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V. Vale’s RE/Search newsletter, Feb 2016: Local music, Nick Zedd, childhood

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1A: EDITORIAL: Our last 2 months… by V. Vale
1B. Intv w/Nick Zedd (Part 1) by Zora Burden

1C. Tales of Germania (Early Punk Rock) by Stephane von Stephane
1D. NEW FROM RE/SEARCH: Charles Gatewood pocket book forthcoming! Diane di Prima zine, LSD MUSEUM Mark McCloud ZINE. Penny Rimbaud book. Monte Cazazza Zine (2nd printing!).
1D. 10 Favorite Childhood Experiences by V. Vale
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1A. V. Vale Editorial: Our Last 2 Months. Support Local Music!

Dec 4 at ATA Gallery saw Ettrick, two drummer-saxophonists playing what we call “free jazz” and it was wild! Then Black Spirituals played: a black guitarist with a very unique style plus a black drummer: you never heard THIS before! Hammond organist Doug Katelus ended the evening with a live performance of his new vinyl LP. Fun! About thirty people saw this truly underground event at Craig Baldwin’s domain which he has managed, somehow,  to keep going for over thirty years. The last underground art performance space left in the Mission district.
  Dec 4 at Slims saw Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine and was aggrieved to learn that the drummer was leaving the band. We sat from 7pm til 2am and also saw ArnoCorps (aspirational manly music), Fleshies, Death Hymn No. 9— Alternative Tentacles bands. All fun, every minute! Love it when Biafra makes fun of Trump.
  Dec 8 we went to CCA Wattis and experienced some fun (but serious) art by Carissa Rodriguez—it was fun stepping around the bones on the floor and thinking about her photos taken at places like Twitter headquarters. Her tagline was: “I’m normal. I have a garden. I’m a person.” We enjoyed the “appropriated/modified” films and “confessional”-art-on-the-walls (some adult) by Ellen Cantor whom we hadn’t heard of before; too bad she still isn’t with us! Our host: Jamie Stevens.
Dec 12 was East Bay Zine Fest which is always one of our favorite events of the year; very interesting people talk to us, give us zines, and reassure us that there’s still hope! Dec 11 and Dec 13 we did a Q&A at YBCA’s screenings of INDUSTRIAL SOUNDTRACK for the Urban Decay, which V. Vale appears in briefly.
Dec 14 went to Mark Pauline’s birthday party at a restaurant on Embarcadero/Folsom and saw the Bay Lights on the Bay Bridge ignite into action, improved by much more powerful LEDs. Fun party.
Dec 15-16 saw Mike Watt’s trio “The Secondmen” support “X” from L.A. (all four original members) at The INdependent. Total fun.
  Dec 18 went to the Last Gasp annual Christmas party fundraiser and got to play piano for an hour.
  December 25 to now: mostly had a cold! But, saw some more really fun local music…
  Dec 25 at the Elbo Room, Valencia/17th St saw Karla LaVey’s Black X-Mass with fellow publisher Joe Donohoe (Specious Species #8 recently published). We totally enjoyed seeing Bite (Chelsea & Keith’s band), The Wastedeads (with Beth Loudmouth) and From Hell, an amazing metal band with 2 or 3 beautiful Goth female dancers. Next day at Showdown, a tiny bar on 6th St, saw BOOKS ON FATE and felt transported back to the Hacienda Club in Manchester when Joy Division, then New Order, and fellow bands were playing their first years of concerts. The female drummer was especially powerful. The haunting harmonies of the Dead Sailor Girls dragged us down to a watery grave. “For Joris” [band] brought us back to the 80s Factory Record scene. Jean Caffeine, early Punk Rocker, did her Folk Punk original songs.
  Flash forward to Fri Jan 22 where we attended the Trips Festival 50-Yr-Anniversary Celebration at Obscura (thanks, Desmond, for letting us in!) and got inspired by Stewart Brand citing Bucky Fuller as a major inspiration (also a big RE/Search inspiration). Naut Humon was there. Josette from Gray Area was there. It was fun. Mykel & Danielle from Long Now Foundation gave us a ride home; it was suddenly pouring rain—Thanks!
  SUBJECT CHANGE: Have been reading CONVERSATIONS WITH BUNUEL which is very funny; it definitely supports staying on the path of permanent punk-surrealist rebellion. Also read parts of two books on Groucho Marx, a great influence in our youth (if only we could generate wordplay, puns, and reverse homilies so effortlessly). We think it’s necessary to read as much humor as possible these days to keep our morale up, as San Francisco daily becomes more inundated with a tsunami of “techies” proud of their acultural normcore barbarism (trendy new martinis, trendy new restaurants—is that all there is?!).
  We had two Saturday night 5-7pm pop-up store-in-a-store events (Jan 23, Jan 30) at Voyager, 365 Valencia/15th St. Robert Patterson gave us a beautiful display for our RE/Search books, visible from the window. Met a number of people we liked, and the last person we met gave us a beautiful hardbound novel he had written which turned out to be highly-recommendable; it captures a weird contemporary zeitgeist like no other novel we’ve found in the last decade or two. Oddly, a few days earlier, upon the vehement recommendation of Jim Morton, we had seen ANOMALISA, and as we walked home afterward we kept repeating, “That was weird.” The film started out seeming futuristic (for a lot of visual and aural reasons) but it seems to be set in the near-present…recommend you see it at the Embarcadero Theater 5 where they have huge, great, heavily padded, luxurious recliner seats where you can sip even alcoholic beverages should you be so inclined… Can’t imagine this film would be so powerful watched on your iPhone or laptop… Then, we get given this novel capturing the post-cellphone+Global Internet/flash-friends “semi-reality”—which also makes us go, “This is weird…” We’re only halfway through but we’re pretty sure this is one of the BEST novels we’re likely to read this year, because it’s full of IDEAS yet reads like a mystery book: ICE PARTY: A Novel. Mushroom Books. A novel by Sumeet Banerji. Funded on Kickstarter. Beautiful production. RE/Search recommends THIS…
Reading this book, we feel we’re entering yet another Brave New World…

1B.  Intv w Nick Zedd (NYC Punk Icon) by Zora Burden (done January 2016) 

Part 1:
Zora Burden: What prompted your move to Mexico and how does it compare to the U.S.?
Nick Zedd: I was fed up with the sameness of NYC—it had become a kind of purgatory! I’d lived there most of my life and always liked the energy and the chance to collaborate with new people, but the landlordism got out of control with outrageous rents—that had me stuck in the same apartment for 17 years. I’d been very productive from 2001 to 2011 directing a stock company of comedians and actors in a series of short comedies and a public access TV series that became like a personal religion.

That gave my life meaning, but my main collaborator had serious mental problems and we had a falling out. I felt very isolated and focused on a new medium: painting, which didn’t require collaborating with mentally unbalanced assholes and freed me to express myself without any kind of restraints. After welcoming the restraints imposed by doing a 28-minute action/adventure/satirical superhero series (Electra Elf) for nine years, I found a different kind of release in the mixing of colors on canvas—something I’d never imagined doing.
  I was kind of depressed and unfulfilled in my personal life and was celibate for a few years. Then I met a lady, Monica, from Mexico who suggested I move there with her. We fell in love and decided to have a child—born in Mexico City. Having never gone through that kind of experience, I thought, “Yeah, this would be something completely different.” So I filmed the birth of my son in a hospital in Roma.
  We were lucky and found a cheap apartment in the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived…Condesa. It was like living in paradise for the next four years…I felt at home for the first time in my life, even though I couldn’t speak Spanish. I never expected to have a family and see my own son grow…it’s been the most extraordinary experience. It’s radically changed who I am.
The downside to this seeming miracle occurred last year when the owner of the building decided to “renovate” it and proceeded to throw all of the tenants out or pay them to leave. We stubbornly refused to leave—even after families who had been in the building for decades got fed up and left. The landlord and his goons turned off our running water and electricity and stole the gas tank so we couldn’t use the oven or stove. We carried our own water in bottles up three flights of stairs, siphoned off electricity from a hotel next door using extension cords and got a hot plate to cook on.
  The workers ruined the building, pounding on the walls, demolishing the beautiful architecture around us for the next ten months while we visited government offices and went on rent strike. Nobody could help us. It was a surreal journey into hell, but being with my son and his mother made it worth it. I continued to paint and make short films while plaster fell from the ceiling and holes were punched into the walls surrounding us. The landlord changed the lock to the front door and installed a security team to let us in and out. He put a TV camera in the hall facing our door and had goons with guns lurking around, even following Monica.
  Finally we got a lawyer to negotiate with the landlord, forcing him to pay us to leave. Now we live in a crowded hotel room in Centro, a dirty and dangerous neighborhood with too many people around. I feel like I’m back in a foreign version of the kinds of slums I lived in years ago in NYC. The one positive thing is being with my son Zerak who I love so much and learn from every day. I had to make a change in my life and I did.Being an artist means living on the edge.
ZB: How are the arts communities in Mexico different from those in the U.S.?
NZ: In the U.S. there seems to be no art communities left, thanks to gentrification and landlordism. However, in NYC I was able to show paintings sooner than in Mexico. It only took a year to find some spaces that were interested, and I’ve sold a few paintings through a gallery in Bushwick. Unfortunately, most galleries are run by fucking idiots and criminals… so it takes forever to show new stuff.
  Mexico is very conservative and lacks any sense of community in terms of a counter-culture. I feel isolated here. But my priorities changed after 2009. Having a family means more to me than being part of a “creative community”! If I were more alone—the way I’d been in NYC for many years—I’d probably be more interested in finding a lot of people to work with.
  I’ve become a recluse of sorts. I’ve given up on the human race.
  But I’ve continued to look for places to show my work. It took far longer than I expected to find a gallery or museum to show my stuff here in Mexico—it took three years to find a museum that would show my “Xenomorphic Entities” paintings—and even then, they only allowed the public to go into the room on opening night. For the remaining month, a barrier was placed in front of the door to the space in the Belles Artes Museum in San Miguel de Allende, keeping people out. I was told by the curators that this was because the museum refused to pay a security guard to be there to protect the stuff.
  I did my first one-man show here last year, five years after I’d arrived. It was in a gallery that didn’t attract many people. I did a weekly series of underground film screenings in the gallery during the month that the show was up. The biggest audience that I got was ten people! At one screening, nobody came. I blame this on the curator who insisted that the screenings take place on weekday afternoons when most people were either in school or at work. It seemed a no-brainer to me, but the curator was quite stubborn.
  However, I showed a retrospective of movies in 2011 at the Macabro Festival (Festival Internacional de cine de horror de la Ciudad de México) where several hundred people showed up at one screening, so I know I have a following if it’s done right. I was not invited back, though.
  A gallery in Condesa specializing in gay-themed art promised to do a show of my more sexual stuff. Then the owner appointed an asshole curator who refused to include my Extremist Manifesto and rejected a big painting I did for the place of three erect penises ejaculating. That kind of chicken shit cowardice was something I thought I’d left behind, but people are just as full of shit as ever. Erect cocks on big canvases still scare people, I guess! The owner lied to me and refused to sign a contract, so I withdrew my paintings. This showed me that there is no “arts community” in Mexico City, just a bunch of backward pussies and upper-class snobs pushing contemporary art that offends no one and bores everyone… just like everywhere!
ZB: How has your work changed since working as a filmmaker? How do you see your work progressing over the last few decades?
NZ: My work has become stronger and more crystallized— like diamonds!
  The paintings are extremist and sensual, invoking feelings of anguish and/or ecstasy, maybe…They’re exotic. And funny. People find them shocking.
  The videos I’ve made are more personal—like diary observations. Back when I had two mini-dv cameras that worked, I documented some of the more extreme and unusual sights in Mexico City, Tequisquiapan and other places.
  I got backstage at an Alejandra Guzman concert and shot her with her parents Sylvia Pinal [acted in Luis Bunuel films] and Enrique Guzman, in a movie that also showed the cockfights preceding her performance in a remote circular arena filled with working-class families. (The cockfights were illegal—but compelling for their barbarism.) The Guzman family are entertainment royalty in Mexico. In spite of this, it took me two years to find a place to show the movie—and nobody seemed interested in watching it when it was projected!
  Such is the nature of Mexicans. Or humans in general. They make no sense to me.
  I also produced a three-issue fanzine called Hatred of Capitalism which I convinced the Chopo Museum to print and distribute for free in a show I did presenting comic books and zines from my collection going back to childhood. We built a big black pyramid that held the zines for a month. I DJ’ed at the opening. That got me the most press coverage in Mexico. And a bigger audience.
[Watch for Part 2 in the March 2016 Newsletter)
1C. Stephane von Stephane Tales of Germania Pt 3 (Early Punk Years in San Francisco)
Title: “Everything Is In The Pawn Shop”
Tales of Germania {3rd Installment} “Everything Is In The Pawn Shop”
“I’m living on chinese rocks
all my best things are in hock
I’m living on chinese rocks
everything is in the pawn shop
The plaster’s falling off the wall
my girlfriend’s crying in the shower stall
It’s hot as a bitch / I shoulda been rich
But I’m just diggin this chinese ditch”
~Johnny Thunders
I didn’t know what a pawn shop was until I walked into one with Alejandro Escovedo of the band The Nuns. We had been sitting around his Divisadero apartment listening to an Iggy and the Stooges album. Jeff Olener [Nuns vocalist] says admiringly: “How fuckin’ high did he have to be to slash up his chest on stage?” Someone else: “James Williamson is the best guitarist of all time!” Everyone agrees. Alejandro says to me: “Wanna come with me to get my axe?” Al is the perfect-looking punk rocker with his tight jeans, pointy-toe boots, white tux shirt, leather jacket, and a smile like he knows all the secrets you want to learn.
We walk down the street to the nearest pawn shop. “Fuck, I hope it’s still there.” Al says. Turns out he’s sold his guitar to the pawn shop in order to buy heroin. This is not the first time. He’ll sell some of the heroin in order to buy back the guitar. “We’ve got a gig. You have to come see the band, we’re playing at the Mabuhay this weekend.”
“Yeah, I’ve been planning to come see you play.”
“Oh good, there it is.” His guitar is hanging on the wall behind the counter along with dozens of other guitars and musical instruments. Strewn about the shop are people’s once precious items, now up for grabs. Elaborately carved canes with ivory handles, generations of stylish wedding rings under glass. Al argues emphatically about the price of his guitar, but ultimately gives the guy the asking price. This is very ‘Velvet Underground’ I remember thinking. Kind of cool.
When I first move across the street and in with my Anita Pallenberg-esque girfriend I have no idea she’s doing or selling junk. One night at 3:30 a.m. there’s a loud knocking at the door. We wake up. My girlfriend sits up in bed listening until the loud knocking becomes kicking—as in kicking the door down. Then she runs downstairs and a quiet conversation ensues. “What was that about?” I ask when she comes back. “Oh, I owe him some money.”

  Of course it’s a dealer. A very unhappy dealer. But I don’t know that then. The bigger clue is when her old Army buddy hits town and tells her he has testicular cancer and wants some dope. My girlfriend is an ex-Army nurse. Always keeps the needles clean. ‘That jaded, faded, junky nurse Oh what pleasant company’ ~Rolling Stones
Did I bail then? No, I joined the party. I was reading William Burroughs and listening to Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. Lou Reed had already done his famous ‘shooting-up on stage’ tour. Everyone in the crowd had cheered. It was intriguing. ‘Try everything at least once’ was how I lived my life. “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you” she says as she shoots me up the first time. Truth: It NEVER hurts them more than it hurts you. And truth: there are some things that you don’t want to try only once.
Initially though, it is so good and so warm. Listening to David Bowie’s ‘LOW’ album still makes me feel divinely opiated. That, and Kraftwerk’s ‘Trans-Europe Express’ are the soundtracks to our punk rock junkie lives that year.
We do go see The Nuns at the Mab. And the Avengers, The Dils, Crime, U.X.A., the Dead Kennedys, and all the rest of the First Wave S.F. Punk bands. We become fast friends with Alejandro and his girlfriend Bobbi. One day, for some reason Al and Bobbi decide it will be fun to have her and I ‘Girlfight’. A bunch of the band are hanging out playing music and they start chanting: ‘Girlfight, girlfight, girlfight!’ Bobbi seems to want to… my girlfriend doesn’t seem to care, so Bobbi and I go into a separate room and start wrestling. Everyone else is in the other room playing music, it’s not a voyueristic thing. We go at each other for at least an hour. Rolling around sweating and fighting. It’s fun!
  It’s all fun till you run out of junk and money at the same time. Flash forward a year and I’m thrashing around in bed going cold turkey sweating hot and cold tangled in damp sheets wanting to scream; no veins available even if we had any junk or any money. It’s just ‘wait it out in pain and try not to die’.
The last time we’d been out to the Mab, we’d seen Blondie, we’d been high, my girlfriend had puked in one of the palm trees inside the club. This wasn’t unusual for the Mab. I think of being at the house on Divisadero listening to ‘Parallel Lines’ when it first comes out, looking at the photo on the cover where the guys are in Beatles suits, and Debbie’s in the white dress with a band of white material wrapped around her upper arm. The Nuns are debating whether or not this is an insider tip that the band is doing dope… and hoping that it is, like it’s a secret club or something. And in a way it is a club. The ‘waiting for my man’ club. ‘The first thing that you learn is you always got to wait’ ~Lou Reed club.
  My girlfriend mostly leaves me alone as I am in the midst of this junk-sickness. She is leaving me be. Thanks for that. Now she is leaving me. Oh fuck! Thanks for THAT. This was never going to be a very long relationship. Around me, furniture disappears on a daily basis. I wake up and more stuff is gone each day. One day she has friends with her and they take the bed out from under me. I am too weak to put up much of a fight. We fight anyway.
She says: “This is not my fault!”
Me: “Who cares whose fault it is?!”
I really want her gone now. But not really, because here I am abandoned on the Victorian hardwood floor. Naked in a pile of sheets trying to get it all out of my system, alone, cold turkey. Not fun. Not at all.
‘Cold turkey has got me on the run’ ~John Lennon
Very Punk Rock though.
[to be continued]—VonStephane [ed. note: Stephane worked on the first Search & Destroy until the final one, and never once did your editor know that she had ever even TRIED heroin!… Hmm… Perhaps chalk it up to that “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” 3 monkeys statue your editor acquired at the age of six or so.]

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1D:  TOP 10 Experiences as a Child

() Going on a sled down a steep hill in the snow
() Attending a black holy roller church service in Long Beach
() Going to Knotts Berry Farm and seeing a fake gunfight
() Going to Disneyland and seeing the fake alligator open its jaws
() Climbing up Half Dome in Yosemite, grade school
() Visiting the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City
() Riding a bike the first time and almost getting killed
() Trespassing on an abandoned American Indian reservation
() Exploring the catacombs below the Mission Inn in Riverside
() Killing a rattlesnake, then immediately regretting it

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() FREE Feb 10, 7pm Beat Museum, 540 Broadway, SF presents a Neal Cassady Birthday celebration. V. Vale will speak about being in the same room (and same car) as Neal Cassady, back in the Blue Cheer days. Vale speaks at 7pm sharp and then leaves after 5 minutes!
() FREE **LOS ANGELES** Thur-Sun Feb 11-14, RE/SEARCH will attend Los Angeles Art Book Fair (LAABF). Look for our RE/Search table in the Zines section; we’ll be next to Ewa Wojciak‘s “Yes Press” (note that last year RE/Search was not listed in the event directory, this year we made it!). V. Vale and Ewa Wojciak will appear on a panel Sun afternoon! We hope to have (2) new zines available, one featuring Mike Watt, and one made expressly for LAABF.  Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, 152 North Central Ave, L.A. 90012. (213) 626-6222. Thur 6-9pm, Fri 1-6pm, Sat 11-7pm, Sun 11-6pm. Credits: Shannon Michael Cane, Jordan Nassar. This event is close to Japanese American National Museum & Japantown.
VALE & WOJCIAK TALK:  Sun Feb 14: 2:00 – 3:00 pm (Gallery D? Ask info desk when you get there; we don’t even know!)

Can Zines Predict & Change the Future? with Ewa Wojciak, NO Magazine (Yes Press) &
V. Vale, Search & Destroy (RE/Search)
The historical publications NO Magazine (Los Angeles) and Search & Destroy (San Francisco) join in conversation. These 1970’s groundbreaking zines questioned and pushed the limits of popular culture as they encouraged readers to do something other than just consume. Publishing was not guided by sales and distribution. Alternative aesthetics and final content were often generated by play or chance. Risking finances to publish against impossible odds: Why did they do it? Why do they do it now?

() FREE Fri Feb 19, 6-9pm Ladybug House, 1321 Powell/Broadway, hosts a closing party for their Charles Gatewood Exhibition. V. Vale will read from the forthcoming CHARLES GATEWOOD book and have a small display of Gatewood-related RE/Search and Search&Destroy publications!
() FREE Thur Feb 25, 7pm: Judith Butler at CCA Timken Hall, SF. RE/Search plans to attend!
() FREE **LOS ANGELES** Sun March 6 11-6pm,RE/SEARCH WILL ATTEND L.A. Zinefest (thanks, Rhea Tepp!). 650 S. Spring St. Hopefully RE/Search will have a table next to Alice Bags. Actually, V. Vale interviews Alice Bags live (time unknown)
() Wed Mar 16, Bottom of the Hill: Acid Mothers Temple (Japan)
() Sun March 22, The Independent: George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
() March 31, The Masonic: Iggy Pop with Josh Hommes (Queens of the Stone Age; Eagles of Death Metal)! Extremely catchy new songs written in a heartbeat.
() Fri Apr 22, 9pm: Warfield: C.C. Catch and Bad Boys

() FREE? Wed Nov 3-Sat Nov 12, 2016 Dada World Fair 2016 at City Lights Bookstore (Plan ahead to come to San Francisco!)

4. OUR PAST LIFEWhat We’ve Received, Liked, Experienced:

() The most Visually Beautiful Book of 2015! (Also, crammed full of ideas and philosophical provocations.) New JG Ballardiana Book! “DEEP ENDS 2015, Rick McGrath’s 300-page, copiously illustrated in COLOR & B&W, new anthology of criticism, history, interviews, etc., about J. G. Ballard, is now available on eBay…” (said David Pringle). Ana Barrado photos! Google to find?
() Zines and other gifts received are listed in links below or the letters section when possible.
() Steven Cline sent us his beautiful book ECHO containing a Prologue, The Frog King, The Clever Ones, The Two Friends, Dialectic, and Fragments. We will do a close reading of this soon; he has also sent us zines, and is a fellow admirer of the Chicago Surrealist Group. Available from
5. LINKS (Send Us Some!)
() Michael Jang, Photographer who contributed to Search & Destroy, sent us this link – check it out!

() New on DVD: V. VALE appears in INDUSTRIAL SOUNDTRACK for the Urban Decay – 52 min. plus 30 min. of bonus material – order from – beautiful production – the fillmmaker was only 19 when she began this big project; she and her father visited RE/Search headquarters a couple months ago! Support “indie media”!

() Tom Hiddleston reads a section of Search & Destroy #10’s interview with JG Ballard—1978 – prophetic!!) which I commissioned.  Note that Search&Destroy#10 is STILL available from me for $20 — please order it, see it for yourself, own an “original” S&D, and support RE/Search’s continuance—all at the same time!

() fast-forward to find the V. Vale “spoken words” on this Punk Rock “panel”:
() Our adopted son from Japan, Yoshi Yubai, did his first article (in Japanese) on Gee Vaucher:
() “I met you in late 2013 when I was on the road with Ultra Bide. You advised me to self-publish. I took that advice and published four books in spring 2015. My FB page is “Brian C Earle” – hope all is well – Thanks for leading me in the right direction” – links:
() from Ed H. This interview made us a David Bowie “fan”! Other great interviews can be found, too, including an article quoting Iggy Pop as saying, “Bowie resurrected me.” (Yes, besides Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead died too this past month)
() “This wave of technological change will be so profound it will reach into every part of the labour market and skew the gains to only the very richest.”—sent to us, source unknown
() “What is to stop rogue nations from ignoring any international norms and putting gene editing or machine learning or cyber technologies to destructive uses?”—ibid.
() “New technologies can also be used to disseminate lies, hatred and stupidity.”—op. cit.
() “The arrival of the Internet and mobile phones has failed to generate a sustained upturn in the growth of productivity.”—op. cit.
() “The average iPhone user experiences 150-170 interruptions daily, each averaging 10-20 seconds.”
() “Every year Bruce Sterling has a “state of the world” conversation on The Well.  You can see it publicly here (it’s long and frequently updating):
“Bruce said: “*Why doesn’t some rich ex-punk in San Francisco give V. Vale $20K and get it over with?  I’m one of the only financial supporters of this legendary voice of Bay Area Bohemia, which is visibly dwindling away, just like Kerouac drowning his sorrows, as posh Googlers climb the Special Bus with their pants pockets bursting with cash!  Why am I, some Texo-Serbian-Italian gypsy scholar, pay-palling this
faithfully every goddamn year just so I can watch his own town methodically prune his scene to pieces?  It seems absurd.”
“And someone called Felicity O’Meara said: “Everyone should subscribe to Vale’s newsletter. It’s important.”
() “Vale, Here’s the link for the Letterform. It’s a bit on the academic side of things but there is a ton of amazing material. I posted some photos on Facebook.
Grace is the current main coordinator at MRR, a VERY smart 26 year old dynamo. The interview was an effortless 90 minutes so I have a lot of transcribing to do. Surely you know that work very well. I kind of enjoy it. Best, Marc Fischer
() “Vale, I am reading the latest Alejandro Jodorowsky novel “Where the Bird Sings Best” – don’t know if you are a fan of his movies but this autobiographical novel is fantastic – like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a sprawling family novel, very twisted.”  [Also, just got the Jodorowsky box set of films!]— Paul L.
() “Hi Mr. Vale,
Here is one piece of news you will definitely like. We started the first beauty contest run by robots:
And now thousands of people are signing up to see what robots will think of them.
Our Dating A.I. project is coming to life!
here is just some of the coverage:
Regards, Alex”
() “Hi Vale, I was wondering if you would mind including a mention of Terence Sellers passing in the next newsletter? She too had her work like Nick Zedd in the New York University Downtown Collection… though I know she had the issues with Burroughs.  I’m an admirer of her writing.. Best, Zora”
() “Dear Vale,
     If I might, I humbly submit my own Top Ten, not “detective books” but pulpy mysteries:

1) David Goodis: Nightfall (king of fetishistic pulp)

2) Jim Nisbet:  Lethal Injection (down into the pit of self-destruction)

3) Derek Raymond: I Am Dora Suarez (the psychopathology of justice)

4) Leonardo Padura: Havana Red (then the rest of the jocular Cuban quartet)

5) George V. Higgins: The Friends of Eddie Coyle (classic when-things-go-wrong descent)

     6) James Crumley: The Last Good Kiss (the start for C.W. Sughrue)
     7) Dorothy Hughes: Ride the Pink Horse (or the more famous In a Lonely Place)
     8) Paco Taibo: An Easy Thing (complicated but comic Mexico City-based detective)
     9) Charles Willeford: Cockfighter (Got to start somewhere)
   10) James Church: A Corpse in the Koryo (short series set in North Korea with Zen-like Inspector O)
Your grateful servant, Steve Seid”
() “Hello, V. Vale, please enjoy this Chapbook [“How Could You Believe This Might All Be Made Right?” by Caleb Nolen, illus. by Sunny Nestler] , a new release from Philadelphia’s Animal Kingdom Publishing. If you dig it, perhaps consider mentioning it in your newsletter? Many thanks for yr work & the good fight! Best, James Mazer, editor” –
() check it out! Bruno Ceriotti – Blue Cheer historian!
() “Hello, I wanted to submit this video from SFMOMA on the punk photography of Michael Jang for the next RE/SEARCH newsletter:  Thanks! Erin”
8.  **SPONSORS** (Without them you would NOT be receiving this newsletter – Please go to their websites!) Here, a personal thanks to our pal Dave S. And this newsletter would not exist without Andrew B. and Emily.
If you would like to subscribe, we ask for a 6-month minimum of $72. (But, we will take sponsorships @$12/month!)1. BEYOND BAROQUE: Only bookstore in L.A. with a complete stock of RE/SEARCH BOOKS! Please patronize them… (Also, some RE/Search titles at The Pop-Hop in L.A.; thanks, Rhea Tepp!)
2. Kevin O’Malley+Christie Dames, the High-Heeled Anarchist: TechTalk/Studio: + Commonwealth Club, San Francisco. (x4/31/16)
3. $0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0
V. Vale’s RE/Search Newsletter is cordially sponsored by “Beyond the Beyond.” 
Information Wants To Be Free WE MEAN IT MAN!

4. Beverly Potter sent us her newest ultra-fun memoir, Animal House On Acid which includes tales of Punk Rock in Berkeley, specifically the Barrington Hall co-op. Order from: (x7/31/16)

5. THANK YOU, TIJANNA Eaton (x02-28-16)!
6. Reid Mukai (Cascadia Vape) wants you to know e-cigs and vaping aren’t just about nicotine. He carries vape pens for dry herb/oil concentrates and e-liquids containing CBD and Kava. To learn more, visit (x05/31/16)
7. Flesh and Excess by Jack Sargeant (new book) (x05/31/16)
8. a San Francisco music production company creates innovative/original music for YOUR films/videos: CD’s, mp3 downloads, studio session work, soundtracks by ‘Sound Behavior Troupe’—experienced Bay Area musicians (x1/31/17)
9. Try visiting VOYAGER, 365 Valencia/15th St. Not only did they give RE/Search a pop-up store, they are VERY interesting! Like, almost everything we want, under one roof!
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