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Recommended links September 2014

() DEVO’Gerald V. Casale makes wine with a special angle: G.V. Casale is interviewed about his winery at

() Thur July 31 V. Vale interviewed for podcast by Tim Sullivan et pals: google – my 15-minute intv, an hour into the program, will be available for podcast soon (I’m told). Check out the podcast’s

() from V in London:  Ah Pook Is Here    Full Moon Psychonaut: An interactive Terence McKenna experience!

WS Burroughs sings!

() from David P:

() from Billy H: Williamsburg in “the days” music w Samuel Jackson on bass FREE

() from Greg L: video projection mapping

() from G.K. “  i like her “positive” take on technology, tho it’s nothing we’ve havent heard before”

() from B in Oakland: This Is What Happens When Artists Take Over An Abandoned Building In Detroit

() from Doug S:

() from Kevin B:

() from Sandra D:

() from Adrian P in Canada:  RE/Search Incredibly Strange Music !! (a few copies available of #2 CD; write us if interested!)

() cellphone radiation documentary film:

() from Mako S: Hello, Vale! Thought you might like this article:  And also maybe this, which contains that article, if only for the “flipboard” format, which I haven’t seen much:

() from Nik & Nancy Phelps (San Franciscans who moved to Gent, Belgium: “*I have posted my article about the wonderful ANMATOR Animation and Music Festival in Poznan, Poland with lots of photos. “

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