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1A: EDITORIAL: Meet RE/SEARCH at Baltimore Zine Fest, Sat-Sun March 28-29! 2 Evenings with Genesis P-Orridge.

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1A. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR:  MEET RE/SEARCH at Baltimore Zine Fest, Sat-Sun March 28-29!  2 Evenings with Genesis P-Orridge

Two evenings with Genesis P-Orridge, San Francisco. 1) FREE Tue Feb 24, 7-10:30pm C.C.A. Timken Hall, 1111 8th St. 2) $10 WED Feb. 25, 6-8:30pm, Steven Wolf Gallery, 2747 19th St/Bryant St.

It’s been several years since we saw Genesis P-Orridge. In 2011 (?) (s)he was in town doing interviews to promote the film made by Marie Losier on GPO and Lady Jaye (the former Miss Jackie Breyer). Sandwiched between a half-dozen other 20-minute interviews, we made a small video of Marie and GPO explaining the genesis (bad pun) of the film, but afterwards realized we did not have enough footage for our monthly RE/SEARCH TV show, “The Counter Culture Hour.” We went on to other projects…

During this film-promoting visit GPO (uhm, excuse me, GPO is now known as GBPO) sported shoulder-length blonde-dynel-wig-like hair (but it looked “real”; only the hairdresser knew for sure). This time around GBPO had about a foot of gray hair falling down the back of his designer (“69”) light-blue tunic (or was it a “shift”?). At C.C.A. Tuesday night GBPO was first seen onstage setting up (with the help of a tech assistant) two piles of vinyl LPs around a turntable, CD player and pre-amp on a long table on wheels. A gooseneck microphone protruded from a floor stand stage left. A large screen showed a DVD menu (or was it PowerPoint?).

The 130-seat Timken Auditorium at C.C.A. was beyond full; people sat on the steps along both sides of the auditorium. This 7pm event was “sold out” as of 6:33pm. Sadly, two of our friends came from lengthy distances and arrived too late (6:50pm). However, there is an audio recording of the entire event on SoundCloud, thanks to one “Fushia” from Berkeley.

A young woman curator named Leigh Markopoulos (BTW, the person responsible for this event) gave a brief, knowledgeable introduction to the evening, identifying it as the 6th in a series of—hey, we just found this CCA publicity page and it gives a very succinct summary of what we were to experience that night:

Lecture by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Graduate Studies Lecture Series

Tuesday, February 24, 7:00–9:00 pm

C.C.A., Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus

Free and open to the public

More info: Carey Lin,

Seminal alternative artist and musician Genesis Breyer P-Orridge was born Neil Andrew Megson on Feb 22, 1950 in the United Kingdom and reborn as a gender-erasing pandrogyne with h/er partner, Lady Jaye, in 1993 [note for historians: we question this date. When the couple stayed at our house and signed the guestbook on May 5, 2001, they signed it as “Miss Jackie” and “Genesis P-Orridge,” with the Psychic Cross, et al].

S/he rose to notability as founder of the confrontational COUM Transmissions artistic collective, which operated in Britain from 1969 to 1975, and gained widespread notoriety for their Prostitution Show at London’s ICA in 1976, after which they were vilified as “wreckers of civilization” in the tabloid press.

P-Orridge went on to front Throbbing Gristle from 1975 to 1981, the legendary band that created the industrial music genre, before forming the equally influential band Psychic TV (1981–99).

P-Orridge is also a published poet and author with a long-standing interest in the occult. S/he was a founding member of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, an informal occult order established in 1981, which had a critical influence on 1980s culture, popularizing tattooing, body piercing, acid-house raves, and other cultic flirtations and investigations.

About CCA’s 2014-15 Graduate Lecture Series

Entitled Sound & Vision, the 2014–15 Graduate Studies Lecture Series, examines the rich landscape of contemporary music and sound art. In performances, audio lectures, and conversations an international roster of some of today’s most compelling and innovative practitioners and thinkers will present projects and discuss ideas and histories of interest in the aural field.” [end of excerpt, which may be found on ]

It’s amazing what events may be experienced FOR FREE at your local art college—**IF** you know they are taking place! We learned from the CCA website that we had missed John Waters, Gus Van Sant, and a whole host of other avant-garde “creators” we definitely would have showed up (an hour early) to witness. Live interview presentations, especially Q&As, reveal the “real” artist like no other format.

In the case of the 3-plus hour marathon at CCA, GBPO didn’t need a questioner, interviewer or mediator; he launched right into giving us his creative “sound” history, trying to emphasize how his radical “techniques” and open-minded, open-ended “approaches” have been used throughout his entire 40-year-plus “career” of creating in the mediums of performance, mail art, collage, appropriations, music or sound, film, theater, event production, writing and poetry. You guessed it: THE CUT-UP is paramount (Thank you, Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs for THE JOB and THE THIRD MIND). Also, JUST DO IT (uhm, this is Pre-Nike) even if you have never done it before and don’t know HOW to do it… LEARN BY DOING. Be alert for CHANCE… and Seize Any Opportunity That Comes Your Way to just GET SOMETHING DONE. Be Alert for Puns and Rhymes..and Follow the Path your WORDS lead you to.

GBPO demo’d his sound history by DJing tracks from his lengthy recorded history in vinyl, CD and cassette (and reel-to-reel), and throughout offered encouragement to the target audience (graduate students in ART) who were seeking any and all “secrets to staying permanently creative in the future.” In a word, he offered a lot of INSPIRATION to the widely-mixed demographic in the auditorium. After a 3.5 hour or so marathon ending in an audience Q&A, GBPO left with his daughter Jeunesse (now, 29 years old!?!), saying to us: “I’m starving; talk to you later!”

The Next Night was Wed, Feb 25, 7pm at the Steven Wolf Gallery. We arrived an hour early and others showed up early, including Erik Davis, the writer (BTW, featured in our “Modern Pagans” book along with GBPO and Lady Jaye). Immediately, Erik started talking about how hard it is to write: “Even after more than twenty years, it doesn’t get easier. You’d think that after all this time, it would, but…” We understood and sympathized on this topic. Writing is THINKING, after all, and THINKING IS HARD… otherwise, more people would DO IT, ha ha. Thinking involves curiosity and wonder: “I wonder how ___ started? Who influenced who? What is the larger historical context and continuum? What are the future ramifications? What are the hidden sources of ideas?” Etc.

At 6:50pm the gallery was full; collage artist Matt Gonzalez showed up, and so did “Frank,” a higher-up at SF MOMA (closed for remodeling—i.e., being super-sized). The legendary writer William T. Vollman came to the table, and then GBPO sporting silver braids, kinda Nordic-looking. It turned out that the walls of the main gallery room were filled with paintings and photographs by WTV, and many of the photographs were not just “ordinary” photos… some were done by some esoteric, vintage process (involving watercolor?) which often made them look very “vintage” indeed. WTV read a gripping, haunting narrative involving the lives of transgender hookers in Mexico—still up-to-the-minute; transgenders [uhm, is the preferred word now “in transition”?] are the shockwave troops of the avant-garde now. WTV’s beautiful hardback, The Book of Dolores, was on display in the gallery. Pardon us for being unclear on the concept, but WTV was reading from this book, correct?

GBPO surprised us by giving a measured, deliberate, slowly-paced reading of “poetry” which seemed partly to have been the product of “automatic writing” in which one pun leads to another, or one rhyme leads to another. While there were some imagery projected above, the room’s immersive darkness aided and abetted our concentration and involvement in GBPO’s word-journey. The experience really felt like: the whole room was a P.A. system and we were right in the middle of it. Quite quickly, the poem was “over” and Steven Wolf initiated a Q&A. The GBPO reading may be available on FaceBook, courtesy of Marcella Faustini, who BTW may well have been responsible for GBPO’s appearance at the Steven Wolf Gallery—although, Steven Wolf did ask the live Q&A questions.

Afterwards, we got to have a few words with GBPO, on the order of: “You’re an infoholic, aren’t you?—I just coined that word… I had an art show at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and they gave me an entire floor! It was a big show… We only put out recordings for the [“hardcore fans”] who must have everything we release. But there’s no money in recordings—they just download it all for free. So there’s no money in records or CDs or in books (you publish a book and it just sits there for years) … Just live performances and events. I’m getting more lectures, even poetry readings. I’ve been getting art shows… Psychic TV is playing a European tour in March [2015] and we hope to play both Tel Aviv and Kiev. PTV has already played Russia seven times, each time to, like, 4000 people!… The present incarnation of PTV has a total of five people in it, and if anyone wants to bring us to their city, we need five roundtrip airfares [$5,000?] and three hotel rooms (in the band there are two couples, plus myself; and I can’t share a hotel room because I stay up all night reading and so other people can’t fall asleep). We want to be in a hotel so all of us are close together.”

Well, we’re hoping “somebody” will figure out how to bring PTV to San Francisco. With Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in town, it’s shocking to realize we met “her” in 1981, started a tiny correspondence in 1977 that ended up with Throbbing Gristle featured in SEARCH & DESTROY #6 (1978, and still available from me), and after sticking our necks out and publishing the INDUSTRIAL CULTURE HANDBOOK (hey, no New York or London corporate publisher did that in 1983!), well, as somebody put it: what a long, strange trip it’s been. And hopefully, we’re not yet near THE END, as The Doors put it. Stay tuned…

—V. Vale, your humble (but knowledge-seeking) servant, whose most recently-coined “phrase-to-live-by” is: SILENCE. SOLITUDE. SKEPTICISM.

1B. We are a fragile CounterCulture endeavor – More than ever we need YOU to order books direct from us to help us keep going!  ( A recent book is PENNY RIMBAUD Crass founder. Also, ED HARDY, available from – please buy this treasure trove of unexpected ideas, insights and wisdom from the world’s great tattoo artist, now retired (but Tattoo City Lives On!). We are also offering a ValuPak of (4) books by the techno-futuristic Austrian collective monochrom – It will be $50 plus shipping which is $10 US. Sorry, add $50 for foreign shipping—trés cher.)

() NOTE: Our DATING A.I. book on Artificial Inteligence predated the movie HER w/Joaquin Phoenix. In other words, it’s ahead of its time. So is our book on futuristic biotechOn Intercourse and Intracourse, by monochrom. They’re all on our website:

() We have a handful of copies left of the zine we made especially for the L.A.A.B.F.: LSD MUSEUM founder Mark McCloud. We only made 20 copies and they are $20 each (yes, a limited edition; it’s a benefit for RE/Search) plus $5 shipping or $10 overseas shipping. Just PayPal $25 or $30 to: – we’re so small, we’ll know what it’s for…but be sure to include your address!

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() We also made 3 copies of SEARCH & DESTROY 2014, the 64-page publication made in 3 days at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Sept 2014. It is primarily a visual art and visual language compendium, with the goals of: Black Humor, Anti-Authority, Punk Rock, or Extreme-Personal. $25 plus $5 ship ($15 ship overseas; it’s heavy). Thanks to Julie Peeters and Chris Fitzpatrick for making this possible!

() Three V. VALE PIANO IMPROVISATIONS available for listening on bandcamp NOW. One features amazing guitarist Will Rogers!

() FINALLY:  the newest RE/Search Pocketbook is in stock: PENNY RIMBAUD. CRASS proto-Punk co-founder (with Gee Vaucher), performer-philosopher-poet-writer-bread-maker, Penny has a lot to say about how to navigate through our increasingly-confusing media-sedated world. $14.99 plus $5 ship ($10 overseas)

() Lastly, **RE/SEARCH needs a Bay Area XEROX TECHNICIAN to tune up our Xerox Document Centre 535 (paper jams). Anyone know anybody? We need our Xerox DC535 to crank out more zines, faster, with fewer paper jams!

2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat MARCH 14, 2015 6pm Pacific Time  Watch for it this month as Channel 29 re-airs our shows frequently. 

The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat Mar 14, 2015. – see this link at broadcast time: You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.” USA west coast: 6:00 PM Sat Mar 14, 2015 USA; east coast: 9:00 PM Sat MAR 14, 2015. Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, MAR 15, 2015 If you cannot get this online email us at See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() $ – our favorite local Grand Guignol Theatre Company at the Hypnodrome – support live local theatre!

() Emerald Tablet in North Beach has lots of fun, low-cost events; go to

() Support the Roxie Theater: great programming EVERY NIGHT (our opinion).  Feb 2015: Noise Pop Film Series w/Hardcore DEVO Live premiere on Feb 20! Also, Roxie Kids is an age-appropriate film series (kids are FREE; adults only $7.50!)

() S.F. EVENTS to Check Out Regularly: Long Now Foundation. Goethe Institute. The List (Punk Rock). Dorkbot. Bottom of the Hill. INdependent.

() FREE Sat Feb 28, 6pm Lennon Studios: The Next: free show, “Smokey’s Birthday Bash.” 

() FREE Sat Feb 28, 7pm. Steven Wolf Gallery, 2747 19th St/Bryant. Pink Section live performance for release of Pink Section & Inflatable Boy Clams records!

() FREE Tue March 3, 530-7pm: Historic Relighting of the Ferry Building – just show up! Well…

() FREE Thu March 5, 6pm SF Main Library Basement Room: Breanne Fahs speaking on her VALERIE SOLANAS book… (Plus other speakers)

() $ Wed March 11, The Pop Group at Great American Music Hall

() FREE Thu March 12, 630-930pm: 1 AM Gallery Opening “Take Flight”… 1000 Howard St/6th St

() FREE Thu March 12, time? Rex Ray Memorial.  for more details (Rex Ray worked at City Lights Bookstore after V. Vale worked there)

() $ **SANTA CRUZ** Thu March 12, 7pm (show 8pm) Residents perform {“Shadowland” live at Rio Theater, Santa Cruz.

() FREE Thur March 19, 7pm CCA Wattis presents Charlemagne Palestine’s films!

() $? Thur March 19, Exploratorium: The Goat Family present films and play live music. 730pm 1st set. 830pm 2nd set.

() $ Fri March 20, 7pm THE LAB presents Charlemagne Palestine IN PERSON. “Not to be missed!” Seek and find.

() FREE Sat March 21, 8pm SPECIOUS SPECIES #7 release party (published/edited by our former intern, Joe Donohoe). Viracocha, Valencia/21st St, SF. With John Shirley, Gerald Nicosia, Neeli Cherkovski, others. Beat poetry & Punk Rock. Michael Glynn, Jon Longhi, Alvin Orloff, Nicole Henares, more, too.

() FREE Sat-Sun March 28-29 **BALTIMORE** Visit RE/SEARCH at The Baltimore Zine Fest (aka Publications and Artists’ Multiples Fair).

RE/Search will be there in Baltimore, repeat, because we received this very nice letter from OPEN SPACE: “Hello RE/Search Publications, We are writing to invite V. Vale to lecture in Baltimore, MD on March, 28th or 29th, 2015 during our artist exposition, the Publications and Multiples Fair (PMF). Our organization, Open Space, is an artist-run gallery located at 512 W. Franklin St. Baltimore, MD. Open Space produces a consistent curated program of exhibitions in our storefront space and two annual festivals offsite. 

“PMF is a weekend long celebration and survey of artist publications, prints and objects produced in multiple. The fair celebrated its fifth year in March of 2014 and has grown to include over 80 independent publishers, galleries and artists from Baltimore and across the country.The fair has always included supplemental programming such as lectures by MoMA librarian David Senior, a Pecha Kucha series which included artists from New York, Los Angeles and the new director of the Baltimore Contemporary, poetry readings featuring local and national poets, film and animation screenings, practical presentations and many other engaging programs. PMF V (2014) also coordinated satellite exhibitions at nine affiliated artist-run venues across the city connecting a thriving community around this one rallying event. PMF has become both a celebration for local residents and a showcase for out of town folks visiting Baltimore.

“Baltimore is a great audience for Vale, because of the rich independent art and music culture here. Our inexpensive, post-industrial city is a longtime stronghold of artists who live here because they can be part of a great community, make work, grow into unused spaces, and share with one another in a setting that is not dominated by commercialism. PMF has helped foster a culture of accessible publications and multiples, and the exchange of ideas and feelings through shareable physical art works. Given Vale’s prolific experience with counterculture publishing, Open Space believes he would be a great inspiration to the attendees of the fair, both the locals, and visitors. We would love to host Vale for a live presentation to hear more about Search and Destroy, RE/Search, and editing, designing, and publishing in general, and his countless witty accounts from throughout the course of his life so far.”

It was impossible to turn down such an invitation… we’re looking forward to seeing Baltimore! Filmmaker Marian Wallace will also be presenting at least one program of independent films from San Francisco. The fair will be held March 28-29 at a new location: The Baltimore Design School. Baltimore Design School, 1500 Barclay Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 Telephone: 443-642-2311

() FREE Sun April 5, 5pm City Lights Bookstore, SF: Marc Olmsted discusses Allen Ginsberg (M.O.’s new book premieres).

() VISIT SAN FRANCISCO (if you live out of town) in June 2015 for The Beat Museum’s 2015 Beat Conference. David Amram, David Meltzer and others plan to speak. 

4. OUR PAST LIFE: What We’ve Attended or WANTED to Attend/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent/Given, or Seen

() Dinner 2/18/15 (André Breton’s birthday) at Stinking Rose with Paul Mavrides, Biafra, Tom Tomorrow, Richard Kadrey, Winston Smith. Biafra: How do you end Isis?!? You have teenager girls in Colorado wanting to go to Syria and have “Isis babies”! I don’t know; it will take generations to remove the “causes.” Looks like we’re gonna have another Bush as President soon…

Hadn’t realized Richard Kadrey had taken a whole slew of “erotic” studio photos, but saw them on his new big iPhone 6… Paul M recounted having machine guns pointed at him and Gilbert Shelton in Paris… Tom Tomorrow wasn’t so enthusiastic about the “freedom of speech” “issues” involved in the “Charley Hebdo” massacre; he seemed to be “against” drawing cartoons of Muhammad (and unlike Robert Crumb, did not want to incite a “jihad” against him)… Winston Smith told the story of having guns pointed at him by two young carabinieri in Italy while he was making a drawing in Rome right after Aldo Moro had been killed… 

() David Cotner (writer, musician, et al) gave us at Los Angeles Zine Fest Feb 15 (honor it!) a beautiful vinyl LP production titled BLACK LOVE. UNLUST. It contained an amazing selection of different inserts, including a vintage postage stamp, a tarot card, an extra-large tarot card in an elegant envelope, etc. Order it ($25) from Box 1211, Ventura CA 93002. (Uhm, he also gave us a cassette!!)

() We absolutely loved being at the Los Angeles Zine Fest Sun Feb 15—it was in two huge rooms and the best people were there to meet. What an information-overload of fantastic handmade zines, art, and music, too. Thanks to Rhea Tepp who made it possible!

() We also were amazed by the Los Angeles Art Book Fair; just the sheer size of the building and its rooms filled with more books than we could ever read in our entire life. Four days passed by like being in a whirlwind. Very handy that the location is one block-plus away from Japantown restaurants and a very strange futuristic Asian shopping mall. Well, wasn’t “Blade Runner” filmed in Los Angeles?!

() We still exhort our readers to order Rick McGrath’s beautiful J.G. Ballard hardback DEEP ENDS, as well as his earlier J.G. Ballard hardback anthology.

() We loved (and want to own our own copy of) the new HARDCORE DEVO LIVE concert film by Keirda Bahruth; Jerry Casale was a producer. The premiere at the Roxie Theater was lots of fun, what with Keirda and Jerry answering questions after the screening. These songs can be played over and over and over again! In other news, Jerry Casale produces wine on his own label; check it out: Also, check out his twitter feeds; they are very funny/witty! GVC is so modest he never told me about this; I just discovered it by accident (and you know: wit is very hard to find):

5. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() from Rhea T: “bedroom recordings”

() Meri St. Mary: PROTAGONISTA! Stream/download:

() from V in London: Jodorowsky’s new film ENDLESS POETRY (Poesia Sin Fin) by Satori Films – Kickstarter


() An article written by the incredible Tanya Augsburg!change-agent-/ca7b


() from Yoshi in Japan: “The photographer was inspired by J.G.Ballard.

This is the book of the conversation Burroughs with Warhol that is recorded by Victor Bockris

() from Phil G: When Warhol jumped the shark

more weirdness:

() from Dena Beard:

() website of one who helps us out in L.A.:


() “Artisanal is just another word for expensive!” — Mike D.

() “It may be that social media and smartphones kill off any impending “underground” before it has time to incubate. Undergrounds, like mushrooms, need to develop in darkness…”

() “Normal” is now “Psychopathic”… our language and media-over-saturation are making millions mentally-ill…”

() Words to Live by: SILENCE. SOLITUDE. SKEPTICISM. (All sibiliant “ssss” sounds, like a snake, the symbol of wisdom…)

() Avoid: Overfamiliarity. TMI. Oversharing.

() “You never step into the same river twice.”—from Ancilla to the Pre-Socratic Philosophers

() “A functioning police state needs no police.”—William S. Burroughs (supposedly)

() “Anybody who’s good at anything uses ESP.”—Genesis P-Orridge

() “Follow your hunches!”—William S. Burroughs


() “Dearest Lovely Friends,

I think the book [Penny Rimbaud] is REALLY BEAUTIFUL. Thank you both so much for having the faith in me to publish it. I really love my dialogues with you and am so happy that they are now available in printed form. Maybe one day we can do a follow up!!!

Love, blessings and great joy,


() “Hey guys, Was great to see your mention of Trish Keenan in the last newsletter. Her band, Broadcast, was one of my favorites for years, since I got ahold of their early EPs in the late 90s. Both coldly futuristic and warmly nostalgic at once, they followed a slow but steady arc from something that could clearly be called pop music (their first EPs and their first proper LP), to an abstract approximation of pop (Tender Buttons LP) to even more pure abstraction (their collaboration with The Focus Group and their soundtrack to the horror film Berberian Sound Studio). 

Coincidentally, their long out of print (and $$$$ expensive) albums are being reissued by Warp next month. 

Hope you guys are doing well. It’s cold and icy / snowy in NYC. Ready for spring! – Seth”

() “I just left SF, it would have been great to visit your place. Until next time. Already read the REAL CONVERSATIONS 1 Rollins & Childish interviews — best interviews I’ve ever read from them, hands down. Thank you so much!

All the best, Joos from Finland”

() “Dear Mr. Vale, Graham Rae forwarded me your newsletter. If you really ever do a reprint of INCREDIBLY STRANGE FILMS I would indeed be honored to be included with my interview. I still own my copy of this very influential book. Let me know when you need some photos and information. Greetings from Berlin, Jörg Buttgereit”

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5. Phil Lenihan, former contributor to Sluggo! and Svengali in the Austin Punk scene, WAS the proprietor of the Orphic Gallery and curator of the Eight Track Museum in Roxbury, NY. (x7/31/2015)

6. Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company – Penelope Rosemont, Chicago Surrealist Group founder. (x5/31/15)

7. Kevin O’Malley+Christie Dames, the High-Heeled Anarchist: TechTalk/Studio: + Commonwealth Club, San Francisco. (x4/31/15)

8.  a San Francisco music production company creates innovative/original music for YOUR films/videos: CD’s, mp3 downloads, studio session work, soundtracks by ‘Sound Behavior Troupe’—experienced Bay Area musicians (x6/30/15)

9. New release from Koenig’s Road—Single: “Love Supermarket”—”It’s the best damn Country north of Nashvile.” (x/12/31/14)

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12. Blotter Barn Hits – dedicated to Forester A tiny book full of pictures of LSD blotters from Mark McCloud’s Institute of Illegal Images. This little gem is a hardbound book measuring 2 by 2 inches, with over 100 pages of full color, highly detailed pics. Only $9.99! link: (x8/31/15)

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