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Recommended links October 2014

() Meri St Mary will be in Berlin Nov 5-12. Meri St. Mary:   Beehive Records – Meri St. Mary + Th’Mole “PROTAGONISTA” 7″ out November 2014:  “PROTAGONISTA” preview link:  Meri St. Mary & Th’ Mole – Will U Miss Me – from THE BIG CALIFORNIA NOISE COMPILATION:

() from MarkP et al: “That movie was dynamite!”   it’s not a great version of story – it’s a remake of a French film called ‘Wages of Fear’ which is a truely awesome film.×4-unimog-camper-sale-39000-usd-brazil
() from Mako: “thought you’d find it funny:”
() “Make Stuff Now. Make Living Happen.” Some great photographs by Mark Rietveld of Antwerp.
() V. Vale on (part of) this intv which also includes George Kuchar’s actress LINDA MARTINEZ:  NOTE: Vale’s section begins 48 minutes into the program.
() – Gail’s review of SRL L.A. Show
() BIG TAKEOVER #74, our favorite music magazine, edited by Jack Rabid: If you can’t find it easily, email:  to help you find a copy!
() Last Gasp Kickstarter campaign:
We have a week left.  Near the half way point.  If we don’t make it your pledges will be refunded.  If we do make it all these fall and winter books will see the light of day and we will be able to continue to bring the best in art and odd culture to you and others.  Please check it out, find something and pledge and share on your social media and emails.  Really appreciate this,  Ron Turner  Publisher  Last Gasp    just go here or site.
() from Steven Gray: “Henri Michaux was a French poet who took mescaline in the 1950’s and wrote about it.  Here is my review:
() JOHN TRUBEE (featured in our PRANKS book, still available from us!) has released new recordings (Ugly Janitors of America) & compilations on CD! Call 707-545-7784 or write to ORDER!
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