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V. Vale’s RE/Search Newsletter #132, November 2014: “An Easy Way to Raise Your Intelligence: Ask, Is It Against the Status Quo?”

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1C: EDITORIAL: An Easy Way to Raise Your Intelligence: Ask, “Is It Against the Status Quo?”

2. The Counter Culture Hour: Sat Nov 8, 6pm Larry Mullins aka Toby Dammit
3. FORTHCOMING EVENTS: Howard Zinn Book Fair Nov 15 w/RE/Search! EBABZ.
4. OUR PAST LIFE: Zines, etc we received. 
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() NOTE: Our DATING A.I. book on Artificial Inteligence predated the movie HER w/Joaquin Phoenix. In other words, it’s ahead of its time. So is our book on futuristic biotechOn Intercourse and Intracourse, by monochrom.

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1C. An Easy Way to Raise Your Intelligence: Ask, “Is It Against the Status Quo?” 
The above statement appeared in an early (1976?) British Punk tabloid-format publication with the word “Anarchy” on the cover, and Malcolm McLaren might have been responsible for its appearance in print—not sure. However, has anyone noticed that the “status quo” is now changing faster than ever before in history? …thanks to the viral-meme-transmission network known as The Internet which, coupled with the iPhone (or other “smart” phone), has succeeded in colonizing the majority of people’s attention span (meaning their “life” itself). Status quo needs to become a verb like the “weather” which everybody knows constantly changes. People check the weather every day, but they don’t check the “status quo” every day because there isn’t a website for it… YET.
So what **is** the latest “status quo” for the 14-34-year-old demographic (that demographic most coveted by advertisers, corporations, media conglomerates, et al)? Let’s call this demographic the oversimplifying label of “hipster-human.” Now, just examine the websites and videos (and etc) with the most “hits” signifying contemporary “hipness.” Vice, Verge, Dazed, BuzzFeed, and other Internet “magazines” regularly present shocking, snarky, ultra-violent, is-it-sexist-or-is-it-not?, titillating, sexually “out there,” faux-“underground,” faux-“cutting-edge,” “faux-“over-the-top,” glorifying-by-presenting-religious-extremist-beheadings/atrocities, extreme-sports-deifying (bungee-jumping, snowboarding, skateboarding, rock/mountain climbing, bicycling, etc), even World Series-glorifying image-text memes. “No Shock, No Story” — that’s the current state of so-called “news feeds” that reach this demographic.
Have you noticed how brief, how short, how not-in-depth, how truly “fictional-mythological” most of the content of these “infotainment news-updates” are? For example, no extreme-sports-promotional-videos show any of the “losers” who broke their backs, legs, arms, collarbones, et al? Or who, worse, died.
Today the status quo “goal” among “hipster-humans” is: to be more extreme than thou. Be weirder than thou. Be edgier and more out-there than thou. Be more transgressive than thou. Know more weird “stuff” than thou. So the contemporary archetypal “hipster-human” will be the first to tell you “weird” information and “news” you might not know. “He” will cajole you in a myriad ways to try out something “new” in the experience-drug-alcohol-sex-thrill “frontier”. Emotionally, the current hipster-human strives to present to you: “I’m more bad-a-s than you! I know about more extreme “information” and “images” than you! I know more hip terms/words/anagrams/acronyms/abbreviations than you, and I use them on my iPhone! I’m “experienced,” and you seem to be clueless, out-of-it. Ergo, I’m hipper than you—so catch up, dude; get with it!”
Thousands, if not millions of hipster-humans, are dedicated to spotting future-social-trends (and micro-trends; Warhol’s “15 minutes” have become “15 seconds” or “15 milliseconds”) and some of them are inventing “apps” to serve others of their kind. These “entrepreneurs” are smugly proud of seeing themselves as modern-day “revolutionaries,” except that the word has become a bit fatigued, a bit tired. So they call themselves “disruptors,” and are proud of “disrupting” time-honored but “old-hat” service industries such as the hotel and taxicab businesses. These self-described “disruptors” invent “new” terminology whose real intent is simply to deceive, defraud, and break existing laws which came into existence for reasons. Uber/Lyft (and its ever-new-competitors) call themselves “ride-SHARING” but really they’re just about sucking in profits to their bank accounts, which may even be located on other continents (hence, the local economy is damaged). Questions about the training (or rather lack of) of these nonlicensed “taxi drivers,” local taxation (to support maintenance/renewal of highways and roads, for example), and “Do they have insurance in case they kill somebody?” (which happened recently in San Francisco) are conveniently ignored. Same for “air b’n’b,” “flipkey” and its competitors, which are ruining cities like San Francisco (who wants to have a bunch of ever-changing foreign transients nearby instead of REAL NEIGHBORS you can get to know?).
Now we come to the topic of language: as life changes, language changes with it, and the hipster-human must constantly search for the “cutting edge” new slanguage, terminology, and acronyms to preserve “his” status as hipster-human. Because of the abbreviated communication format dictated by the small screen of the smartphone, acronyms (“lol,” “wtf”) in particular have been spawned and gone viral almost instantaneously. Websites whose traffic has grown exponentially include and, to name just a few. Thus has been forced into being a brand-new dictionary of abbreviations which have de facto replaced a great deal of pre-Internet language usage.
And the hipster-human is on top of this “trend,” which from a philosophical standpoint does nothing but validate the DEVO philosophy of life known as “Devolution.” Your language, after all, colonizes your mind. (Well, the images you “consume” also colonize your mind, and your internal-desiring-machine—i.e., whatever makes you consume “A” instead of “B,” or whatever gets you persuaded to wear “camouflaged” high-heeled espadrilles, or wear skin-tight faux-leather tights, or smoke e-cigarettes or e-joints, or…
So what happens to your mind when you become fascinated and obsessed, in a snarky way, with finding, memorizing and deploying hipster-neologisms such as squirf, squirie, squirk, queefs, vart, bukkake, and other terms which make “twerking” seem positively quaint, dated and far too “safe”…
Another question is: why are so many people saying “BFF [Best Friends Forever] in their Facebook posts? Probably because there may never have been such a time in history as now, when: people are more disposable than ever. Too many new people; too many choices. So many flakes, so many con-men (and con-women). So few people that are trustworthy; so few that you can trust for the long haul. Here today, gone tomorrow. Who can you trust? (that should be a song). Nobody, Never, Nevermore… quoth the raven. We feel that the rise of the Internet/smartphone has brought, paradoxically, a huge increase in the loss of personal, physical, human contact. In fact, everyone texts; hardly anyone talks on the telephone anymore. (So, visit your friends IN PERSON! And only associate with people who encourage you to Make Art—No Separation Between Art and Life..)
We suggest that some “coder” invent an iPhone app which at a glance shows you your last month’s (or week’s, or year’s) activity, in minutes/hours, spent on the iPhone. At a button press, the app shows you your time spent in the company of a REAL HUMAN BEING. Another button press and the app shows you the number of actual hours you spent CREATING (writing, drawing, “journaling,” drawing a schematic to turn your iPhone into a taser). Note: there is no substitute for being in the company of a suitable human that you TRUST, freely talking and fantasizing, with your smartphones turned OFF. Conversation can be CREATIVE. But the corporate self-styled “Masters of the Universe” want you to Shut Up and Consume. Be Alienated, ‘cuz you will consume more. Be depressed: loss of human contact causes consumerism. Obey. Kiss A–. NOT: Be a Seeker, Infinitely Curious, Driven to Discover the Secrets of the Arts and Sciences and Create Art and Knowledge.
Which is why our mission as RE/Search Publications is to continue to follow certain directives suggested by William S. Burroughs: Decipher/Fight the “Control Process,” and “Interrogate Language Forever.” And, as J.G. Ballard put it when asked about what the future might bring, “Sex Times Technology Equals the Future.” How to live? A Surrealist once said, “Your desires magnetize the universe.” And, as Ed Hardy put it, “Look for luck wherever you can find it. But… Opportunity Favors The Prepared.” We end with a coda: Solitude. Silence. Skepticism.— Your Editor, V. Vale
2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat Nov 8, 2014 6pm Pacific Time Larry Mullins aka Toby Dammit, Part 2 (Iggy Pop’s drummer, etc)  Watch for it this month as Channel 29 re-airs our shows frequently. 

The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat Nov 8, 2014. – see this link at broadcast time: You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.” USA west coast: 6:00 PM Sat Nov 8, 2014 USA; east coast: 9:00 PM Sat Nov 8, 2014. Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Nov 9, 2014 If you cannot get this online email us at See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

V. Vale interviewing Rudy Rucker  is now on vimeo:

3. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() Ai Weiwei SHOW is at Alcatraz now…
() $ – our favorite local Grand Guignol Theatre Company at the Hypnodrome – support live local theatre! Shocktoberfest 15:  The Bloody Debutante is a one-act musical with a memorable theme song by Scrumbly Koldwyn. Other one-act plays include The Taxidermist’s Revenge, The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether, and DeathWrite: the worst fears of a 2-person writing team are “acted out” onstage! Written by Andy Wenger, who read the RE/Search Pranks! book at age 13, back East, and was inspired to move to San Francisco! Also featured is Andy’s real-life writing partner and fellow actor Damien Chacona. Highly recommended by RE/Search. Support this local treasure, now in their 15th year! The Thrillpeddlers are now an international phenomenon in that they have performed in New York City and Brazil.
() $26 Thur Oct 30, Great American Music Hall: Alejandro Escovedo, Peter Buick
() FREE Thur Oct 30, 7pm, Steve Kado does Terry Riley “IN C” at CCA Wattis, 360 Kansas/16-17th Sts, SF.
() FREE, sort of! Thur Oct 30, 730pm, WILLIAM GIBSON reading/book signing at Booksmith, Haight/Cole St. To get a seat you must pre-order his new book, which he will autograph for you — very smart strategy! (We like it)
() Fri Oct 31, 8-9pm on, New Parish, Oakland: Extra Action Marching Band, Itchy-O Marching Band (new album out on Alternative Tentacles – beyond the beyond expectations, improvisations, found sound, weird electronics, et al – BIAFRA will be there in person! RE/Search hopes to attend, too!
() FREE Fri Oct 31, 430pm: LINDA MONTANO (in our Angry Women book) at SFAI Auditorium! 800 Chestnut St, SF – RE/Search will attend, so…
() Tu Nov 4: VOTE! (Bay Area). League of Pissed-Off Voters recommends: Vote YES on 47: Lock Up Fewer Nonviolent Offenders—HELL YES! Prop G: Anti-Speculation Tax—HELL YES! Prop E: Soda Tax YES! Prop J: Raise the Minimum Wage to $15—Hell Yes! Prop L: Hell No! Great guide now that the SF Bay Guardian has disappeared.   online voter guide:
() FREE but pre-registration necessary! Fri Nov 7, 4pm, SFAI Auditorium, 800 Chestnut St: Ya Ta Hey! Alcatraz + Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case. Lucy Lippard may appear in person! (author of Dadaists on Art; Surrealists on Art, et al)
() FREE Sat Nov 8, 12pm, SFAI lecture hall, 800 Chestnut St: Haunted Reflections: Walter Benjamin in San Francisco. NOTE: This is part of a Walter Benjamin series of events organized/curated by Peter Maravelis of City Lights Books. Google to find out more!
() FREE Sat Nov 8, 7pm: LUCY LIPPARD at SFAI Lecture Hall, 800 Chestnut. RE/Search plans to attend!
() $12 Sat Nov 8, 9pm SAVAGE REPUBLIC with Ethan Port plays The Knockout, 3228 Mission/Valencia St, SF. With CCR Headcleaner and Freddie & The Aztecs.
() FREE? Thur Nov 13, 8:30pm free – Genuine Fake Films of Gerry Fialka 1038 24th street, Oakland ca 94607  –  Gerry Fialka – hirez 300dpi stills at
() FREE Thur November 13, 7 pm, DAVID LEVI STRAUSS speaks at CCA, Timken Lecture Hall, 1111 8th St/16th St-Wisconsin). David wrote an essay for the RE/Search PRANKS! book, still available from

() Free? Fri Nov 14, 8pm – R U Sirius interview 275 Capp St, San Fran CA 94110, 415-558-8112

$10 ($8 presale) Fri Nov 14, 9pm, PENELOPE HOUSTON solo at Elbo Room, 647 Valencia St/17-18th Sts, SF. Also The Space Lady, and Muscle Drum (Robert Spector of Bronze). $8 presale, $10 door
() FREE Sat  Nov 15 10am-5pm Howard Zinn Book Fair. Mission High School, 3750 18th St/Dolores St, SF  Robin DG Kelley, Eric Drooker, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Rebecca Solnit, et al. RE/Search will have a table – come talk to us! Stick around; 530pm – 8pm?, more “stuff” happens!

Mon Nov 17,  6:30pm free – Rare Four Hour Rock Film at New Nothing, 16 Sherman St (off Folsom between 6th & 7th), San Fran CA 94103
() Free? Mon Nov 17, 7:15pm: CCA Wattis presents an event about Joan Jonas, organized by Jordan Kantor.

() FREE (?) **LOS ANGELES** Tue Nov 18, 7pm, LACMA: Mark Pauline and Ken Goldberg speak! LACMA, Art + Technology Lab, Art of the Americas Building
Free; reservations required   Tickets: 323 857-6010 or reserve online.
() FREE Wed Nov 19, 7pm *begins 7:15pm”) CCA Wattis, 360 Kansas St, SF: V. Vale & Marian Wallace do a J.G. Ballard presentation! Check CCA website for time…  Curated by Jamie Stevens.
() FREE Thur Nov 20, 730pm, SFAI presents Titicut Follies + Les maitres fous (The Mad Masters). RE/Search plans to attend. Pre-registration advised:
() $21 Wed Dec 3: INdependent, 628 Divisadero St: Meat Puppets, Cass McCombs
() FREE **BERKELEY** Sat Dec 6 11-5pm EBABZ (East Bay Alternative Book/Zinefest), Berkeley City Collage, 2050 Center St/Milvia-Shattuck, near BART. RE/Search will have a table; come talk to us!
() $ Mon Dec 15: INdependent, 628 Divisadero St: Johnny Marr, Meredith Sheldon

4. OUR PAST LIFE: What We’ve Attended or WANTED to Attend/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent/Given, or Seen
() DEEP ENDS: brand-new JG Ballard anthology edited by Rick McGrath, with essential contributions from David Pringle, both of Ballard’s daughters (Beatrice and Fay) et al (we are appalled that we simply FORGOT to write an essay for this—ahem, writers need to be continually reminded, given deadlines, especially if you’re writing a bit gratis! We’ve just seen the following “review’ and have not yet seen a copy):
() “Silicon Valley will destroy your job: Amazon, Facebook and our sick new economy: The “sharing economy” makes Silicon Valley rich and takes from the rest of us. We ignore this at our imminent peril! by Richard (RJ) Eskow.
() Sat Oct 25, 2014, 830pm we left our “comfort zone” and went to one of our favorite clubs, the INdependent (628 Divisadero St, SF) to see what we thought would be an evening of “post-feminist folk music” (well, are we “post-feminist” yet? I think: “Not Quite.”) We saw Hemming (what happened to Hawing, ha ha–oops, really bad pun) give her first (25-minute) San Francisco concert. Her speaking voice was low but she sang in her highest registers. Then we saw The Dove and the Wolf, two beautifully-harmonizing young women-guitarist-singers who live in Paris, although the main speaker sounded suspiciously American—guess she went to a French-American School where English is taught with an American accent.) Their set was a bit longer. Then the 5-piece Rachael Yamagata (band) showed up, augmented by the two women from The Dove and the Wolf as back-up singers.
Rachael’s set (including three encores) lasted until past midnight, so she definitely gave Value for Money (uhm, that’s kind of a despicable phrase, but…). Sadly, we couldn’t understand more than 62% of the lyrics, at best, and this kind of material heavily depends upon “the message.” But, all the musical “acts” did that most “ovarian” kind of risk-taking: daring to sing a capella, without any instrumental backing. There was a heavy emphasis on “sincerity,” “improvisatory chatting with the audience,” “daring to stop a song ‘cuz your guitarist started playing a different song,” “starting to sing a song with a guitar with a broken string, and then, having a fully-strung substitute guitar brought to you, as all-the-while you’re talking with the audience.” Also, there were a lot of thanks given to everyone responsible for the evening; even the soundman was thanked (I don’t think I’ve ever seen THAT before in a concert).
We felt like we’d time-travelled back to, oh, 1961, when the folk music movement was just starting out. Except that the rock/light jazz backup band for Rachael Yamagata was more 1969-ish in terms of its technology-assisted rock/blues guitar tones. Rachael (well, we felt we “knew” her by this point) said, “Wow, maybe I’ll move to San Francisco!” and got a big (and well-deserved) cheer. Rachael is extremely comfortable talking like she were in her living room, and effortlessly switched from guitar to piano and back. At the end she gave each musician a solo spot (like jazz groups often do) and each musician got named and applauded. Awl reet!
We put the entire evening into the one-word category of “puzzlement,” but note that the show SOLD OUT, and that Rachael Yamagata’s concert LAST YEAR also sold out. So, something purposefully “community-building” is going on, and our observation of the audience exiting (a lot of smiles; people seemed to be in an upbeat mood) indicated to us that “a good time was had by all”… Selah.
() In Belgium, we received (theme “Hair”) 10th issue of Come Find Out zine, YOU can contribute to the next issue; send your work to:
() Polymorphous Urban: Poems for Lou Reed by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jim D. Deuchars, Michael Layne Heath, A.J. Kaufmann, Matt Krefting. Beautiful handmade cover. We liked “Death and Transformeration: thoughts on the passing of Lou Reed” by Michael Layne Heath; you can find him on Facebook. He is unwell, so send him your best wishes for recovery! #17 of 150 copies.
() Russell Wilcox gave us his Angels of the Singularity “book” (drawings, texts). Contact him at
() San Francisco band Books on Fate (note pun!) gave us a beautifully designed CD single: Myth of Trust/Natural Sin Reprise. Order from  Adam Dishart
() Andrew Goldfarb gave us his beautiful color “comic”: OGNER STUMP. Google to find it, or write us!
() loved the comic, A CAT (heart) TAIL by Miriam Norwitz. Her dad, Michael Norwitz, is credited also. Given to us at APE.
() Ewoud van Rijn of PrintRoom gave us a copy of their publication, The Archaic Revival Review (color, risograph (sp?) machine). PrintRoom publication #11 – for a copy write and also see their website  If you go to Rotterdam, this is a MUST visit!
() In Holland, a young woman gave us a beautiful hardback titled LETTERS T.M.W.B. 2014. Sadly, no contact info could we find.
() Florian Cramer gave us “A Neoist Research Project,” a perfectbound 6×8.25″ compilation of “Activations, Apt Fests, Language, Neoism, Replication” published through — Neoism has always been puzzling to us, and we hope that plowing through this book clears the air! A dense anthology of information. “Who’s Karen Elliot?”
() In Den Haag, Paul G. gave us a 6.5×9.3″ perfectbound book (2012), “Punk: periodical collection on self-publishing practices: dilettantes, imposters, rats, entrepreneurs.” Gee Vaucher was involved in this! Gorgeous production. Order from
() Our new “buddy” “Nessie” from Belgium gave us two copies of her beautiful purple publications, but sadly, no contact address is listed. If you are curious, contact us at RE/Search!
() We can’t find the zines which people gave us at APE, so we can’t list them. Hopefully in the December 2014 newsletter, we will remedy this omission…

5. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)
() Here’s a video edit by Steve Bage of the start of the last SRL show in LA at the Extreme Future Fest Dec 2012 – soundtrack is from Naut Humon
() “First the sound effects, next the fire! Mark mounted and fired up the flamethrower engine yesterday – stay tuned for 25-ft flames and the world’s first robotic flamethrower!
This is the first start of the 550CC Two Stroke powered Flamethrower for the SRL Motoman UP50 Robot Arm. This is a light weight unit with a mixed flow axial fan generating 15000CFM of air, mixed with 9 gallons per minute of diesel injected at 4000 PSI. The Motoman arm will be programmed to wave it around, making it the worlds first robotic flamethrower. (Note the Aluminum puck on the rear of the unit. Thats where it attaches to the Motoman UP50 Arm).” —Karen M
() JG Ballard‘s last companion, Claire Walsh died.
() from Robin Scholz:
() from Richard Stallman:
() from Steven G: Here is my review of George Herms, an artist in Los Angeles who goes back to the Beat, Ferus Gallery era.
() Vale’s Tour & Destroy Schedule:
() Interview with V. Vale in 6 parts by Ewoud van Rijn of Printroom in Rotterdam: Find them on FaceBook! Topic: the RE/Search Modern Pagans book…
() “Mobile phones impact the behavior of bees… If bees disappear, the world’s food supply will decline. Honey bees pollinate about $15 billion worth of crops in the U.S. annually, including apples, oranges, blueberries, cherries, broccoli and carrots… Humans are at risk of ills ranging from reduced sperm count to brain tumors. In 2011, scientists from the World Health Organization declared that mobile phones are potentially carcinogenic.” Oh well…
() “A crow starves sitting, and finds, flying.” (this we’ve quoted before, but we STILL like it!)
() “Corporations become people; people become brands!”
() “How easily we’re influenced by our ASSOCIATES…”
() “The mind is the most important ‘machine’ you own…”
()” The iPhone has transitioned from being considered an external device, to ‘internal‘ by its owners.” (Now, do they own the iPhone, or does the iPhone own THEM?!” – M.B.
() “If you’re tired, REST. If you’re hungry, EAT.” Or Not…
() IDENTITY: What You DID.
() “You go broke gradually, then suddenly.”—Ernest Hemingway
() “Seek out the most ORIGINAL people you can find! If you can’t befriend them, at least read their interviews and writings, etc…”
() Solitude. Silence. Skepticism.
() Simplicity. Channeling. Surrealism.
() “Who knew that cat videos could market products or ideas or lifestyles faster than any human videos, with the exception of anything by Lady Gaga?”
() “V. Vale’s interviews inspired many of my writings.”—Valentinas Klimasauskas.
() “Curiosity and anger, black humour, intellingence. Great.”—Win Van den Abbeele
() “Abby the cat is cute! thanks for the good news. xo – Terry M”
() “Thanks for your newsletter. Just one request:  Is it possible to get some of the events info sooner? October is half over.  I just learned about a bunch of things I missed. Also, more Abby! 🙂 Chris C”
() from Andrew B: “  Bruce Sterling also posted some RE/Search book covers to his Tumblr, and a bunch of people “liked” it:
() “Really liked the Monte Cazazza zine, as well as your earlier McKenzie Wark zine. Who’s next?”—Karlo P.

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3.  Emerald Tablet (Gallery w/events), Fresno Alley (100 feet from RE/Search! in North Beach). – lots of free or low cost local community events; check out their schedule! – they’re open during First Fridays North Beach Art Walk… (x12/31/14)
4. METASONIX:  Since 1999, the world’s only maker of vacuum-tube music synthesizers.
5. From our friends Amy and Brian – they have a new software in the works, watch for it!  (x7/31/15)
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8. Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company – Penelope Rosemont, Chicago Surrealist Group founder. (x5/31/15)
9. Kevin O’Malley+Christie Dames, the High-Heeled Anarchist: TechTalk/Studio: + Commonwealth Club, San Francisco. (x4/31/15)
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11. The doomfiles:
12. “The FruitGuys loves Re/Search! Eat healthy at work, save family, born in North Beach in 1998.” (x11/30/14)
13.  a San Francisco music production company creates innovative/original music for YOUR films/videos: CD’s, mp3 downloads, studio session work, soundtracks by ‘Sound Behavior Troupe’—experienced Bay Area musicians (x6/30/15)
14. New release from Koenig’s Road—Single: “Love Supermarket”—”It’s the best damn country north of Nashvile.” (x/12/31/14)
15. D. Mickey Sampson. (x4/30/15)

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