours: Wed-Sat 11-5, Sun 11-3 For high-resolution images, contact Kelsey Westphal 805-798-7367,

Untitled photograph featuring V. Vale and City Lights Regulars.

Excerpt of “Search for Weird # 0” by Krusty Wheatfield and V. Vale, 2016

1B. V. Vale wrote some photo captions for the show, and here they are:

Being born Asian, artist-ic and “Beatnik” in America was like being born into a double- or triple-counterculture. If you grow up in a practically-all-white tiny town like I did (1,000 people?) you know you’re an outsider. Especially if it’s a cult religion (Seventh-day Adventism) where everyone attends the same church and goes to the same religious grade school, high school and college… At least it felt safe and surprisingly non-racist; you knew everyone’s names.

It’s fun being early to the party: food and drink are still plentiful and unspoiled, you can meet and talk to other early birds, and you can leave before it gets crowded and noisy with obnoxious drunks and boors. Who can handle meeting more than a handful of “new” people anyway—you can’t remember all their names. If you can meet just one person you really like—that’s enough!

In San Francisco, Punk appeared in context of an earlier “underground” called “Disco” where people wore gold lame and flashy clothes and danced themselves into an orgasmic frenzy, urged on by my deejays who segued one record into another, gradually increasing the tempo until people would sometimes drop to the floor in exhaustion. Dance Your Ass Off at Columbus near Greenwich-Lombard was an early disco which was sometimes featured on local TV; I went there and sat in the balcony watching the dancers trying to outdo each other. People would literally dance for an hour or more before giving up. I realized that dance is a strange “art form” combining athleticism, grace, unpredictability and a whole vocabulary of sexual gyrations and courtship come-hithers.

On their first West Coast tour the Ramones played clubs where audiences were accustomed to sitting down at small tables and watching. In this photo, taken Sat Feb 26, 1977 at the Keystone Berkeley (Ramones were supporting Stoneground) a lone female with a gold headband was the only one courageous enough to get up and show off her disco moves—most of the audience was too stunned to get up and dance. The Ramones were literally the shock troops of the coming Punk Rock movement, having started as early as 1974, back east. Nobody had seen or heard something like this (black leather jackets, ripped jeans, tiny ripped t-shirts?!?) and like disco, in their live sets the music never stopped; one song segued into the next one.

Monte Cazazza is probably the hardest-core of all the early industrial artists, and the only one who did not succumb to the plague of self-promotion currently suffocating the planet. His sarcasm and black humor is as natural as breathing, and he can be counted on to say something unpredictable and often shocking—where do his insights come from?!? One-on-one of the funniest people you will ever meet…

Early Punk Rock in San Francisco allowed for lots of different “looks” (before conformism came in) and here Vermilion Sands (Mary Monday band) offers a contrast to Jennifer Miro (Nuns) backstage at the Mabuhay Gardens, the first “Punk” club on Broadway near Kearny Street in North Beach, the strip club area.

A number of early Punks went to a free art opening featuring Andy Warhol’s first appearance in San Francisco (at the Quay Gallery, 560 Sutter Street, west of the Stockton tunnel; this was Monday night Feb 21, 1977; it’s wrongly described in Pat Hackett’s The Andy Warhol Diaries). A young female TV presenter is shown doing a live interview in the window of the gallery for a local news station (what happened to that footage?!?). Met Jeorgia Anderson at this event.

Andy Warhol is photographed with Carol Doda, leading light of the “topless club” The Condor at Broadway and Columbus in North Beach. Carol Doda became a local lounge singer belting out standards before she passed Nov 9, 2015. V. Vale got to accompany her once on piano at the Caffe Trieste.

Genesis P-Orridge is one of the most articulate people on the planet, and a prophet of gender parity, noise music and more. Here he’s shown trying on a pair of white super-high-heels belonging to Tana Emmolo at Monte Cazazza’s house in the Oakland hills. He’s wearing an Aleister Crowley pin, a copper bracelet to ward off early arthritis, a two-of-a-kind “pussy necklace,” and more…

The first two years of Punk in San Francisco were too good to last, and then the next generation came in: real teenagers unafraid to go all-out in imitating or emulating or being inspired by the archetypal photos they’d seen in 1976-’79 British music weeklies and other media. Definitely a different “aesthetic” for “female beauty” was being born…

Howard Hart is one of the little-known Beatniks who dared to go to black jazz clubs (a drummer; he was mentored by Kenny ‘Klook’ Clark) and write cryptic verse, self-published poetry books that rarely sold (like “The Sky of Orange Whispers”). In 1970 he was my roommate in a large house on Mountain Hill Road in Mill Valley next to the home of Carlos Santana, who I never once saw. Howard would often stay up all night playing bebop jazz and Alban Berg records.

City Lights Bookstore was the main incubator of the Beat Movement (along with a few coffeehouses two blocks away where poets recited freshly-written poems and played bongo drums; the “coffeehouse” was new to America then, having been imported from Europe).

On the West Coast, Asians played a major role in furthering both the Beat and Punk movements. The early City Lights Bookstore would not have survived without the tireless labor of Shigeyoshi Murao (“Shig”) who probably worked 100 hours a week; the world-class City Lights tourist-destination “brand” had not yet been crafted. The Mabuhay Gardens, 443 Broadway, (first S.F. “Punk” Club) was run by Filipino Ness Aquino (L.A. had Madame Wong’s).

City Lights Bookstore’s staff in the early 1970s included Mindaugis Bagdon (Lithuanian mountain-climber and filmmaker), Bob Levy (union activist; socialist), Richie Berman (Dylan-esque folk singer), Nancy Peters (co-owner), Shig Murao (manager), Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kamera Zie (photographer for Search & Destroy), and Elizabeth Sunflower (unofficial City Lights photographer).

One of the earliest Punk shows at the Mabuhay featured The Dils from the San Diego area on their first trip to San Francisco. In this photo then-vocalist Jeffrey Scott pogo-ed high in the air as he sang/shrieked.

In 1978 William S. Burroughs came to San Francisco and did a reading at the Keystone Korner jazz club on Vallejo St next to the police station, two blocks from City Lights Bookstore. V. Vale took Burroughs to the San Francisco Gun Exchange on 2nd Street, “helping to bring Burroughs out of the [gun] closet.” In this photo WSB finds out what it feels like to handle an Uzi (the legal, semi-auto version).

Allen Ginsberg at his own “Last Supper” with Vermilion Sands (left) and Gail Takamine (right) along with unidentifieds. At this party (given by a relative of Ginsberg) was Michael McClure, Gary Snyder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and more.

Philip Lamantia was probably the crowning genius (intellectually speaking) of the Beat Movement, although he considered himself more of a “Surrealist.” Why? He had read more (and remembered more of what he had read) and also read more widely; his knowledge spanned from Schwaller de Lubicz to Ernst Kantorowicz to all the Surrealists and pre-Surrealists and major figures associated with the “Occult” and all things underground. He also had a wide knowledge of jazz and imaginative music against the grain, such as Messiaen’s “L’oiseaux Exotique.” He was RE/Search’s single most hands-on neighborhood mentor; Burroughs and Ballard were mentors from afar.

Kathy Acker came to City Lights Bookstore and introduced herself to V. Vale by presenting an “appropriated” version of the first RE/Search tabloid #1 on which her own text was overlaid, in rectangles, the original page layouts. RE/Search ended up designing, illustrating and publishing her Great Expectations book before Grove Press issued their edition. The RE/Search edition is extremely rare.

The most original artist to come out of the San Francisco Punk Movement (and the Bay Area, for that matter, and possibly the world) was undoubtedly Mark Pauline, who founded Survival Research Laboratories which staged city-block-sized big-machine performances notable for explosions, fire, and spectacular destructions of props. At his birthday party for William S. Burroughs (1981 or 1982?), here Mark Pauline chats while V. Vale and Johnny Strike (of the band Crime) listen. V. Vale organized the party, which included a large birthday cake decorated with bullets, made by Megan McCulloch and Bobbi Rosenak of Just Desserts.

1C. Our latest publications – 6 new books!

() New JG Ballard zine in color; printed in England! (includes our last interview, never before in print. Plus color photograph of JGB signed by V. Vale). $20 plus $5 shipping (shipping $10 overseas). Also a few copies: 11×14 JG Ballard Color Poster – write if interested! This zine came about because V. Vale and Marian Wallace were invited to participate in the first “J.G. Ballard Day” at Birmingham City University; Vale did a talk/Q&A, and Marian Wallace showed her film on J.G. Ballard: Aesthetics. Faye Ballard (one of J.G. Ballard’s two daughters) stood up and gave an unexpected tribute: “I just want to say: it’s fantastic having you here. It was worth you coming. Your presence here is felt by all of us, even if we’re a very select group. It’s important that you’re here. I also want to say that my father is indebted to you for publishing The Atrocity Exhibition. He always talked about you as the publisher of The Atrocity Exhibition. And he loved your book RE/Search 8/9: JG Ballard. He loved it! You’ve made a major contribution. You supported him when he was alive. It’s very well, now that he’s dead, for us all to say “what a marvellous man, he’s inthe canon of literature”. But when you supported him he wasn’t necessarily in the mainstream, he wasn’t in that canon. You gave him a huge amount of support when it was needed. We’re all grateful. I think it’s important to acknowledge you and what you’ve done.” (Wow, Thank You So Much, Faye Ballard!…We also thank Bea Ballard for just being alive and being supportive of RE/Search, too!)

To order a zine, email V. Vale at, or snail-telephone 415-362-1465. Overseas readers who want to order more than one book: please email V. Vale so he can try to figure out the cheapest shipping to your country!

BRUCE CONNER: The Afternoon Interviews by V. Vale. Introduction by Natasha Boas. Cover & super-fast book production by Marian Wallace. 128pp, original photos by Vale. If you liked Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews, you’ll like this latest RE/Search book rush-released to make it in time for the Oct 29, 2016 Bruce Conner Retrospective at SFMOMA (the show came from MOMA NY, and is on its way to Barcelona, Spain). Order direct from RE/Search & also receive a 4×6″ color portrait of Bruce Conner, signed by photographer V. Vale.

RE/Search had a book party hosted by Dena Beard at The Lab on Nov 19, and it was a standing-room only event. The evening featured an electronic music premiere by La Mer (aka Marian Wallace) including her tribute 8-minute film “It’s All True” (homage to Bruce Conner) plus a live interview with Marian Wallace, talk by Natasha Boas, chaired by V. Vale. The Lab is a beautiful space which can accommodate virtually any kind of performance imaginable! Natasha Boas has planned a whole series of interesting (often free) events as part of her Berkeley teaching professional assignment.

() We produced a tiny number of a partially-color comics zine by Krusty Wheatfield on V. Vale’s life/biography, titled SEARCH FOR WEIRD (a bio-comic). Excellent drawings! $15 plus $5 shipping ($10 overseas shipping)

() Terminal Punk / Philosophy of Punk, 5th edition by V. Vale (interviews, quotes, etc: why “Punk” is the last philosophy you’ll ever need; it may even help you survive the apocalypse!). This may be had for a mere $5 plus $5 shipping ($10 overseas), or come by our office and score your copy! You might also want to score a rare RE/Search T-shirt; we’re already running out of the “small” sizes! Other options are our William S. Burroughs T-shirt, and our Mr. Death T-shirt.

() Lost Angels of Los Angeles: 12 photographs by Danielle Neu, fiction captions by V. Vale. A one-sheet folded to make a 12-panel zine! Write if you want a copy ($3 postpaid USA; $5 foreign).

() New Industrial Culture zine + poster in 2 versions!

Artists of the Industrial Scene – Printed in France! Color Zine in French and English! Interviews with Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle/ Psychic TV), Mark Pauline (Survival Research Laboratories), Johanna Went, Jim Thirlwell (foetus), Ryoichi Kurokawa, Ilpo Väisänen and Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic), Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle), Graeme Revell (SPK), Naut Humon (Rhythm & Noise), Gerald V. Casale (DEVO). $20 plus $5 ship ($10 overseas)

() Color Poster from Paris show! 2 versions! With Monte Cazazza image! Check it out! $20 plus $7 ship; $20 to ship overseas)

AND a (2-sided deluxe version! – 2 copies only; write for details)

2. Counter Culture Hour

for current information email us at

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

2b. RE/Search Conversations: podcast series

Most of us are too busy to sit down and watch a “TV show,” so now you can listen to some of the conversations that happen around the table at the RE/Search office. For Daniel Miller Part 2** go to:

For Jarett Kobek’s podcast-visit  as well as at the Apple podcast ‘store’ (they’re free and available to all who can find them). Here’s the link to the offerings to date (Penny Rimbaud, Rudy Rucker, Lyle Tuttle, and now Parts 1 AND 2 of Daniel Miller!

Please send us feedback if you listen to these podcasts so we’ll know someone out there is listening!!

For the brand-new Christopher Coppola podcast, visit

And for the Thorsten Schutte podcast [director of Frank Zappa documentary “Eat That Question” go to:

3. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() $ [BERKELEYSAT JAN 7, SUN JAN 8 Amazing lineup of bands over 8 days: Alex’s THE LOOKOUTING: Lookout Records Artists Play a Bunch of Benefits for Maximum Rock’n’Roll at 924 Gilman St: Sat Jan 7 (Pansy Division; Mr T Experience, more) Sun Jan 8 (Avengers, more). **RE/Search** will have a book table Jan 7 and Jan 8; come meet us!

() FREE SUN Jan 8 1:30pm-3:30pm RE/Search’s V. Vale and Marian Wallace with cohort Krusty Wheatfield present a Zine Panel/Zine Workshop: in 2 hours, make your own zine! Main Branch of downtown Berkeley Public Library, 2090 Kittredge St, Berkeley CA 94704 – 3rd floor community meeting room. Questions: call Emily at 510-981-6121.

() FREE [LOS ANGELES] Thur Feb 23 through Sun Feb 26, ALL DAY: MEET RE/Search (we will be bringing our rarest books and items) at the Zines Section of the LOS ANGELES ART BOOK FAIR (LAABF) Fingers crossed: V. Vale hopes to do a live interview with the great A.A. Bronson

() Bruce Conner: It’s All True – San Francisco Museum of Modern Art through Jan 22, 2017. Plan a day there! Make time for lunch and then return to see more! Lots to see: movies, assemblages, punk photos, sculptures, early paintings, collages …   Don’t go for just an hour (!) The films are all playing in their own small theaters within the museum and just that will keep you busy for hours. If you have a smartphone get the free “museum app” that narrates each room of the exhibition as you enter it; you even get to hear, Dennis Hopper talking, for example; added value!

() Support the Roxie Theater: great programming EVERY NIGHT (our opinion). Also support the Castro Theater! A beautiful Film Palace!

() S.F. EVENTS to Check Out Regularly: Long Now Foundation. Hypnodrome/Thrill Peddlars. Goethe Institute. The List (Punk Rock). Dorkbot. Bottom of the Hill. INdependent. Thee Parkside. The Chapel. Brick & Mortar. ATA Gallery (last “underground” film place?). The Lab under Dena Beard. Southern Exposure Gallery under Patricia Maloney. Mule Gallery.

() Feb 3-8 $ Berlin & Beyond Film Festival sponsored by Goethe Institute at Castro Theater & other locations. Some of these films look very interesting, like “Fukushima, Mon Amour,” “Heidi,” and “Silicon Valley Revolution.” Festival:

() FREE Jan-May 2017 Natasha Boas has planned a great series of FREE events in Berkeley, Wednesdays at Noon; add them all to your calendar!

RE/Search will be giving a presentation on Wed April 19 (“San Francisco Punk with V. Vale”) and Mark Pauline (SRL) will be presenting on Wed April 26 “Over the top: when too much is never enough”… But, it seems every one of these events is worth attending, starting with the Wed noon Jan 25 presentation by Natasha Boas herself. See for yourself! We plan to visit Berkeley more than we have in positively years...

() NYC Nov 20-March 19, 2017: the Francis Picabia Retrospective, NYMOMA. If someone wants to send us a review, please do! Hopefully, there is also a museum catalog available…

4. OUR PAST LIFE: What We’ve Received, Liked, Experienced:

() Henry Rollins was (as always) amazing, encouraging, and inspiring in his 2.5 hour marathon talk (no notes, not even one water-sipping break) at Herbst Theater Dec 29, 2016, and as our former intern Emily Rose Epstein posted on FaceBook Dec 31, 2016: “A little New Years tip from Val Vale‘s long form interview with Henry Rollins: “I try and end-and-start the Old Year and New Year with usually Coltrane or Sun Ra and try to figure out if I am angrier and more committed at the end of the year than I was at the ending of the year before. And I always come triumphantly to the conclusion that Yes, yes! I am more pissed off at the end of this year than I was 364 days and 23 hours and 58 minutes ago. Which is much to my great relief: that I am still holding some kind of standing, ambient anger which doesn’t make me punch dogs or beat up walls. It makes me want to go out into the world and ask questions…” [from our small book series: Henry Rollins, available at

() “La La Land”—we totally enjoyed it; beautifully filmed, romantic, and Ryan Gosling incarnates a jazz pianist extremely well; sings well, too! We saw this Christmas day at the Lee Theatre on Chestnut Street in S.F.

() Johnny Strike of the early S.F. Punk band CRIME sent us his latest noir novel which we recommend: Name of the Stranger—we read it all in one sitting! He takes you on a trip from San Francisco to Tangier to Mexico. Order from

() Rick McGrath sent us his latest labor-of-love magnum-opus on all things Ballardian, and we recommend you send away for your own copy: Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2016. This 300-page copiously-illustrated coffee-table book is a must-have for any J.G. Ballard fan; it’s beautifully produced and dense with criticism, history, information and ideas. The Terminal Press, 135 MacPherson Ave, Toronto ON M5R 1W9, Canada.  Write:

() Zack Kopp sent us his super-timely book Overgrown which we just read in one sitting (proof: “Val Vale” is mentioned on page 268). Here’s a kind of intro: “You could say Overgrown came together in a state of euphoric delusion after Trump won the election. I’m still there and I may never leave. Not that I’m glad…See, I had been cultivating this amorphous kind of lack of a definite perspective after finding out the word “zetetic”—which in my mind, had the meaning that anything could seem to “happen” without being credibly proven as an inevitable result or likelihood of any potential gambit…”

() Jenn Pelly visited us from NY, courtesy of Sam Atakra (check out his 5 writings on the “Ghost Ship” tragedy), and gave us her 5″x7″ zine “Hidden Eye” printed in all-color, perfect-bound, featuring her long interview with Emma Kohlmann, a long interview with Jes Aurelius and ZZ Ramirez, a poetic piece by one “Gem Kelly” (a nom-de-pun, perhaps?) and more. High-quality contemporary-soul-searching conversations! $9 plus $4 shipping; write for Your Very Own Copy!

() Today we received in the mail Opus Bound TEXT/UREs Vol. 1 and Vol. 2: all-color 8.5×11″ perfectbound publications from Mike Castro, editor. Beautiful illustrations, provocative texts, billboard poetry, obsessive art “collages” or “assemblages” or… it’s all Extremely Colorful! Write for your own copies!  Or send $20 to Mike Castro, 513 Sand Ridge Dr, Valrico FL 33594

() We met so many great people at NYArtBookFAir in Sept and we plan to do follow-up correspondence; we’re late! You know who you are…

5. LINKS (Send Us Some!)

() from Don Ed Hardy: “I’ve never had a site focusing on my personal art. Finally got one done with the help of a great web designer—paintings and works in other media, but not prints on this one as yet. Check it out…

() from V in London:  Have you heard of moon wiring club? Just found out about them

Hi Vale

I’m volunteering to set up this alice event at the HH on 1 Feb. please can you share it via your fb page and mention the alice event in your newsletter in jan 2017?  It would be great to get the word circukated about this event. It is solely run by volunteers and we could use the publicity. Please tell people you know in the uk about it who may be interested. I’m hoping that the HH opening event will sell out. Thanks vale.

i hope that you and your friends will have a happy new year (despite all of the negativity which now exists).  We shall continue to resist!  I like the phrase, ‘Immanentize the Echaton’.  I had to google it to understand it! Take care, V”

() from Natasha Boas: “Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Happy New Year and please spread the word to students, activists, innovators, luminaries, writers, artists, educators and friends about our Big Ideas course @CAL@BAMPFA which starts on 12-25-2017.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in 2017! Yours, Natasha”

Thinking Through the Arts and Design at Berkeley: California Countercultures | Arts Research Center


() Silence. Solitude. Skepticism. (from V. Vale’s “Goals of Life” poster)

() Retirement Causes Death!

() You Need Leisure Time To Rebel!

() “Traveling” Surpasses “Living”!

() Today’s Signature Paradigm: “No Separation Between Marketing and Life!”


Send us one!

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