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J.G. Ballard was once described as a “science-fiction” writer (i.e., one who predicts the technological/social future of the external world) and now is more universally called a “visionary” (writing “myths of the near future”). Long ago he predicted the death of affect. When one is immersed in an unreal celebrity culture where one cares more about the lives of celebri-demigods than one’s own circle of personal friends, then the next logical step is to not care about anything at all. Because you’ve foolishly invested too much time and effort in caring about “unreality” — truly, these celebrities live in a parallel dimension that’s quite inaccessible and for most people may as well be beamed from another planet. “It’s the death of feeling … One’s more and more alienated from any kind of DIRECT response to experience.” 
Starting with an internment in a prisoner-of-war camp for two and a half years, where as a young teenager he frequently saw death and privation, Ballard became inured to inhumanity, perversity and atrocity — perceiving it all as just part of normal human existence. 
Once death as an almost daily occurrence has enforced a back-to-basics “bottom line” value system, and a prison-camp environment severely limits the resources available to an intelligent, observant youth, the young James Graham Ballard might early on, by necessity, begin utilizing the infinite resources of the child’s imagination to create diversion, fun and play — the customary birthright associated with childhood. And it is the imagination that creates the world of the professional novelist.
Early on, having seen various mini-disasters befall other of the camp’s inmates, Ballard began the novelist’s practice of ruthless observation. Consider this excerpt from his newest book, “Miracles of Life”: 
“[In the prison camp] for the first time in my life I was extremely close to my parents. At home [in a prosperous Shanghai suburb] we had had our own bedrooms and bathrooms. I had never seen my parents naked or in bed together. Now I slept, ate, read, dressed and undressed within a few feet of them in the same small room. I reveled in this closeness… I think the years together in that very small room had a profound effect on me and the way I brought up my own children. Perhaps the reason why I have lived in the same house in Shepperton for nearly 50 years, and to the despair of everyone have always preferred make-do-and-mend to buying anew, even when I could easily afford it, is that my small and untidy house reminds me of our family room in Lunghua.”
Nevertheless, Lunghua WAS a prison camp. Ballard casually describes a sudden home invasion:  “In the early days when there was still electric power, my mother would read late into the night, hidden inside her mosquito net. One night a Japanese officer burst in, drew his sword and slashed away the mosquito net above her head, thrashed the light bulb into fragments and vanished without a word. I remember the strange silence of people woken in the nearby rooms, listening to his footsteps as he disappeared into the night.”
Ballard also dispassionately describes watching, at age 15, someone die:  “…a group of Japanese soldiers was waiting on the platform… one of them tormented a young Chinese man in black trousers and a white shirt.…the young Chinese was slowly suffocating to death, his urine spreading across the platform…Ten minutes later, the Chinese was silent and I was able to walk away.” 
As Ballard put it later, “[War] taught me many lessons, above all that the unrestricted imagination was the best guide to reality” (and, the best friend a future novelist could have). “War… taught me that reality is little more than a stage set, whose cast and scenery can be swept aside and replaced overnight, and that our belief in the permanence of appearances is an illusion.”He also said, “The vast war crimes committed during the 20th century remain its greatest mystery, a moral and psychological black hole that swallows all pity and remorse, and leaves behind a void that will haunt the next millennium.” 
Also, from the camp the teenage Ballard saw the flash of the atomic bombs over Japan. He later wrote in his great short story, “Terminal Beach,” “For me, the hydrogen bomb was a symbol of absolute freedom. I feel it’s given me the right — the obligation even — to do anything I want.” Freedom, indeed. He also added, “My imagination was hardwired by the time I was fifteen…I perceive everyday reality as if it is some kind of continuation of [World War II] by other means.” Here, paranoia creates alterior perceptiveness…
As if this prison camp experience were not enough to make the young Jim Ballard a permanent outsider, his experiences at medical school dissecting cadavers would perhaps provide the ultimate “total” distancing from a cliched bourgeois, nationalist human identity. Ballard has said, “Some people have criticized me for being a bit too clinical about the human body. But I think one consequence of spending two years dissecting it is that you have no illusions about it.” Indeed, what IS human identity apart from its physical body, especially “once you’ve dissected the cadaver — thorax, abdomen, head and neck, etc.”?
Ballard declared, “I christened the new terrain I wished to explore ‘inner space,’ that psychological domain (manifest, for example, in Surrealist painting) where the inner world of the mind and the outer world of reality meet and fuse.” What drives each work? “My characters are almost all engaged in mythologizing themselves and in then exploring that mythology to the furthest end, whatever the price.” Here lieth transgressive territory indeed.
V. Vale (excerpted from CCCB catalog 2008)
<strong>2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat Dec 13, 2014 6pm Pacific Time</strong> Larry Mullins aka Toby Dammit, Part 2 (Iggy Pop’s drummer, etc)  Watch for it this month as Channel 29 re-airs our shows frequently.The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat Dec 13, 2014. – see this link at broadcast time: You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.” USA west coast: 6:00 PM Sat Dec 13, 2014 USA; east coast: 9:00 PM Sat Dec 13, 2014. Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Dec 14, 2014 If you cannot get this online email us at See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”V. Vale interviewing Rudy Rucker  is now on vimeo:

3. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco </strong>unless Otherwise Noted)

() Ai Weiwei SHOW is at Alcatraz now…
() $ – our favorite local Grand Guignol Theatre Company at the Hypnodrome – support live local theatre! Just ended: Shocktoberfest 15:  The Bloody Debutante: what a show!
() FREE Sat Nov 29, 6-10pm Chuck Sperry Art Show at Spoke Art, 816 Sutter/Jones St, SF.
() FREE for kids under 12, (only $7 for others) ROXIE KIDS program
SUN Nov 30, 2pm “Little Nemo” – magical land of dreams and the mystical world of nightmares, part of the monthly KIDS programs — check them out!
() FREE Tue Dec 2, CCA Timken Hall, 1111 8th St St: Geeta Dayal talks about sound, music, writing about music, and more.  OR
() $21 Wed Dec 3: INdependent, 628 Divisadero St: Meat Puppets, Cass McCombs
() $5 Wed Dec 3 SF Dorkbot: come meet RE/Search here; we have a book table! Google to find out more.
() $ Thur Dec 4, 7pm, Castro Theater: Lost Landscapes of San Francisco short rare films: early hippies in the Haight; a highly privileged walk on the unfinished Golden Gate Bridge; newly-discovered images of Playland and the waterfront; 1960s; peace rallies in Golden Gate Park; 1930s color images of a busy Market Street; more!

() $ Wed Dec 5, 7:30, PFA/BAM Terry Riley, Berkeley -get tickets ahead to be sure to get a seat

() FREE **BERKELEY** Sat Dec 6 11-5pm EBABZ (East Bay Alternative Book/Zinefest), Berkeley City Collage, 2050 Center St/Milvia-Shattuck, near BART. RE/Search will have a table; come talk to us! OR
() FREE? Mon Dec 8, 8-11pm Long Now Foundation, Fort Mason, presents unveiling of Jurg Lehni’s Chalk-Drawing Machine! Live demonstrations, reception. Swissnex sponsors.
() $ Tue Dec 9, An evening with Collapse and Guns, Germs and Steel author Jared Diamond, Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco; 5:45 p.m. check-in and premium reception, 6:30 p.m. program, 7:30 p.m. book signing – See more at:
Time: 5:45 p.m. check-in and premium reception, 6:30 p.m. program, 7:30 p.m. book signing – See more at:
() FREE Thur Dec 11, 7pm: St John’s Church, 1661 15th St/Valencia-Julian, : Goethe Institute’s End of Year Concert “100 Years after World War I” songs & compositions by Gustav Mahler
() FREE Mon Dec 15, 715pm sharp: Canyon Cinema Salon presents FREE FILMS at 16 Sherman St: Nathaniel Dorsky, curator.
() $ Mon Dec 15: INdependent, 628 Divisadero St: Johnny Marr, Meredith Sheldon
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() ThrillPeddlers Are Also ThoughtPeddlers Probing the Deepest Dimensions of Inner Space! Meat, Memes, Misanthropy. Saw Thrillpeddlers’ Shocktoberfest and it was beyond expectation, searing us for life with unforgettable images and memories! Wrote this on Facebook: “I saw it and it was the best live show I’ve seen all year. Writers (such as I fancy I am) will get a huge unexpected thrill from the last play which takes all the trauma associated with collaborating on a literary project and pushes it all to the nth degree, beyond the beyond… Very satisfying! As for the other plays: a rainbow spectrum, ranging from macabre institutionalized madness to scientific single-minded obsessiveness verging on total purity of intent… except, of course, for some trifling blood-soaked consequences — what does it matter, as long as an ideal gets real-ized? Thrillpeddlers force you to THINK as well as laugh your head off. Great encounter-group therapy for the 2010s so-meta-it-hurts generation of vipers and vixens snarking their way into the information-overloaded future. Laughter is definitely the best medicine! The Hypnodrome Show is worth its weight in gold, diamonds, and palladium…somebody take it global!”… “On second thought, keep Thrillpeddlers local — San Francisco may be the only city in the world that deserves The Hypnodrome…”
() In Belgium, we received (theme “Hair”) 10th issue of Come Find Out zine. YOU can contribute to the next issue; send your work to:
() Our new “buddy” “Nessie” from Belgium gave us two copies of her beautiful purple publications, but sadly, no contact address is listed. If you are curious, contact us at RE/Search!
() We can’t find the zines which people gave us at APE, so we can’t list them. Hopefully in the December 2014 newsletter, we will remedy this omission…
() DEEP ENDS: brand-new JG Ballard anthology edited by Rick McGrath, with essential contributions from David Pringle, both of Ballard’s daughters (Beatrice and Fay) et al (we are appalled that we simply FORGOT to write an essay for this—ahem, writers need to be continually reminded, given deadlines, especially if you’re writing a bit gratis! … We’ve just seen the following “review’ and have finally seen a “real, hardbound” copy and say THIS IS A MUST! If you only buy ONE book this year, this is it!):
Instead of writing a “gushing” review, we decided just to print the table of contents:
“Introducing “Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2014”, a 200-page, full-size, full-colour collection of work by and about J.G. Ballard.
“Deep Ends” features an ultra-rare 1980 prose-poem by JGB called “Crystal of the Sea,” discovered as the Foreword to an obscure Japanese photo book… plus previously-unpublished articles by Bea Ballard and Iain Sinclair, plus a long and extraordinary interview with Fay Ballard by David Pringle.
But wait, there’s more! The book’s contents include:
• J.G. Ballard’s symbolic essay, “Crystal of the Sea
• Bea Ballard‘s heartfelt homage: “Miracle Father”
• David Pringle‘s great interview: “Memories of Life: A Conversation with Fay Ballard
• Ana Barrado‘s highly Ballardian photos of south Florida: “Neotropic Cyphers”
• Raymond Tait’s fascinating history: “J.G. Ballard at The Leys School, Cambridge, 1946 to 1949”
• Mike Bonsall‘s imaginative journey: “Mind-Mapping The Terminal Beach”
• D. Harlan Wilson’s rather unbelievable essay: “Geometry of Mourning”
• Russell Cuzner’s interview with Andy Sharp of English Heretic about JGB’s use of magic.
• Umberto Rossi’s analysis of “War Fever” and “Theatre of War,” called “Is the War Inside Your Mind?”
• Mike Holliday‘s “J.G. Ballard and the Vicissitudes of Time” examines “News From the Sun”, “Memories of the Space Age” and “Myths of the near Future”
• Lawrence Russell recalls creating 30-minute radio plays of “The Dead Astronaut” and “Question of Re-Entry” for the CBC in his remembrance “Brain Scan of a Dead Script Writer”
• Paul Green offers a reverie of his favourite JGB short story in “Dreaming of the Towers”
• Dominika Oramus fuses Ballard and Baudrillard in her topical essay, “War on Satellite TV in the Stories of J.G. Ballard”
• Pippa Tandy does film analysis in “Personal Mythologies: An Account of James Runcie’s ‘Shanghai Jim'”
• Bernard Sigaud goes fetishistic in “Piping Hot and Softly Blowing”
• Feroze Alam imagines Ballard in nine paintings: “Landscapes of the Dream”
• Iain Sinclair gives us a geographic history of a life-size Ballard cut-out, complete with many photos, in his quite entertaining psycho-essay, “Thin Man Walking”
• Christopher Cokinos gives us his book review of “A User’s Guide to the Millennium” in “Book Review, Meet J.G. Ballard”
• Rick McGrath talks JGB and movies with filmmaker Solveig Nordlund
• Dan Mitchell shows us his surreal poster: “Zodiac Hilton”
• Pedro Groppo delves into the cinematic deep with “Toy Planes, Home and Hearth: Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun”
• Peter Brigg goes to the bottom of “The Drowned World”
• Christopher Cokinos is very funny with his Ballardian pastiche, “Why I Want to Fuck Rupert Murdoch”
• Umberto Rossi lists them all in the “J.G. Ballard Secondary Bibliography”
The book also features five “Advertiser’s Announcements” — ersatz copies of the five famous “Atrocity Exhibition” advertisements Ballard made for Ambit magazine — created by Will Shutes of the Test Centre and Traven T. Crowes.
“Deep Ends” also, for the first time, features content from three Ballards at once. Plus the opportunity to read a new Ballard essay uncovered only last year. It’s an amazing collection from a collection of amazing writers.
() finally saw Paolo Sorrentino’s THE GREAT BEAUTY (2013) and we think it is a modern classic: one of the best “party” scenes ever filmed (near the beginning), a live action painting made by a young girl — too much to “spoil” by telling you it’s going to happen; just SEE the film! No separation between Art and Life, eh? Plus, it embodies our favorite recent movie soundtrack.The trailer is worth seeing, too!
5. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)
() from Karen M: SRL Supports The Lab’s 24-hour telethon:   (uhm, look for more online!)
() from Johnny Brewton X-Ray Books:
() Chris Hedges at Moravian College: The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies “Rebellion is a moral imperative… It’s within those tiny moments of resistance that we find empowerment. [recommends Havel’s “The Power of the Powerless” essay]…If you stand up and Speak the Truth to Power, there are many people who you think are asleep, who hear it. That’s why we have to do what we have to do. And that for me is Hope…the Hope of the Power of Resistance…”
() from Gyro: new book! Google to find it!
() Vale’s Tour & Destroy Schedule: [for nostalgia’s sake!]
() Interview with V. Vale in 6 parts by Ewoud van Rijn of Printroom in Rotterdam: Find them on FaceBook! Topic: the RE/Search Modern Pagans book…
() “…human drivers kill and maim millions of people each year.”—The Economist
() “…millions of people function as MEATWARE, doing jobs sensors and computers could do… There is an excess of humans who need to work in order to “afford” food and shelter.” [redacted from above article]
() There are now mainly two markets: the 1% and the 99%. The “middle class” has almost “disappeared” into the 99%. [So, to survive, cater to the 1%…maybe!]
() “happy is he who understands what is BEHIND things.” [Uh, not sure that “CAUSAL knowledge” brings “happiness”! Anyway, we’re against the whole concept of “happiness” and many other “glittering generalities” that W.S.Burroughs warned us against… not to mention those dreaded “either/or” word pairs.)
() “Travel is useful. It exercises the imagination… Our journey is entirely imaginary. That is its strength. It goes from life to death. People, animals, cities, things — all are imagined. It’s a novel. Just a fictitious narrative. Besides, Anyone Can Do It. You just have to close your eyes. It’s on the other side of life.” — Celine, Journey to the End of the Night.
() Technology is creating a huge underclass of ‘underemployables.’ Uhm, can’t they all just become ‘artists’?!?
() “You people are wonderful.”—Sarah C.
() “Another Brain Lifting Read — Thank You!
Monte gave me one of the fanzines & I love it (natch) is it alright if I take a pic of it & FB/tweet/tumblr it? MC: NOW more than ever! M & M =  a strong alliance tho tricky to navigate!
Also, I can’t thank you enough for the intro to Martina in Berlin, I have enjoyed a most wonderful correspondence with her & am relieved that she will be the first person I meet in Berlin!
The experimental “Get This Bitch To Berlin” commenced 82 days ago & as a conceptual art piece (I wanted to take the oft used/misused phrase “it takes a village”) to task & NOT use the now “new normal” way of virtual crowd funding by being in DIRECT contact with people I know to help get me there (the culmination is the show on the 8th) but in the process the stories of all the people who helped me (200+) are tremendous! I feel the outsider underground artist (me) just “may” stand a chance: the new young label BEEHIVE is prime in this directive. I used the barter, borrow, recycle, reuse, would you give me a “dollar” method & I have never ever felt this supported before: the old school people approach was amazing (& exhausting)! I rest & rehearse for the 10 days til I leave & will document (on 2nd hand equipment) The last time I flew to Europe was 1972 sooooo different world, lots of pragmatic issues new to me. Monte helped me with equipment, you guys w/intro & on & on. It hasn’t really sunk in & this is wordy: I guess I wanted you to know how much you mean to me, as I am greatly fatigued & haven’t had many conversations (w/friends) other then this trip/show/record for the past three months I feel safe sharing my kinda “wacky” with you! Warm Regards,  Meri St. Mary
PS: hope this makes sense as I write as if we are all at your table talking! Whew! Can’t wait til I see you again & actually hand you a record!
() “I really loved your essay in the latest newsletter – ‘Hipster/consumer/blindfollower’ critique… I have been thinking all those things (and more) lately, and you put it in a concise fashion. Great piece!—VS”
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7. Kevin O’Malley+Christie Dames, the High-Heeled Anarchist: TechTalk/Studio: + Commonwealth Club, San Francisco. (x4/31/15)
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9. New release from Koenig’s Road—Single: “Love Supermarket”—”It’s the best damn Country north of Nashvile.” (x/12/31/14)

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