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<strong>1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR: <strong>  Having been under the weather, rather than write an “editorial” we thought we’d present Excerpts from our new book: PENNY RIMBAUD, drummer/poet/founder of the proto-Punk band CRASS. [Note: Gee Vaucher also appears in the book] Actually, our intern Gloria K picked out some of her favorite parts (after all, nobody can edit themselves):

PENNY: I had never regarded myself as a drummer, and I never actually took any interest in being a drummer. I simply picked up sticks and whacked things, which is what kids do. I mean, kids are all sorts of things in the day, aren’t they? They’re 1,001 things. They believe all of them wonderfully. You know, they pick up sticks and they’re warriors. I mean, if I was to start being poetic about drumming,  there’s a great beauty about the primal engagement with skin.
When I was drumming initially when I was a kid, and then with another big outfit called Exit, which was  a band we had way before CRASS, I always used skins. Now, largely vegan and vegetarian, it would probably be a tasteless decision, although I still use skins on hand drums. But they were exquisitely earthy-to-play skins. You were honoring the very Being that had produced that material. To play plastic, which I played for CRASS—because that would last and it creates that Rock n’ Roll Sound, which I don’t even like anyway—it’s no longer drumming in the primal, earth-moving sense. It’s quite suddenly feeding the human senses with what they already want and what they need or believe they need. What interests me are the connections that are drawn through the drum back to Earth, not the connections that are made out into a concert hall. So I was drumming to the Earth and celebrating the Earth, I hope, in my drumming. And I was very involved in that, very involved in it, but not as a drummer.
(I’ve read that a number of jazz drummers pay attention to what you’ve done, on certain records. What do you say to that?)
PENNY: Jazz is one of the few music forms that constantly attempts to return to primal energies. To listen to A Love Supreme, which I often quote because that’s to me one of the great primal statements in modern art in the same way as Pollock‘s paintings haven’t really been superseded, is touching the depth of human soul, which is not human soul but pre-human. […] I mean, Laing—R.D. Laing is someone I happen to greatly admire, the existentialist philosopher—talked about trying to regain the primal. I only have one argument with him in that I would be more interested in regaining the astral. [side note: reminds me of Jodorowsky, who said something like “to reach the astral embrace the animal…”] And I believe actually it’s possible, which is why I was in the physics department at University of New Haven.
Increasingly, quantum is coming up with all of these answers, which traditionally have been the domain of the mystics. The physicists have armed the mystics with fact, and that’s great. The mystics have been saying the same and have been pretty exact throughout all time…
[next excerpt:] PENNY: Well, we don’t need a proof of being. We are all exceptional and unique in our own beautiful way. That might not be in ways we can understand in ourselves or others can understand, but that’s irrelevant. I might be sort of critical in that “America” poem I wrote, but if I had a chance to sit with George Bush, I would talk with him. I wouldn’t be critical and attack the guy; I’d want to know and understand and respect the fact that here’s someone who’s trying his best.
I believe that. I believe everyone’s trying their best, and their best might be by my terms and my values fucking rubbish, but it’s no help to walk to someone with that in your mind. To walk to someone with love and honor and to respect that that is the person they are, like it or not, is the beginning of warmth. It’s the only way. Certainly in the days of CRASS I was very active on a critical and confrontational level. I now see that that was basically a mistake. I think it’s a mistake often made by people who are not fully aware of their own possibility. It’s a half-person trying to fill in the gap. Rather than looking inside, we all tend to look outside in those sorts of situations.
Increasingly, it is only by acceptance, engagement, encompassment, embrace, that the things we call the problems of the world would cease to be the problems. We are part of the problem as long as we define it as a problem. We have to reach beyond that. That can take huge efforts of heart and soul. The heart does belong to us. I don’t believe the soul does. I might make that point.
The 20th century proved that confrontation gets no one anywhere. It simply constantly recreates itself. I would dread to think that is the future for the 21st century. All the indications are that it might be, but that’s because we allow it to be. And we allow it to be because we embrace those forms of activity, in other words, confrontation. We have to find a way around that. And it’s not going to be through foul, ill-considered criticism. We don’t know. We know nothing but our own heart, and that’s where we should engage. And the funny thing is, when we’re doing that, we become lovers in the true sense of the word, not in the physical sense. And I believe that profoundly. And it works. I’ll not say anything more than that. [end, for now]
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() FREE Wed Jan 14, 630pm: Reception for “The Other Worlds of Werner Herzog,” Goethe Institute, 530 Bush/Grant St, SF.
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() FREE Vintage Paper Fair Sat-Sun Jan 17-18, Hall of Flowers, 9th/Lincoln, SF.
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() This is not exactly an “event” but it IS: Jack Rabid’s BIG TAKEOVER magazine #75 is here: order from (This is our favorite living music magazine, with great interviews, discriminating reviews, et al). We loved what really is part of Jack’s autobiography – as he wrote a very long, moving, tribute to a recently deceased co-founder of BT magazine named David Stein (personally, never met him). We look forward to reading Jack’s ENTIRE autobiography… although in a way, Big Takeover **is** Jack’s life story.
() Fri FEB 20, 7pm Roxie Theater, 16th St/Valencia in SF shows the PREMIERE of HARDCORE DEVO, a film by Keirda Bahruth, with DEVO’s Jerry Casale in person! RE/Search will attend! BTW, V. Vale has a cameo in the film:
() $ Wed March 11, The Pop Group at Great American Music Hall
<strong>4. OUR PAST LIFE: What We’ve Attended or WANTED to Attend/</strong>What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent/Given, or Seen
() DEEP ENDS: brand-new JG Ballard anthology edited by Rick McGrath, with essential contributions from David Pringle, both of Ballard’s daughters (Beatrice and Fay). We especially loved the long, email interview by David Pringle with Fay Ballard; it was so good we could hardly believe it wasn’t tape-recorded!
() R.I.P. Claire Jennifer Walsh on 5 October 2014 in London, longterm companion of J.G. Ballard.
() Every zine we have acquired in the past few months has had “authenticity” no corporate media  can match, in our humble opinion. There is something about handling real paper that was assembled into a zine by human hands in the absence of the profit motive. (We’re animals; we have bodies!) Here are a few we unreservedly recommend:
() Behind the Wheel, A Lyft Driver’s Log Part One. And, Behind the Wheel 2: Notes from an Uber/Lyft [driver]. If our future looks like San Francisco, what with its impossibly sky-high rents, employment at Google/Twitter et al for the 1%, and the rest of the population grimly hanging on to “real” jobs or trying out the “freelancer economy” working for Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Airbnb and other “disruptive” start-ups… one thing is certain: “real” workers are gonna get royally screwed. It’s almost as if the 20th-century advances of labor unions, more economic justice, widespread health care, are already becoming a dimly-remembered mirage. Send writer/publisher Kelly Dessaint $10 (or $5 each; includes postage) for these 2 brimful-of-“truth” publications – send cash, money order or trade to: Kelly Dessaint, POB 22974, Oakland CA 94609. Order online through
Kelly Dessaint also has a few additional (different) articles on Uber/Lyft online (hunt for ’em).  We wondered, “If Jack London or George Orwell were alive today, what would they think of the recent headline “Being Ubered: The Unstoppable Rise of the Freelance Economy”? UNSTOPPABLE? Don’t we still have a government with a SPINE?!? Government is our only defense against the rise of the New Economy Wreckers/Law-Breakers of Civilization. We say (again): spending money is a political act. If you still give money to Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, cigarette manufacturers (and many more)…well, THINK about it… Remember: these global multi-nationals are tax-avoidance “criminals” and in Europe may even be being prosecuted as such… We applaud every city and country which is resisting the Uber algorithmic platform. By now workers all over the world are wising up that Uber-ployment doesn’t pay the rent, car insurance and healthcare, while trashing their cars…
() Asswipe #Six gives us hope: the living spirit of Punk Rock has not yet been extinguished. This is a very funny and “truthful” compendium of writings hinting at what it’s like to be young and surviving in Oakland and Los Angeles (did we mention, without a trust fund or a high-paying job). Send $5 cash (uhm, well-concealed/wrapped) to: PO Box 1241, Oakland CA 94604. You can send zines, demos (to review) postcards and letters, too. Also you can write:
() We also recommend the zine COME FIND OUT – get a real paper copy. [Disclosure: V. Vale is “in” the “Paradise” issue of this zine, and one of the zine creators was a RE/Search intern]  Order “stuff” from
() Jacob gave us his zine but we can’t find it—grrrr…. We’ll try hard to review it in the next newsletter.
() The Peruvian artist Patti Mera visited us and we liked her art and her outlook on life:
() ZINE FESTS MUST BE MADE BY ALL! Well, we thank the hard-working folks behind EBABZ (Dec 6, 2014), where we had a table and also the opportunity to give a little talk/Q&A/seminar (or is “seminar” a too hoity-toity word?!?). The next day we attended the 3rd East Bay Anarchist Book Fair at the Humanist Church in Oakland. Now, the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair will be held next year in Oakland (did they retitle it the “Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair?) on April 25, 2015 at The Crucible, 1260 7th St, Oakland (by West Oakland Bart Stop). Book fairs seem to attract some of the “best, rebellious, curious, creative people.” And usually they’re FREE! We regret not presently having the energy to drive down to the upcoming L.A. Zine Fest Feb 15, 2015, but we are definitely there IN SPIRIT!
() We’ve been ill and a friend brought over a Criterion Collection DVD titled “The Great Beauty.” We watched it repeatedly, even stop-framing the dance sequences. Great music—we played some “pieces” over and over! We would now love to own our own copy… Criterion certainly does exemplary work and sets a standard… highly recommended!
() We attended (5) events at the Coppola Family Affair Dec 19-21 Weekend, a benefit for the Roxie Theater (the oldest independent movie theater in the US?), and ended up watching Apocalypse Now, a classic which demands to be seen on The Big Screen. Eleanor Coppola’s film on the Making of Apocalypse Now was very illuminating; well-worth seeing… So, you know, Support the Roxie! Another note: Christopher Coppola and Rock Ross’s films are now available on (independent, off-beat movie streaming website; Jonathan Marlow is involved)
() Dec 1, 2014 we attended our neighbor the Beat Museum’s party celebrating the discovery of a 10,000-word Neal Cassady letter which may indeed have changed Jack Kerouac’s writing style. Look forward to reading this when it’s finally published. Beat Museum is trying to raise funds to buy the letter… uhm, somebody publish this, too, please!
<strong>5. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)</strong>
() Vale’s Tour & Destroy Schedule: [for nostalgia’s sake!]
() Interview with V. Vale in 6 parts by Ewoud van Rijn of Printroom in Rotterdam: Find them on FaceBook! Topic: the RE/Search Modern Pagans book…
() from V in London: “7786 Burroughs, Wm by Patrick Clement – Kickstarter”
() from Dave P: “I found a link to watch the movie that was banned in 1964 until now.  Very good film!”
() Jello Biafra videos: “What Would Jello Do?” 45 parts to date:
() Meri St. Mary got a cover story about her new 45 record & promo trip to Berlin:
() DEVO “Uncontrollable Urge” performance from Hardcore Live! forthcoming film:
() “…details, nuances, imperfections & awkwardness…”
() “…25,000 people a year die from drug-resistant bacteria in Europe – the toll is similar in the U.S…. almost the same number as die in car accidents.” (sent to us)
() “The longest-running war in American history is the Afghanistan War which has cost American taxpayers over 1 Trillion dollars to date…” (sent to us)
() “The new Masters of the Universe are just parasites, middlemen, platforms which don’t create A THING—they’re just middlemen: Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Washoe, et al. And they reap way-too-high profits which damage real producers and real workers. What to do? Well, boycott, for a start…”
() “The law of unintended consequences: radioactive waste, mass species extinctions/death of biodiversity, deforestation, desertification, plastic trash suffocating the oceans, global warming, oceans rising, geoengineering [tinkering with the weather] gone disastrous, and more…”
() “Underground publications often show far more vitality and originality than mainstream publications. The original SEARCH & DESTROY [ahem, still available from me] one could spend hours reading. It was full of new and exciting material. Of course, other underground publications are self-indulgent and can be flicked through in a moment.”—J.G. Ballard [check out JG Ballard Quotes from
() “MEAT SPACE”—what geeks call “reality.” (sent by Gloria K)
() ON CUT-UPS: “If you cut into the present, the future leaks out.”
() ON POETIC SPEECH: “Metaphors Trump Facts.”
() Regarding Television: “This is the first On-Demand Generation.” (sent to us)
() “Intersectionality”: the latest buzzword that’s causing controversy. Today’s feminist movement is said to be in danger of losing momentum unless it recognizes that not every feminist is white, middle-class, cis-gendered and able-bodied.   [another related phrase is “gender binary”]
() “Overall, Jane Jacobs argued that the very concept of “ideology” is fundamentally flawed and detrimental to both individuals and societies, no matter what side of the political spectrum an ideology comes from. By relying on ideals, she claimed people become unable to think and evaluate problems and solutions by themselves, but simply fall back on their beliefs for “pre-fabricated answers” to any problem they encounter.” (sent by Gloria K)
() “Look good. Sound good.”—Penny Rimbaud [“Life is theater!” from our Penny Rimbaud book. Yes, a “repeat,” but this is our main New Year’s Resolution for 2015!]
<strong>7. LETTERS FROM READERS:</strong>
() from Gee Vaucher: “Hello dear friends, yes the [PENNY RIMBAUD] books arrived and very smart they look too. I haven’t had chance to have an earnest look at it yet but hope to snuggle down in front of the fire when the last revelers have left.
“Though you might have had a quiet Christmas I hope it has been joyfully peaceful and the New Year is happily alive and buzzing. Who knows, might catch up with you along the way in the new one.
“Much love to you both. Gee”
() “Dearest Ones,Yes, the [PENNY RIMBAUD] books arrived a couple of days ago, but we’ve been inundated with visitors and I haven’t had time to write. But here at last I am – the book looks really good and reads really well. I have seriously enjoyed our many chats together in the past, and to have them documented as they are now brings me great happiness. THANK YOU so much for showing such faith in me and my work. Hoping that we will meet again soon. Very much love, blessings and joy,
() “Dear Vale, Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, The Lab (artspace in San Francisco) will live on, very much thanks to you. We raised over 50K!
“Our 24-Hour Telethon was described as “The Little Rascals does NBC.” There was a jet powered flame whistledancing, and whole host of other insane shenanigans. It was the stuff of legend, and all electronic evidence vanished appropriately into the ether. Thankfully, Telethon producer Anthony A. Russell made a video capturing the frenzy:
“Thank you so much for showing up and chatting with me for a bit, it was so perfect for the ethos of the event. I hope to see you soon — Dena Beard, director of The Lab, San Francisco”
() “Hey Vale,
“Brilliant stuff, to connect celebrity culture and death of affect!! pushing from JG Ballard. it’s brilliant because the assumption has been with mass culture that feelings are stirred, and so feeling is suspect, and the people are a mob, moving this way and that. But they’re not! What is left out is the unreality part, the manufactured realities. Mass culture isn’t culture. Culture deepens feelings, for each other, for the world, for friends, for strangers, though lit and art, pain, suffering, and so on. Celebrity culture tells us our feelings and our reality (and our attempts to break out of a f*cked-up system) don’t matter, only rulers matter. It’s a clever trick. pace Burroughs.
keep it up, dude. you’re awesome. and hang in there!!!
love, from wintry Berlin, fred”
() “Great Newsletter, love the quotes… Did you see Rudy Rucker’s 1980s Virginia public access cable show on Burroughs, etc? XO, Marc P!”
() “Dear old friend, we haven’t spoken in many years. Yet you are always in our hearts and minds in memory of the great honor you did us by writing such an amazing article about the band, the hours spent on the phone, but also for the wonderful visit Yvette and I had with the three of you in SF. I thought I would take the opportunity of 8 1/2 Souvenirs getting back together in their original configuration for the 20th anniversary of the band to connect with you. We are alive and well, and playing regularly in Austin since September. I hope this message finds you and your family as well as can be 🙂 Much love, Olivier” (NOTE: 8.5 SOUVENIRS were featured in our book SWING!, still available from

() “When you have some time, take a look at website — This is Surrealism In Action! Take the virtual tour too — very insightful. Ballard would have loved this!  ciao Monte C”
() [Letter from 8-1/2 Souvenirs founder Olivier Giraud: “I am playing with Kevin (Smith) (who now plays with Willie Nelson) 3 times this week in addition to my regular gigs with Continental Graffiti and the Souvenirs, and I will make sure to tell him I heard from you. He will definitely appreciate that. So our kids are alright, that’s good to know. Gigi,Yvette and I’s daughter is now 14 and so tall! See picture attached, of us in Venice this summer. + a picture of the Souvenirs taken last Friday…I hope we stay in touch 🙂 Olivier [note: We have played their 2 CDs many times, and V. Vale even tried to imitate one of their songs on the piano!]
() from Phil G: “Some more outsider art:
“Still love Crumb, have become a huge fan of Drew Friedman.
“Have you been listening to Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast? It’s the funniest thing I’ve heard, great entertainment for long car rides, etc. I can’t tell if he does a terrific job of always being in character, or is just simply obnoxious. <g>  Actually, he seems like a brilliant artist who uses B-movies and schlock culture as a gateway into the American psyche. And he knows and respects traditional American entertainers, as he destructs them. Never fails to get a mention in about the size of Milton Berle’s “unit,” and has some delightful riffs on Danny Thomas and Paul Lynde. Great interviews, Roger Corman, etc.”

() from Judy S: “Joe Cocker’s Little Help From My Friends has been on my mind for days since I heard the news.

Then… I found this:  [now, when WE heard the news, the first song we thought of was “Feelin’ All Right”… (with John Belushi)
() from Monte C: “Vale, cats are more popular than anything we do… did you hear Cat Fancy magazine is going under… the 2 most popular cats on the internet are Little Bub and Grumpy Cat: both deformed and retarded – perfect for the hipster generation who are also deformed and retarded… time to bring back the word “retarded” for use as to signify hipsters… have to look up how one says “retarded” in Latin…  will see you sometime in January. Ciao, MC – prospero annuo nuevo!
() from Marc L: “Hey Vale, I think reality finally trumped J.G. Ballard”:
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5. Phil Lenihan, former contributor to Sluggo! and Svengali in the Austin Punk scene, is the proprietor of the Orphic Gallery and curator of the Eight Track Museum in Roxbury, NY. (x7/31/2015)
6. Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company – Penelope Rosemont, Chicago Surrealist Group founder. (x5/31/15)
7. Kevin O’Malley+Christie Dames, the High-Heeled Anarchist: TechTalk/Studio: + Commonwealth Club, San Francisco. (x4/31/15)
8.  a San Francisco music production company creates innovative/original music for YOUR films/videos: CD’s, mp3 downloads, studio session work, soundtracks by ‘Sound Behavior Troupe’—experienced Bay Area musicians (x6/30/15)
9. New release from Koenig’s Road—Single: “Love Supermarket”—”It’s the best damn Country north of Nashvile.” (x/12/31/14)

10. D. Mickey Sampson. (x4/30/15). BillyH. (x10/31/15). We thank Lucas Reiner for support!

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