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Recommended links for January 2015

() Vale’s Tour & Destroy Schedule: [for nostalgia’s sake!]
() Interview with V. Vale in 6 parts by Ewoud van Rijn of Printroom in Rotterdam: Find them on FaceBook! Topic: the RE/Search Modern Pagans book…
() from V in London: “7786 Burroughs, Wm by Patrick Clement – Kickstarter”
() from Dave P: “I found a link to watch the movie that was banned in 1964 until now.  Very good film!”
() Jello Biafra videos: “What Would Jello Do?” 45 parts to date:
() Meri St. Mary got a cover story about her new 45 record & promo trip to Berlin:
() DEVO “Uncontrollable Urge” performance from Hardcore Live! forthcoming film:
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